Volume CXV: The Thursday Thing King Edition; More Real E-State Matters

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thursday Think King Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here.  I woke up to something of a startling email today, My sister is continuing to proceed with her application to appointment of estate Trustee, and I received the following ‘Factum of Applicant, Letter to SvD, and Application Record.

Yeah, this is how things in a family estate matter get ugly.  My sister indicates I have treated her with ‘hostility’ (presumably for not relenting to her application).  I mentioned when My sister had emailed Me as King of Me if We could discuss the Matter on the phone it seemed suspicious.  In My entire Life, not once has My sister ever asked to discuss something with Me over the phone.  I insisted she could Write by Way of email if it’s important because I Wish to have a record.  Well, the intent was to harass and antagonize after already being told repeatedly why I do not Trust her to administrate the estate, presumably hoping I would lash out so they could say I have shown hostility toward My sister.  The Truth is, I would not have said the things that I had said if I had not anticipated she was hoping to frame Me.  Of course I’m going to get frustrated and tell My sister she is thick in the head if she doesn’t know why I don’t Trust her after having already told both her and My brother more times than I can count.  It’s called harassment; and it appears as though the intent was to cause Me further harm by defaming My character while maintaining her character is innocent and pristine.  This is narcissistic behaviour; calling Me unfair and hostile for insulting her character with Words.  Not once can My sister claim I have ever acted with hostility toward her, Words are not hostile unless they are threats, they are opinions, trying to make Me look like a criminal for insulting My sister’s character for hostile Acts she herself committed.  Without apology.  Keep in Mind, My sister has STILL not even apologized for keeping the birth of her daughter secret, explained to Me why she did it, and/or explained why she was as King of My Mother and Brother to conspire with her.  The factum says I called My sister a fool.  Well, I am going to respond to that factum and call My sister a fool again, this time placing it in context because only a fool would expect Me to Trust her after what she did to Me.  I have done nothing to My sister, ever!

The Good News is, I was on My Way out of the house to Cast some other Magic today, anyway, now I had One more thing to add to My list.  What’s even more interesting, is that yesterday when I was at Staples making copies of documents I planned to send to Ottawa Hydro, I saw My Hand Writ Notice of Objection sitting in the front folder of My briefcase.  Just before packing up My things to leave, I decided at the last minute I should make a copy of that, too, then just file the Notice into the courthouse and be done with it.  I had heard they were reopening on June 2nd.  Well, the email said My sister’s lawyers tried to Give these documents yesterday and there was a card in My mailbox to confirm someone was here but they didn’t try very hard because I was home most of the day.  Now that I am thing King about it I was out for a couple of hours so maybe they did try.  Monday I was out almost all day, so yeah, they might have tried.

I emailed the company on the business card to ask them what they want.  All the card showed was the company logo, name, ‘please call’, a number and, “URGENT!”.  In My query, I was as King if it was intended to be a threat, urgent sounds important, like there may be an eminent threat coming.  Not so surprisingly, I received an email reply to My query.

4:30 PM, Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

I have some Court documents for delivery to you.  Are you available to accept service tomorrow?


This morning, I was initially furious when I read the email from Erica Kappa, but then I realized I haven’t even filed My Notice of Objection yet, My Word has not yet been heard, and My sister emailed Me presuming she had no Idea why I was objecting to her application.  What she did is technically entrapment.  I have two other records of conversations with My sister preceding the one she has on the record of Factum.  They are also suggesting I am not allowed to drive province wide, and that there are two outstanding warrants for My arrest.  Those details are false, unless of course Tanja’s law firm Wishes to presume I am an indentured servant and bonded slave, the incorporated person.  I am not the incorporated person, so there are no warrants for My arrest, no province wide driving ban.  Those conditions may exist for the incorporated person created by the state, but that entity has nothing to do with Me unless My sister and her law firm can prove otherwise.

Am I available to accept service tomorrow (Thursday)?  How do You think I might respond to that Quest-Ion?

5:59 PM, Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

Hi Gord,

If they are addressed to Me, I Will be happy to receive them.  If they are addressed to the incorporated person created and owned by the state, they should be re-addressed to Me, King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God, private attorney and source of all commercial wealth of the incorporated person and legal fiction created by the Crown corporation of Canada.  I Will not accept any association to the incorporated entity.

Thank You, have a Good day, Gord.

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God

So, had to file My paperwork into the court, but that went well as could be expected.






Now, You Will also note the lawyer disputes My claim that the eldest son has the Superior Claim of Right upon his Father’s estate.  The estate always falls to the next of kin, which would be a spouse or brother or sister if My father had any living.  Then, the estate goes to the children, eldest would be ‘next’ of kin, even according to Canadian law because I am next in succession.  Even if the law were to dictate that the children have an equal share to the wealth of the estate, administration generally goes by succession or there would be no need for the Words ‘next of kin’, there would be no hierarchy to provide a foundation, there could be no ‘next’ without a priority sequence.  The lawyer’s own arguments are self defeating.  However, I Will respond with a more Powerful example, I Will be as King of My sister’s lawyers who Will inherit the throne after the Queen dies?  That is the Common Law, I am not interested in Canada’s statutes and Acts and may even be as King of the court to prove it has jurisdiction and authority over this Matter.  Is the Queen’s example of how Her estate and Kingdom Will be inherited by Her heirs not the ultimate authority on the Common Law rights of the People and the ‘rights’ of estate inheritance?  Her Majesty is to be the example of the Law for Canada, so I don’t see how those rules Will not apply here.

We’ll see if My sister’s law firm tries to suggest I have no right of self determination or to administrate the value of My own Life.  Nobody Wishes to believe that King is a thing, yet none Wish to believe they are bonded slaves, either.  It must be one or the other, it cannot be both.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script,

Shortly after scheduling this Post for Publishing, I received a reply from Gord telling Me the papers he Wished to deliver were the same ones that were sent to Me by email (and Posted here), so I suggested there was no longer any need to deliver them.  He responded again by saying that ‘they’ (Miltons Estates Law) like to deliver a copy in person, too.

Well, if they Wish to deliver ‘in person’ they Will have a hard time won’t they?  I’m not a ‘person’, that’s a legal title, incorporated entity.  I am non commercial, not for profit, Spiritual entity.  Understand the difference?

And Note the Time of the final correspondence.


I didn’t notice the time until after I sent My final reply.  The first thirty seven is confirmation that ‘Have a good evening’ is genuine.  The time of My reply is Universal approval of My response.  That’s the language of the Universe as seen by this Mystic. 😉

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