Volume CXVI: The Thursday Thing King Edition; The House Always Wins in the End

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Thing King Edition, wonderful to have You here with Me.  I Promise I Will be tall King about the plant featured in the photo today and how I Will use it to grow My collection on a limited budget (I’ve featured it twice without tall King about it).  I Will also be tall King about that famous expression, ‘The House always wins in the end’.  There are so many things on My Mind these days, I am really looking forward to Free Lance Friday so I can just ramble about everything!

As far as today’s title and expression go, ‘the House always wins in the end’, the Significance for Me today is that I know this is True and I know all of these little expressions are programmed specifically for that day when We real eyes Our True House.  I sincerely believe the timing of the hit mini series Game of Thrones was specifically Intended to put the Idea of Our Father’s ‘House’ in One’s Mind.  ‘House of Lanister’, ‘House Stark’, House of von Dehn.

The ‘Natural’ Order of things in the Universe is that the Son represents the continous Ideas of the Father.  It is not just an ancient custom, it is the only Way Man evolves.  I do not say that to negate the Value of the Divine Feminine, either, as the combined Energy of Mother and Father are necessary for the continuation.  The most successful traits of each as determined by God are the product of the off spring (making its Way to Sale the Sea of commercial admiralty waters on the citizen Ship).  I’ll have more on the Idea of Ships, soon, too for those who may think the association is ‘coincidence’ and not at all related to commercial admiralty (which is a claim some ‘fact check’ sites Will make).

The reason the first Son is the Heir to the Father’s Kingdom is specifically because the male gender of Man represents the Idea for the child – that is all the male gender contributes.  The ‘land’ of the body is entirely created by mother, which is why it is the Promised Mother Land Given by God, as every One Will have One.  So the child’s individual ‘country’, the land of the body Given by God is the first name, the Father’s name represents the House the children are Living in.

Sure, We Live in much more modern times now and a Lady could absolutely Keep the name of her Father if she Wishes.  This would also happen if the status of the Lady was higher than the status of the Man, which is precisely the case with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip.  But the Common family tradition would automatically leave the estate to the eldest son unless there were unusual circumstances where the son is genuinely incapable to do the job.  The family has the right to determine how the estate should be divided and the eldest son Honours his Father by Honouring the Father’s Wishes (whether he actually does or not, it is presumed the eldest would be the most responsible and capable to administrate the estate in a Way that Honours the House).  Did My sister mention One Word about any Duty of Honour to her father’s House?

I genuinely believe I do have the superior claim of right upon My father’s estate, even to that of the government of Canada.  I don’t see the government of Canada listed anywhere in the Estates Act as a beneficiary to My father’s estate or successor of his House…

If what I say is True and a Man does have the right of self determination as it is suggested We do according to the covenants the Canadian government has agreed to Keep internationally, what kind of trouble might a justice, lawyer or other representative of the Crown face for trespassing upon My Sovereign right to administrate My father’s estate in a Way that Honours his (and now My) House?  I am as King of the justice to allow Me to Honour My dead father’s Life in the wake of his death, and I have the right to accept for Honour all outstanding debt owed to My father’s creditors.  What kind of penalties might there be for a justice that fails to let Me Honour My Father and the tradition of My family’s House in Order to Keep God’s Commandments of Me?  Will a justice be able to claim ignorance of the Common Law and the right of the Sovereign to privately administrate his family’s estate?

How long Will the list of charges against Canada’s elected officials Trusted to protect the Sovereign rights of Canada’s People become before it can no longer be ignored?

My brother and sister don’t even know that neither one of them can technically own property because everything they own is under their franchised corporate name, that’s why People pay property taxes on land they ‘own’.  Nobody owns anything, it is all rented, and there is outstanding debt on everything.  Did You know it’s unlawful to pay a debt with debt?  More on the Idea soon, too – maybe tomorrow.

For now, the House always Wins because no One has authority over My House.  I could vacate the justice’s Order and suspend the justice from further decisions regarding this Matter.  Now, would they be heeded?..  I really don’t know because I haven’t pushed that hard yet – but I Will.

Now for the plant.  This little gem was My name day Gift to Me.


I picked this one because there are lots of branches and it was completely root-bound (meaning there was absolutely no more room for root growth in the plant pot it was in).  Now, if You are squeamish, please be advised the following images contain graphic material not intended for sensitive viewers (including but not limited to freshly cut limbs).

So, the bottom most plant is the ‘mother’ who has just Gifted Me with six new plants.


There is another one inside on My window sill.  The largest ceramic pot is the transplanted mother plant and the plastic black pot is the one she was transplanted from.  I didn’t even know it was only one plant because the stems were so dense, I thought I’d tip it out and find two or three main stems.  New growth on the mother plant was visible for the first time today.


I know, it looks a little sad right now – that’s why I’m sharing.  I can already tell this is going to be a gorgeous plant because of how fast the new growth appeared.  This is often typical for plants that are pot bound and require immediate transplant.  It has been dying to grow and now its ‘feet’ can provide a stronger foundation.  This is just one reason I Love jade plants because they actually grow fairly fast when they are in a growth stage if One Keeps an eye on water.  They can easily survive days, perhaps weeks if one forgets to water, which is why I think some People think they grow slow.  If they don’t get enough water when they can grow, they Will shut down plant growth and conserve the moisture in those fat leaves.  They are almost impossible to kill unless You have poor drainage or really over water.  I give just enough water to get the roots wet enough to be dried out again by the next morning on a hot day.

The other reason I think this Will be a spectacular plant is because (theoretically) it Will produce two new shoots wherever one was cut, so it Will make an excellent mother plant for more cuttings while leaving enough to shape like a bonsai.

Those are My plant tips for the day, happy gardening.

Love and Blessings,

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