Volume CXVI: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; 2020 Vision, Family Folk Us

Hello every One and welcome to the Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition of the Good News Journal and apologies if You were expecting another installment of V for Vendetta, I Will have Part III ready for next Tuesday.  Today, Folk Us is on Family.

Thanks to a recent estate Matter concerning My dead father, I have been tall King about Family a bit here, which was something I had never really planned to do.  But all things in the Universe are connected and this is something I am often tall King about, too.  Because this Blog is primarily Focused on Living a Purposeful Life, I also spend a lot of time tall King about how Our right to Live a Purposeful Life is also protected by Law, so it seemed natural that I should share some of the details of the estate with My readers.  I had intended to Show all of My work and research regarding the Matter here as I always do (where to find the proper court forms, how to fill them out, that sort of thing).  I figured it would be useful because most of Us are likely going to be involved with an estate’s administration at some point in Our Life.  Problem is, I didn’t get the chance.

Now, it’s no longer about administrating an estate, it’s about My sister Willfully committing perjury in a Sworn affidavit on a Court of Record designed to defame My Character and the opinions expressed here on My Blog…  All in an effort to Keep Me from administrating the estate.

I mentioned before that the problem with family is One doesn’t choose them.  Strange thing is, I feel a little guilty even Writing that because I would not Wish to substitute any member of My family, not even My sister.  But over the last week I was Truly awed to know what lengths My sister Will go to discredit Me.  That astounded Me.  Naturally, I presumed My brother and mother would be equally shocked.  Wrong.  The response I got was exactly the opposite, ‘why let this bother You, can’t You just let it go, why are You fighting everything, aren’t We supposed to forgive?’.

Well, an apology usually helps.  Point is, I didn’t really Wish to be tall King about My family because of all People in My Life since I chose a Spiritual path, My family have been the cruelest.  I don’t talk about it for the same reasons I didn’t talk about the living conditions of the shelter while I was there.  You don’t Wish to know, not the kind of News I Wish to share – all anyone needs to know, is that it is not worthy of human dignity.  I’m interested in the solution, not the problem.

Every member of My family has had one painting created specifically for them, and at least one Fancy Letter Sealed with wax and Scribed into parchment to celebrate the establishment of the House von Dehn in God’s Kingdom.

Ever since I Created My Cestui Que Vie and moved to Ottawa, I felt My family finally understood My purpose and knew I had found My Way (or at the very least ready to make My Way).  I’ve never insisted on or been as King for My family’s approval, I don’t need the approval of others to be sure of My Self, so that is not necessary.  What I do Wish and expect from My family is respect.  I have not been getting it.

Eight years ago, My mother asked Me ‘if I would Mind’ no longer attending special functions like Christmas because some of My philosophies and Ideas made My stepfather uncomfortable.  Ideas.  What am I going to say?  I have not been invited to a birthday party, Easter, Mother’s day or any other event that would typically be a ‘family’ gathering for over eight years now.

My brother allowed Me to come and visit My first nephew when he was six months old, I was so excited.  Even that seems weird now in retrospect.  Of course it would be natural to be excited about visiting One’s first nephew, but when I Writ the Word excited I was referring to the fact that I felt I was being invited back into the family. It should be ‘normal’ to visit with My brother and nephew, not some kind of ‘reward’ for Good behaviour.

I visit twice, two weeks apart and when I returned home after the second visit My brother said I had spent too much time tall King to him and not enough time with My nephew – I was no longer welcome back.  My brother had told Me he wants his nieces and nephews to know their uncle and I believe that he does.  He invited Me back into his Life to get to know My niece and nephew six months before I chose to move to Ottawa.  I said I wasn’t ready yet and he doesn’t understand that.  I guess One needs to have something like that taken away before One can appreciate the desire to protect One’s Self from experiencing that kind of pain again.  Fool Me once, shame on You, fool Me twice…

Shortly after My brother inviting Me back into his Life, My mother broke down crying because she was overcome with guilt for lying to Me about how she was spending her time.  She confessed that I had a two year old niece that My sister did not Wish for Me to know about that she’s been babysitting on weekends.  Even on that day when My mother had told My sister she would no longer keep her secret, My sister begged her not to tell.  My mother asked why and My sister could not even Give a reason.  It doesn’t make any sense, I hardly ever see My sister, it’s not like I would ever visit her anyway if I wasn’t invited, what harm could possibly come from Me knowing?  I can Imagine no motive for it except intent to cause harm – one last emotional blackmail bomb to drop, perhaps hoping I would hold a grudge against My brother and mother.

I’ll be the first to admit that living with someone who holds the kind of moral standards I do is not easy.  I remember seeing war on television for the first time and as King of My mother what was going on.  I don’t remember what it was about, I only remember it involved Libya, My mother said, “oh, that happens all the time, there is always a war going on somewhere in the world.”

I could not understand this.  Now of course, I see how it happens.  But that first time, I was horrified, all I could think was “who taught People to behave like this?”.

Welcome to the Matrix.

This Tuesday Tell A Vision is about telling a Story, but I do not Wish for You to be thing King it is a bad one.  I’ve had this family all My Life, I’m just sharing some choice moments of the last ten years and how that change has affected how I am perceived by My family.

The Good News is that all these estate Matters really just helped to bring the reality of My family and their values into Focus.  I believed that although We may live very different Life Styles, I had finally gained the respect of My brother and mother.  I felt that I was respected and accepted, and that they acknowledged the accomplishments I have made.  I real eyes I was wrong.

The Good News is, I’ve been Given eyes to see.  And no coincidences, just got off a Facebook call with My brother.  It is not unusual for My brother to be the first to reach out, he’s the ‘peace keeper’ in the family.  I’m wondering why it is taking My sister so long to rescind her affidavit and My brother tells Me it’s because he believes she genuinely doesn’t know any better.

“Sean, honestly, I do get it, I totally understand.  But do You really think anything Tanja says about You could ever really cause You harm, or Your Blog?”

I tell You, he is the Voice of reason sometimes.  The Quest-Ion did make Me laugh, though, for probably the only instance on the call.  It’s also not the point.  My sister isn’t stupid, she knows what she did and I believe it was deliberate, she knows what ‘buttons’ to push.  So I set a new ‘standard’ for My family.

Until further notice, if any One in My family Wishes to address Me by email or regular mail, they must use My formal title if they Wish to receive a reply.  My mother was the first to Honour the new rule.  I reply in kind, Lady Catherine…

And this is My ‘resolution’ with Spirit and My inner council.  We Will presume My sister ‘forgot’ who her brother is temporarily, (though I am still as King of her to have her affidavit struck from the record).  My sister and I barely speak anyway but this should help to make sure she doesn’t forget who her brother is in the future.

Love and Blessings,

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