Volume CXVI: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; Success Full Spells

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday where We Manifest Our own Luck!  Thank King You for being here.

I swear ‘Lucky’ Wednesday does seem that Way now.  Although the email arrived much earlier in the afternoon on Tuesday, I received My first piece of Good News just shortly after midnight…

Tuesday morning didn’t start out feeling so ‘Lucky’ as I received a ‘Notice of Arrears’ from My landlord stating that they have been underpaid some $747.00 over the last three months.  After looking over the ledger I could see where the payments were missing and it appeared to just be a ‘glitch’ in the automated payment and a partially unpaid deposit.  Naturally, this would still be enough to alarm any One but I was confident it was a technical detail rather than any intent to not pay and would be resolved shortly.  It was also a Good reason to follow up with Sana from the city of Ottawa to see if My renewal package for My rent has been received yet and what the status of it might be.

Just after midnight I checked My emails and noticed there was a reply from Sana.  She clearly articulated exactly which payments were shorted and that they have already agreed to pay, are making arrangements now and should have the Matter resolved soon.  Sana also confirmed My renewal package was received, approved, and that My ‘Entitlement Form’ was mailed out to Me Friday (so I Will probably receive that tomorrow).

That’s the really Good News for Lucky Wednesday as that takes care of that Matter until at least June of next year.  Of course, no mention of My Letter included with the renewal package but that’s not entirely unexpected, I am used to People not being able to respond to My Letters, at least it is on their record.

Speaking of which, I did mean to mention that when ‘Multi-Faith’ (name of non profit property management that is the ‘landlord’ for the building) messaged to tell Me the account was in arrears, first thing I did do was reply and promise that the Matter would be resolved shortly and if not, I Will accept (for Honour) the full amount owing.  Reason for this is a ‘promise to pay’ is legally binding and can be converted into a commercial instrument, might prevent One from being evicted (not a guarantee, just a precaution), and it Shows Intent.  I have said intent is very important and it is.  Delinquency on a debt is dis-Honourable, always Promise to pay even if You don’t have money – the intent to stand in Honour is more valuable than the debt if One knows how to Act.

Some news One might not typically call ‘Good News’, was that I also received Endorsement regarding My sister’s application.  However, today I have a different perspective of things.

Yesterday I Writ about some of the things I’ve been through with My family since I chose to Live a more Spiritual Life.  I was furious that My sister would go to such lengths to discredit Me, especially on a court of record.  Now, I perceive everything as nothing more than ‘information’.  That’s all it is.  Some of it True, some of it false.  I now feel like this is more of a victory than a loss, even though the justice indicates My Notice of Objection has not yet been filed with the court.  I’m wondering how the justice received a copy because it wasn’t posted here until the same day I filed it with the court, unless by ‘Notice of Objection’, the justice is referring to the arguments made in My emails, or knows I intend to file one founded upon those arguments.

The reason it feels more like a victory than a loss is because of the lengths My sister took to defame My Character.  I was thing King about it just last night a few hours before I received the ‘Truly’ Good News about My rent.  I am two years older than My sister.  When We were children she always Wished to Play games but was never fun to play with.  Why?  Because she would cheat.  I would always be handicapped in some Way to make the game more fair anyway, and usually those handicaps were enough My sister should win easily playing fair (for example, at thirteen I was playing ‘Genus’ edition of Trivial pursuit, My sister (who’s partner to handicap the game and make it ‘fair’ was My father), played with the Junior edition.  Not only did I have to get the question right, I had to be on a ‘pie’ space to get the slice.  My sister got a piece of pie anytime she got a question right, she was allowed to ask My father, and could choose any colour of pie she Wished.  I was a smart kid, but not Genus Edition Trivial pursuit smart – I was probably getting one in ten or less questions right.  There was no chance I was going to beat her and she STILL stole pie when My dad wasn’t looking.  This is the same kind of thing to Me.

Although I didn’t even file My Notice of Objection until after I received the Factum, I noticed that My sister’s lawyer was defending against My arguments almost as if I had.  The reason I find it interesting is because My sister’s lawyer refused to accept My Notice of Objection when I arranged to meet with her and was refusing to answer My emails.  My sister was only responding to emails when she had a motive, no response to My email as King of her why she committed perjury (for example).  They pretend they can’t hear Me when it is convenient for them, but have used legal references to dispute My points.  The reason this Gives My sister the advantage, is because she is ‘proactively’ disputing My arguments before I have an opportunity to Present them to the court, and doing so before I have the opportunity to rebut their argument.  The arguments rebutting My statements should be made to Me, not addressed to a justice without an opportunity to defend My argument.

“Sean says this, but the Estates Act says this…”

If this were happening on the court record, I could challenge the Act and be as King of its relevance and jurisdiction to non incorporated, non-statutory creations.  This is why they pretend not to hear My arguments.  Express part of My argument, but not My reply to their rebuttal of My argument.  It allows My sister’s lawyer to express My arguments in a Way that serves her purpose rather than mine.  She’s only telling half the story, controlling the narrative – and that’s the Idea.

One example would be My (private) objection to My sister (and brother) being able to file the application without My consent.  My brother and sister insisted they ‘don’t need My consent’, they can do as they Wish (two against one).  When I refused to Sign and received notice that the application was proceeding anyway, I told My brother that the only Way that could be happening is if Tanja swore an affidavit to discredit My Character or were as King of the court for special permission to proceed without it.  He insists, “no, that’s not happening, Sean, Tanja would never do that.”  Really, Michael?  It would appear that is exactly what she did.

She even included a copy of the email I sent showing the requirement according to the rules of civil procedure.  The ‘special request’ to proceed without My consent contrary to the rules of civil procedure is in the application and the reason for the affidavit.  My brother still doesn’t understand this.

Also, if One looks at the application record, One Will notice My sister was asking (not as King) for court costs for the application to be paid by Me, and for an Order preventing Me from filing an application of appointment with the registrar My Self.  Neither of those Orders appear to have been granted at this time.

It also appears My Notice of Objection has not yet been received.  I don’t Imagine that Will take long but the courts are not operating as they usually do and they had to call someone over from another department to receive My Notice.  So all the work We’ve seen so far has been done to defend against Me without Me placing a single piece of information or argument onto the record.  All of this was to counter what ‘might‘ be!

I had Promised My brother and sister that all I was as King of them for was to rescind the application because it was unreasonable for either of them to expect Me to Trust Tanja.  If they could Honour that, I would have been Happy to work with My sister and brother to help them file the documents without a lawyer, (saving every One unnecessary legal expenses), and rescind My application.  Ironically, the reason I was so insistent on this was because I genuinely did not Wish to file any Notice into a court that would reflect badly on My sister – even the hostility in My letter was designed to emphasize how insane it was for her to expect Me to Trust her, how bad what she did might look to a justice.  Cursing at My sister to emphasize what she had done still seemed a favourable alternative to having those Acts on a court of record.  For Me, filing a Notice of Objection really was a last resort and hoping it would not be something I would be compelled to do.

The ‘Luckiest’ part of this Wednesday is that it is Done!  At least for now.  Will the court pretend it didn’t get My Notice of Objection, or Will We receive Notice of it soon?  I did make sure to get proof of service.  What didn’t occur to Me until last night, is that My Notice of Objection is filed by:

Lord Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God, Private Attorney and Living Will for the incorporated person created by the state, Sean von Dehn.

Significance?  My Notice is sufficient proof of My sister’s perjury because the justice Will know the difference between an incorporated person and a Living Man.  Even if a justice didn’t know the difference, it is a very easy argument to defend, there is clearly a difference between the two characters and that distinction is clearly made in My Notice where typically perjury can be very difficult to prove.  It may even be of benefit to have filed it late and allowing My sister to take all of these devious steps to discredit Me because her lawyer Will have no Idea that I Will file that Way.

This is all just evidence of crimes against Me now!!!  Quest-Ion is, what to do with it…

Thank You all so much, sorry this Post is so long.  I Wish to say a Special thank You for the ‘likes’ on My Family Folk Us Post as I was a little insecure about sharing those details, the support is Greatly appreciated.  I Wish to also Give Special thanks to all My new WordPress followers over the last two weeks, that is Truly one of the most special Gifts in the world to Me.

Love and Blessings,

P.S. I keep showing this plant because I Keep meaning to share some green-thumb tips with You, but this Post is too long!!!  Soon. 😉


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