Volume CXV: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; V for Vendetta Re Visioned, Part III

Hello every One, welcome to the third installment (Install-Mind) of V for Vendetta re-Visioned, last week V had just made his Grand introduction to Evie, and I Will pick up right where We left off.  Thank King You for joining Me.

Evie had just finished as King V if he is a crazy person, to which V replies,

“I’m quite sure they Will say so.  But to whom might I ask may I be speaking?”

“I’m Evie”

“Evie?  ‘E-V’.  Hmmm.  Of course You are.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means I, like God, do not Play with dice and do not believe in coincidence.”

Now You might appreciate one of the reasons I Loved this movie so much.  I had been telling My Friends there are no coincidences long before I’d seen it.  How could I help but empathize with Our anti Hero?

V helps Evie up as she thanks him for saving her.  V modestly remarks,

‘it was nothing, just Playing My Part.

The Idea that Life is a Show is Presented early.  We also get the sense that V makes decisions with conviction, he does not believe in chance.  Neither do I.

V tells Evie he’s a musician on his Way to a very special performance and invites Evie to join him.  Initially, Evie declines and insists she should get home.  V insists it Will be the performance of a Lifetime and Promises her safe return home afterward.  Evie Gives in and joins V for the performance.

In My first quick re-Vision of V for Vendetta, I described the next Scene as the most Powerful example of real world Magic I have ever seen demonstrated in a movie.  It is worthy to Note that V dedicates his Symphony to ‘Madame Justice’.


The camera cuts to Words Set in the Stone Wall of the building.


“And in recognition of the impostor who stands in her stead!” – V raises his arms, about to conduct.

“Remember, remember, the 5th of November, the gunpowder treason and plot.  I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.”

Music begins to Play on the loudspeakers in the street, People run outside their homes to find out what is going on.  Then, perfectly timed with the music, Madame Justice and the building she’s standing on are blown to bits.


Yes, the film does have some ultra violent scenes.  So far, three murders and the demolition of a government building.  Only ten minutes into the film.  Why is this the most Powerful demonstration of real world Magic?  It is difficult to explain, but collective consciousness is far more Powerful than individual consciousness, though both are a Force of Creation.  When a building Establishes a Powerful Idea in the Mind of Man, the building it Self represents that Idea.  In this case, ‘Justice’ represents a totalitarian government that abuses the justice system to forward its own agenda.  By destroying the building, the ‘Idea’ of Justice itself is destroyed in the psyche of Man.  Man Will have to re-Establish Man’s Idea about Justice every bit as Man Will have to physically reconstruct the building.  The destruction of the physical entity represents a foreshadowing of its destruction in the Macrocosm.

The most Significant example of this was the 9/11 attacks.  Most People in the world Will know what I am tall King about when I mention the 911 attack, which is a reflection of the Power of the Magic.  Two buildings were destroyed.  The World Trade Center, a major global economic power, and the White House, the seat of government.  Magic is not prejudice, so it doesn’t Matter how the buildings came down or whom is responsible for the attack.  What Matters is that the buildings came down.  No coincidences, ripple effect.  The building may be small relative to the global economy, but that’s what the World Trade Center represents in the Mind of Man, so it was the global economy that was psychologically destroyed.  The Law of the Universe is such that it would be impossible for the reality to not manifest because it is already done in Man’s Mind.  These events had a deep psychological impact on Man as a species, not just those in the United States of America.  Collectively, the Idea that the financial system or model could be destroyed had been firmly planted in the Mind of Man.  It was bound to Manifest, it is the Law of collective consciousness, especially in a world so prone to Living in fear.  The same is True of the Idea of government.

We cut to the government discussing the demolition of Madame Liberty and the Chancellor tells the investigators to add Tchaikovsky’s overture to the ‘blacklist’.  We quickly begin to realize just how militant and oppressive this government really is.  One of the first Matters of discussion is what they Will tell the People of London, and it is decided they Will be told it was a controlled demolition that had been planned by the government for months.

Right now one of the greatest problems plaguing Our planet is the trespass upon not only the freedom of speech, but freedom of information.  People are not generally determined mature enough to be able to determine Good information from bad information so now governments and corporations Wish to ‘police’ the information People can share, determine what is fact versus fiction.  I honestly cannot believe more People are not genuinely insulted that any One would Wish to censor information presuming One is not intelligent enough to discern for One’s Self!  Sometimes I am thing King We need to let People learn the hard way, make some wrong choices.  What We do not want, is People having the ability to police ‘information’.

Is Covid-19 as deadly and dangerous as they Wish for Us to believe it is?  I don’t think it is, that’s just My opinion.  Unfortunately, We have come to a point where We can’t Trust what mainstream media networks are telling the People in their own country because in most cases, those media companies are getting paid out by government.  Trudeau admit to ‘bribing’ mainstream media with 600 million in stimulus packages if they would reflect him favourably.  I don’t care what any One else believes, that’s an Act of Treason upon the People, Willful breach of Trust at the very least and sufficient reason for him to step down.

Well, that’s enough for this week’s Edition.  I Will be back next Tuesday and I have some exciting developments for You in the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition, too.

Love and Blessings,

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