Public Notice: Attention Tanja Johnson, Miltons Estates Law; Libel, Perjury in Record of Factum

Please be advised

I, Lord Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God, commonly known as Sean von Dehn am not the incorporated person created by the state and take great exception and offence to such association.  My sister referenced My Blog as a source of information in her sworn affidavit, so these facts are known to My sister as it is well and clearly established on the public record (My Blog). 

Please note, these facts were also published in the Ottawa Citizen over two years ago.

Rescind the false accusations relating to My character or be charged with Willful libel intended to defame My character in an official court proceeding.  Quite sure this is perjury if My sister cannot prove these statements to be fact.

Thank You,

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