Volume CXV: The Super Natural Sun Day Short Story Edition

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Sun Day ‘Story’ Edition!  Thank King You for being here, I am thing King it Will be a Good one and something a little different.  I Will be telling some of My Super Natural Stories, all of which are absolutely True, most of which have witnesses.  This Post was inspired by Star Wars which I started watching for this first time since I was a boy just last Friday.  I am thing King it Will be the next Mystical film interpretation I do, too.  The Words ‘Jedi Mind tricks’ came up in the film, and it re-Minded Me of a Short Story to Inspire and kick off this Super Natural Sun Day Edition.

Jedi Mind Tricks

This Super Natural Story takes place in the city of Guelph, roughly six years ago.  I had been invited to watch Big Wreck play with three others at a downtown club by a coworker of My best Friend, ‘J’.  Sarah, the one with the tickets, was insistent on Me going.  I wasn’t really that keen on going because I was pretty sure the girl had a crush and I didn’t Wish to lead her on but I didn’t have a Good excuse to not go.  My best Friend and another one of My Friends were going, too, so I gave in.  I do like some of Big Wreck’s music and figured it would be a Good Show.

When We get to the club, Sarah hands out the tickets and is as King of every One if they remembered to bring their ID.  My best Friend and I laugh in sync, ‘Yeah, Sean doesn’t use any of that stuff’.

Every One else pulls out their ID to show Sarah they have it, Sarah is glaring at Me, pointing to the Words on the ticket,

“Not all ages, Proper Photo Identification Required – NO EXCEPTIONS”.

“What are You going to do!?  You are not getting in without ID, I’ve been here for concerts before, they check everybody, doesn’t matter if You look ninety.”

I shrug My shoulders, what can I do?  The line is slowly progressing, there are two couples immediately ahead in line, both easily enjoying their retirement years.  Four bouncers guard the door, one on each side on the outside, and one on each side on the inside.  The first elderly couple approach the bouncers and My Friend is correct, they are checking everybody.

I tell My Friends not to worry, if I don’t get in, I don’t get in, just go and have a Good time.  They are all insisting if I don’t get in, nobody is going to go, which seems absolutely ridiculous to Me.  Now, the fate of every One’s evening is in My hands.  I tell My Friends to stop tall King to Me, stop saying I am not getting in if they Wish to go.  They do.  I tell My Self I’m getting in, and I am as King of the Universe to please make sure it happens.

The second elderly couple finish fumbling with their wallets and purses and I make My Way up, all My Friends behind Me, their fate waiting in the balance.  I walk up to the bouncer, he looks at Me,

“Photo ID, please.”


Bouncer nods, motions for Me to step inside.  I walk right up to the other two bouncers inside the door, get a brief pat down for weapons, and wait for My Friends who come in behind Me.

“HOW did You do that?!”

He was as King Me if I had photo ID, I told him I do, that was it – he believed Me with conviction like he’d already seen it.  I also visualized an old drivers license and told him with My Mind he had seen it.  True story, three witnesses.  Jedi Mind Tricks are no joke, I use them all the time.

Drinking Brew With a Wizard

This next short story also involves My best Friend, ‘J’, who was My most common drinking accomplice.  Really, if it were not for My best Friend, J, I would almost never drink.  While I lived in Guelph, We used to try to get together at least once every couple of weeks on a Friday or Saturday evening.  For a while, We just used to drink at My place, maybe go out to buy some munchies, smoke a joint or two…  Or four.

Now, typically, ‘J’ is the ‘devil’s advocate’, the one more likely to see the dark rain cloud than the sun beaming behind it.  It’s perfect because it’s what makes the Friend Ship sail so smooth.  For example, generally ‘J’ does not believe the Mind is a Creative force, so that is the reality he projects.  One night We were standing outside staring at the dark night sky and I was as King of him

“If I could manifest a shooting star right now, just for You, then Will You believe the Mind is a Creative force, or would You say it was just a coincidence, a satellite or something?”

No sooner do the Words come out of My mouth and a shooting star streams across the night sky.


“That was definitely a satellite.”

Like, honestly.  He does acknowledge his stubbornness, though.  Anyway, this particular evening, he is as King of Me if We should go out, and I am trying to ‘teach’ the Power of Creation.

“I don’t know, do You Wish to go out?  If You do, We Shall.”

“Well, I don’t know.  Kind of.  I Wish to go if it’s going to be busy but how do We know if it’s going to be busy.”

“We declare it!  If You Wish to go out, it Will be busy.  Do You Wish to go out?”

“Well, I don’t know.  I want it to be busy but I don’t want it to be too busy.  I don’t want to have to wait for a table.”

I laugh, “Okay, how about this; We Will decide it Will be busy, really busy, but not so busy We can’t get a table.”

“Okay.  Can We have any table We Wish?”

BAM!!!  Magic activated!!!  Now, the alcohol probably helped, but if I were still a sales guy, this is the moment where One moves in for the kill.  He is believing!  And he is doing it effortlessly, which guarantees success, no resistance.

“Yes, any table You Wish, Good Sir.  What table would You like?  And let’s leave already, I’m getting excited now.”

“Can We have any table?  Even the couches?”

“Yes, J, even the couches.” (There’s two sets of two)  “Which ones, the ones by the window, or the next one over?”

“I don’t want to be by the window, let’s take the next one over.”

“Done.  Anything else?”

“Can We pick the server, too?”

“Anything You Wish.”

He describes the server, I tell him her name, Promise she Will be Our server.

“And Your sure it Will be busy?”

“Tell You what.  I am so sure it Will be busy that it actually Will be full.  But the table You are as King of Me for Will get up to leave just as We enter, they Will be holding the table for Us.”

J laughs, getting carried away with the Fantasy, “Awesome!”

We get there and it is packed, just like We Imagined it would be.  J is always the skeptic, so he looks a little worried now, I insist We Will get a table.  Sure enough, the moment We walk in, the table We Imagine stands up and leaves, actually gestures to offer Us the table as they make their Way out.  Again, J laughs.

We sit down, J looks around, his eyes beaming, “Dude, We have to do this more often!”

The server J was as King for appears moments later and drops off two beer without Us having to ask.  “You know, if I’d known it was going to be this easy I might have asked for the other couches.”

“Seriously?  You Wish to have the other couches now?”

“Well, kind of, yeah.”

“Alright, J, but last time.  Changing Your Mind like this really confuses the Universe.  They’ll get up and leave, move Our stuff over as soon as they do, I’m going to the washroom.”

Even before I get up to leave, the table J was as King Me for gets up to leave, too.  J is so excited at this point, he absolutely has to tell the server about it, too.  The server knows Me pretty well and says she knows.  I said, “Alright then.  Since We have both of You on the same Page at the same time, I Will be as King of God for One last Magical moment.  The numbers 37 and 22 Will appear together at some point in the evening that is relevant to all three of Us.

The Key here is Energy.  Both My Friends were so excited about this possibility that they are actually the Ones making it happen, not Me.  That’s why I don’t have to worry about it, I just have to worry about keeping My Friends believing it is possible.  Neither One of My Friends had any resistance to this Idea that 37 and 22 would present themselves, they just said, “Okay!” with enthusiasm, excited to see how, no longer wondering if.

The rest of the evening progressed pretty ‘normally’ and eventually the time came to be as King for Our bill.  The server brings the check and leaves it on the table, I Give her cash before she can run away and she returns moments later to place the change tray on the table, says ‘thank You.”

“Did We see Our Magical numbers yet?”

They had both almost completely forgotten.  I tell them it Will be on the bill, and I reach for the tray to take a look.  Very first thing on the bill is the time the check was printed.  22:37:00.  😉  Again, no joke, two witnesses.

Hope You enjoyed this Sunday Super Natural Story Edition, I may have more next week.

Love and Blessings,







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