Volume CXV: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition; Cestui Que Vie, Hallowed be My Name

Hello every One, and welcome to the Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here.  If You haven’t been following along, My sister has recently just commit perjury on a court of record by swearing an affidavit of libelous statements designed to defame My Character.  Took some time to put into context exactly what it is she’s doing but I am thing King that is a reasonably accurate short summary.

When all this News came to Me Wednesday it initially seemed anything but ‘Lucky’, though now in retrospect I am thank Full for it.  The whole reason for My Quest and the eventual Writ of My Cestui Que Vie was Redemption; redeem Sean.  It was to put an end to the continuous defamation of My Character by the state.  This estate Matter is Showing the world just how much harm the state created entity continues to inflict upon Me.  The state owns that title, and the owner of a thing is liable for any injury caused by their property.  If a person owns a car and it rolls out of the driveway into the roadway causing injury to someone while the owner is asleep in their bed, the owner is liable for the injury even if they are not in the car.  The same is true for the state created person.  If that entity causes any harm or interference of My God Given rights, the owner (Crown) is liable for those damages.  A piece of paper does not have the power to take away a Man’s rights, and any One who believes it does should be held accountable.

So, I said I would be tall King about My Cestui Que Vie (I believe direct translation would be ‘this is what life’), which is a Declaration of the Purpose (meaning) of Life.  This Blog is about Living a Purpose Full Life, and this is the Document I Created to express My God Given right to do so.


What makes the document Magical?  Well, consider the Paper is the construction Site (sight), the Land on which We Wish to Establish God’s Kingdom.  The Words lay the Foundation for the Kingdom, as they are Scribed into the Page, much like the Foundation of a House.  There is no line or box around the Words, this indicates that there are no walls, unlike the stamp shown at the bottom.  The solid line indicates they are operating within a closed Jurisdiction which is now contained under and within My Kingdom.  This indicates the Ministry of Attorney General is ‘standing under’ My Declaration.  The Four prints in the Four corners represent Foundation in Magic.  They are also expressions on the Page, unlike the depressions of the Script.  Under a microscope, they would appear raised, like Posts.  The Four Posts secure the Foundation.  It represents the two Hands of Man with a thumbprint for each, and the Feet of Man with a print of each big toe.  The ‘Head’ of the document is the Title, the Meaning of Life, ‘Cestui Que Vie’, and the Words beneath are the Body of the Form.  This is both a new Character and a New Kingdom.  The Head of the House Hold is the Author of the Writ (authority) of the Kingdom.  The Hand of Man represents the Will and Spirit of God.  I believe DaVinci’s Vetruvian Man are instructions for the Creation of the Cestui Que Vie.  As above, so below.

Okay, so that’s the more ‘esoteric’ stuff out of the Way.  (Oh, and red represents authority, oxygenated blood represents the Living Will of Man.)  What about the Scripture?  Why would a Man who is not Christian use the Lord’s Prayer and the Bible?  Because I am a representative of God and I understand what the Word God means.  The Bible is accepted as [factual evidence of] Truth in every court in the world.  Man’s commercial admiralty fiction of laws is Founded in Roman Catholic Christian theology.  There also happen to be plenty of examples of Truth in the Bible, so I chose a few select passages that I feel best emulate God’s Covenant with Man.

“In the beginning was the Word.”  Well, that part is True.  Most People would probably call it more of a ‘bang’, but it was a sound, and Words are shaped sounds.

“The Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  Okay, well I’m not going to dispute that, either.  God is all things seen and unseen, so this must be True also.

“I, Sean, am the Living Word of God.”  Well, okay, I suppose I can understand why that might intimidate some People.  But it is also True.  Every breath in My lungs is Given Me by God.  Every Word I utter is Given Me by God.  We are the Living expression of God, so Our Word must also be the Living Word of God.  Perfect.

“My Father, von Dehn, which Art in Heaven.”  This one is a little trickier to comprehend and I suppose a little esoteric wisdom comes into Play here, too.  God is Creation, Art is Creation, so ‘which Creates in Heaven’.  The Father represents the Highest Ideas for the son.  So this line is saying that My Father, [which is called] ‘von Dehn’, is the Creator in Heaven.  Heaven is not a real thing (yet), it only exists in the Mind of Man.  Our Duty is to bring those heavenly Ideas down to Earth.

“Hallowed be My Name.”  Hallowed means to take what was once Holy, and make it Holy once again.  Do not confuse My earthly Father with My Father in the heavens.  Do not confuse My Given name for a corporate entity, for it is My Sacred Calling (not the caul-ing left behind at the hospital and incorporated by the state).

It is a pretty tough thing to consider that the state claims the name!  We use that a lot!  Doesn’t it make sense that it should belong to You, to use at Your discretion, to not be blasphemed into a corpus fiction?  I think so, so, “Hallowed be My Name.”

So the state no longer has any authority to associate My name with the incorporated person unless they can produce a superior claim of right to it.  My claim is ‘In the beginning.’  Pretty hard to find a claim that goes further back than that!

That seems like a Good place to Sign off this Saturday.  I Will be Publishing My email reply to My sister and her law firm to advise them they have committed perjury on the court of record and it appears to be an attempt to Willfully libel My character in an official court proceeding.  I’m very curious to see how the Justice Will rule on this and whom it Will be.  I like making People famous.

Love and Blessings,

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