Volume CXV: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition; Magic in Motion

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me.  Today, I Will be going over some of the Spells that were Cast on Magical Monday and Tuesday of this week, which Will be in Motion by noon of the day this Post is Published.

Pictured below is the package of documents Mary D. Will receive on behalf of Ottawa Hyrdo.  It includes a Letter for Mary which is pictured in more detail for One to read later in the Post.  Everything is Presented in chronological Order with the exception of the Bill of Exchange and Letter.  A Friend was as King of Me if any One can do this and I explained the whole point to Me Showing what I am doing here is to teach others how to do the same.  The problem is, even with all the proof and evidence in the world, some People simply cannot wrap their head around the Idea, they can’t perceive in their Mind what is actually taking place.  wp-1591151588037.jpg

The premise is very simple and logical.  If One receives a bill in the mail for $100.00., it must be worth $100.00 to be valid.  A labourer might show their hours, hydro shows the usage in watts per day.  The value of the bill is not made real by the Act of paying the bill, the value of the bill is made real by the Act of accepting the bill.  As soon as I accept, I am agreeing to the dollar value owing for the service provided.  If there is a discrepancy in the charges I can respond to dispute the value of the bill, but until I do, it is presumed I have accepted the value indicated is owing on the account.  That bill is now worth the $100.00 the Hyrdo company is claiming it is.  Silence is also considered consent, it is presumed One Will receive the bill, just as I presumed Mary would receive My last payment.  So if One does not reply or provide payment, the bill Will continue to accumulate in Value.  This is why ignoring mail is never a wise option.

There can also only be one valid bill of exchange.  My last statement was two pages, and there was a ‘bill’ to detach from the bottom of each of the two pages.  Only one is a legal bill of exchange.


You might notice the serial number on the bottom of both bills is the same.  The only difference between the two bills above is the five digit code and the date.  The one with the five digit code and the date is the original bill of exchange and the only one worth money.  Basically, a bill of exchange works the same Way as a check, except it’s related to a hydro account instead of a bank account.  The numbers on the bottom of the cheque indicate the branch and transit number of the sender’s account.  This is how the bank knows where to credit the payment.  The first five digits are the transit number, the remaining digits are the institution and branch number.


My guess is that the five digit code beside the date represents the check number.  The fact that there were two examples of a bill with My last statement is also proof that the bill is not worth anything until We accept it has value.  I didn’t look at My statement and think I owed $318 because there was a duplicate, I knew it was one bill worth $159.00, and one worthless piece of paper.  Now, I send back the piece of paper We both agree is worth $159.00 and I am as King of them to credit the account.  If they protest and suggest the bill is not worth the $159.00 they themselves claim it to be worth, then they can no longer be as King of Me to Give them that value.  Right?  If they say the bill is worth nothing, then the bill must be worth nothing, I owe nothing, and they should zero the account.

The rest of the documents Mary Will be receiving are True Copies of:  My Cestui Que Vie, the Coin of My Realm, My Issue of Mandamus, and My Letter of Attorney.  In that Order, after the Letter and bill of exchange.



See, now if they don’t believe that SEAN VON DEHN has the right to discharge expenses, do.  I am a Sovereign nation and I can Establish My own mutually beneficial economic relations, and Canadian law allows Me to pay for the Honour of any individual.  That would include the incorporated person Created by the state.  When One is in a slave contract, the name Will always be expressed in ALL CAPS.  ALWAYS.  The creditor is always the authority of the contract.  I am the wealth, Canada cannot take that away from Me, even if they do not Wish to Honour their debt to central banks created in My name.

It has been a very Good week for Me though I failed to being My language studies on the first, though I do still Plan on committing to a thirty day language challenge.  For now, I have maintained a new commitment to an hour’s worth of Art every day, so I’m going to Focus on maintaining what I have accomplished before adding the pressure of a language.  Having said that, I am still hoping to begin studies before Friday, so We Will see.

I hope this Wednesday finds You all well, I Will be very interested to see how Ottawa Hydro replies this time.

Love and Blessings,

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