Volume CXV: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; My Mystical Microcosm

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motivate A Sean Edition of the Good News Journal and the first day of the 115th week of the Good News Journal, ‘Public-A-Sean’.  I’ll get into the Magic of that number in this Edition, too.  As always, thank King You for being here, You Give this Blog Purpose.


This is True.  The Truth Will always remain, it is immortal.  What is ‘immortal’?  I’m mortal.  Ah, so ‘I’m mortal’ is the same as immortal.  No coincidences.

This Monday is auspiciously Magical in My Microcosm because it is also the first (mon) day of the week of My 47th Name day, another auspicious number.  Four is Foundation, Seven is Heaven, II is a Door.  4 Foundation + 7 Heaven = 11.  11= 1+1=2.  The Foundation for Heaven is a Door Way to the Golden Dawn.

Now, let’s consider the 115th week of the Good News Journal.  That is a Magical Value of Seven, which is Heaven.  1+1+5=7.  So the week of My Name day is Heavenly.  The 5th of June is My Name day, which is probably why five is My personal favourite number.  This Monday is also the first day of My favourite month of the year, June.  The sixth month and the fifth day also have a Magical Value of eleven.  11 = 2, 2 is a Door.

I don’t usually get very excited about the anniversary of My Calling but this year there is one more especially auspicious detail.  The Full Moon for this month (which represents the climax of events manifesting in the New Moon) happens to fall on the anniversary of My Name day at 3:12:43 Post Midi.  That’s a pretty Special Gift from the Universe for a Mystical Man like Me.  Zero chance I’ll sleep through it.

It’s also interesting for Me because what My Name day does always represent for Me on a personal level, is the beginning of a new chapter.  It seems appropriate that the climax of events should come at the end of the chapter to Keep the momentum and suspense going, continuing right into the pages of the new chapter.

The quote I used for today’s Magical Monday is appropriate because the Truth does always come out in the end.  Last week I shared My correspondence with ‘Mary D.’ of Ottawa Hydro’s customer service and it’s worth checking out because it is a perfect example of the Quote-A-Sean in Act-Ion.  In an early email, Mary insists she has no Idea what mail is being received at the office, then finally admits in a later email that she has been receiving mail at the office for the last thirty years.  She also admits she’s the One who would have received My envelope and payment, and is responsible for responding to Me if payment was missing.  Rather than get frustrated about the fact that Mary was not forthcoming about these Matters in the first place, I can Focus on providing Mary with appropriate direction to ensure that she does not forget to return the bill to Me if she does not Wish to accept My next payment.  I can now direct My payment to Ottawa Hydro ‘Attention Mary D.’.  If Mary has been receiving mail for Ottawa Hydro for the last thirty years, there is Good probability she Will receive this Letter, too.  It is always Good to have some One to deal with directly.

Also, I am sharing the Magic of My Motive A Sean with You this Monday because I have now maintained two consecutive thirty day challenges, and I am hoping to build on that for the month of June, too.  The first was a commitment I made at the beginning of April to Write a Blog Post daily.  I have now maintained that commitment for two months, and the difference (and perhaps also responsible for some procrastination starting new challenges) is that I have no intention of stopping any of My challenges after thirty days.  I commit to a thirty day challenge because it’s easier than committing to a year.  If it is having a positive impact on My Life, I’m not going to stop just because I’ve accomplished thirty days, so this was in Hopes of helping Me to develop some new positive habits.

In May, I started a workout routine.  I don’t ever plan to stop working out, though I Will be reviewing My routine every thirty days and start new routines if the ones I’m using stop producing the results I’m hoping for.  Right now, the Plan I’m using is war King perfectly, so it Will continue for the month of June.

I am taking on TWO new thirty day challenges for the month of June.  That is a little intimidating for Me because again, these are things I am hoping to make daily habits for the rest of My Life, not just for thirty days.  I also like to be a ‘go with the flow’ kind of guy, so I don’t ever Wish to have My day so full of commitments I can’t just ‘let go’ and let the Universe determine My course.

Okay, so first new thirty day challenge is one hour dedicated to Art.  Can be whatever I Wish; Writing, sketching, painting, colouring (I have an adult colouring book I’m having Fun with), sculpting, virtually anything creative, so long as I dedicate one full hour.  The second commitment this month is to learn a new language.  Fifteen minutes a day.  Starting with Latin.  I just laughed out loud because I noticed how well trained My Words are.  ‘Starting’ with Latin.  Why?  Because it Will be one of many languages I Will eventually learn, but in Order to make that happen, I do need to study.  In My Mind, it is already done. 😉

I Will also revisit My Cestui Que Vie this week, as it is really the main reason I have anything to celebrate at all.  Did You know most People don’t even own the ‘right’ to their own name?  It’s True.  I’ll be tall King about My Cestui Que Vie, why I used what most would Call Scripture to declare the Purpose of My Life if I am not religious (I’m not).  I Will be tall King about why I believe the People who are really running the Show knew I would use exactly those Words.  Somebody had to break DaVinci’s Code and place a V-r- Us (von Dehn are/is Us; I am You; We are the same) in Man’s Matrix.  These are My Tricks.

Love and Blessings, it Will be a Fabulously Magical week!!!



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