Volume CXV: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Trans Form A Sean and Judicial Interference

Hello every One!!!  I am so excited this Thursday and Happy to be Writing the Free Lance Friday Edition nice and early in the day.  Friday Will be Fabulous in Deed, as I decide how I Will respond to My Notice of Objection to My sister’s application for appointment of estate trustee being refused acceptance by the court registrar!!!  I do not even Wish to begin to say how serious a crime that is and I have not yet decided how I Will respond to this, though You Will have an opportunity to hear Me suss out some of My Ideas today.  Perhaps by the time You read this, the Spells We Will Cast today Will be Active Magic in the Universe tomorrow.

There really, really is no such thing as a coincidence.  Microcosm and Macrocosm merging, My estate Issue has become the most important law Matter so far.  The city of Ottawa’s crime is pretty huge, too (claiming that as King for compensation for harm done to People by the loss of rights is frivolous and vexatious?  When it clearly states on the very face of the Claim that I am Acting on Her Majesty’s Service?  Trust Me, I didn’t lose that law suit, it is evidence of judicial interference.)  I said I would go over the justice’s order in that Matter some time and I Will, I Give You My Word.  The reason I haven’t yet, is because I don’t know what I Will do in response to it.

The Common Law is not statute law, codes or Acts, there is no ‘statute’ of limitations, these crimes of Canada’s representatives interference of a Man determined to Honour his Duty to God and the Queen are on the public record here.  As I have mentioned here before, this Blog meets all requirements of both a legal and lawful international publication, and all evidence of the incompetence of Canada’s agents and representatives are on this public record.  Today (Thursday), I was Gifted with more Magical documents to Post on the international public record.  Below, You Will see the latest crime of Canada’s agents and representatives of Law.


It was just yesterday that I Writ ‘Will they try to pretend like they didn’t receive My Notice?’.  It was intended to be facetious.  They could only pretend to not receive it, they are not allowed to refuse to accept My documents, I am the authority and wealth of the courts.  So why am I so excited?

Like I said, it’s the perfect collision of My Microcosm and Man’s Macrocosm.  My family doesn’t believe that I have accomplished anything, and the estate Matter made that painfully obvious, despite what any of them may Wish for Me to believe.  It was never a big deal to Me that My family doesn’t believe Me because none of them can dispute Me on any Matters, either.  That’s what causes all the ‘friction’ since My Spiritual awakening, which started with nothing more than a belief that the Purpose of My Life was to serve God, and I did not care what any other Man’s opinion of it might be.  I had no interest in trying to ‘convince’ My family, I was quite comfortable being confident in My own Self realization and convict Sean’s, to avoid [false] convictions.

I mentioned that as Lord Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God, it is a Spiritual title and that I have also Sworn and re-Affirmed to Serve and Honour God and the Queen.  I have done this with Canada’s Attorney General, the Wellington County Superior Court of Record, and the Ottawa Superior Court.  I should not have to remind the court every time I file.  The reason I’m so excited is because I have precedence to Show You, I can now actually prove that I have this right, but also that this right has been Honoured by Canada’s courts.

The only reason that the courts have an office One can go to be as King for a fee waiver for court filings, is because You cannot be refused the right to participate in Canada’s courts in any Matter under any circumstance.  So they make poor People jump through hoops, usually.  Show income statements, declare annual earnings, nature of the court case and documents to be filed, whether or not one qualifies for legal aid and on and on it goes.  So what did I do?  I Writ this.


It’s a little difficult to see in the photograph, though crystal clear on the paperwork itself, the date reads November 4th.  Now, this document was Hand Writ in red because red represents authority.  I am a King, I am not as King for permission to use the courts, I own them, I am the Crown when Acting in My Sovereign capacity.

This is a perfect example of a time when a Friend to Me, “Yeah, that’s really nice but You’ll never be able to enforce it, they Will never accept it.”

What do You think the court registrar did when I Presented him with this Gift?

“That Will be $225.00 for the court’s seal and filing”

“Yeah, actually, I don’t have to pay to file documents.”

I present My Writ of Notice (Order).

“What do You Wish for Me to do with this?”

“Honestly, I really don’t care, I just need to Show that this court has received My Notice.  I have a copy for You to Sign to Show it has been received or You can make your own and return it to Me, whichever You prefer.”

“Uh, no.  You Keep Your copy, I’ll file this one and make a copy to return to You.”

He reads the notice.  “Yeah, I don’t know if I can Sign this.”

“That’s okay, I’m not as King for permission, I’m telling You what I have the authority to do.  It is a Notice, not an Order, I am just as King to You to Show it has been received.”

He nods, Signs, and looks at Me as if to say, ‘now what?’.

“You can probably just attach that to the front of My Claim if You don’t want to accept My filing.”

“No, I’ll put this on the Record and I’ll get a fee waiver form, that Way all Your costs are covered for the rest of Your filings related to this Matter, too.”

“That sounds perfect, thank You.”


Notice there is a box that says ‘request to registrar?’.

“Keep on as King, and You Will receive” Matthew 7:7

So now, I have even more evidence to Show that I am not the incorporated person Created by the state, My Proper title on a Court of Record is Lord Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God, it is not a legal entity, it is a Spiritual title, and My right to waive all court costs related to any of My filings as a representative of Her Majesty has been on Ottawa’s Superior Court of Record since November 4th.  (And on Canada’s Record for much longer than that).  Just because I don’t Write ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ on every document doesn’t mean My Oath has been rescinded, and there is no expiration date on My Notice to the court Registrar.  Now, My filing has been refused service, which is a very serious crime and the only reason fee waiver forms are available in the first place – no Man may be deprived of his right to access the Justice system.  The court also can’t claim it doesn’t know I have the right to file without payment, even if ignorance of the law were an excuse.

Don’t kid Your Self into thing King whomever did this does not know it’s a crime, either.  They are probably hoping I don’t!!!  Look at how unprofessional this is.  If it were a formal return there would be a proper Letter explaining the cause of refusal and some One taking accountability for it.  My documents are returned from a court filing anonymously?!?  Good thing I got proof of service, right?  With the limited staff at the courthouse with Covid, probably shouldn’t be too hard to pinpoint exactly whom it was that received this.


I Will also remind My audience that I paid a provincial offences ticket at the courthouse with My thumbprint with zero issues whatsoever as well.  I didn’t even really have to provide any explanation for it, either, I just told him it was payment.  He asked his supervisor who confirmed it was and showed him how to Honour it in the system.

So, I really don’t care what any One thinks because so far My results have demonstrated differently.  Sure, Housing Services may not have responded to My Letter or dissolved the Trust, but it is one more item on the record as King of government agencies to Honour My request, and My entitlement contract was Honoured until June of next year waiving all the same terms and conditions I had waived the first time around (like filing taxes, providing income receipts, whatever).  They really do struggle with getting the Magic of My name’s Spelling right, though…


And Ontario Works team supervisor Anne Charette has still not managed to get back to Me but I have been awarded the special diet allowance for six months that were granted on medical conditions I added to the form My Self.

At any rate, I Will be thing King about how I Will respond to all of this over the rest of today and perhaps even tomorrow.  I would like to have something in motion for tomorrow but I’m still not 100% sure what I am going to do.

The really Good News today is I know that this is in fact the catalyst for the Last Chapter.  I was wondering how I could get around holding My sister accountable for Willfully perjuring her Self without having to worry about her going to jail.  For that reason, I was just going to leave the Matter alone now that My Notice of Objection had been filed.  Now that it has been returned to Me, it is the Voice of the Universe telling Me this Matter is serious.  This is My father’s estate and People are trying to Willfully trespass on My determination to have My Notice of Objection heard and entered onto the court of record to Honour My Father in the wake of his death as My Duty of Service to God?  Well, if I formally address both the Issue of My Sovereignty (Canada’s continuous presumption it has no obligation to Honour its international contracts) and My sister’s perjury (because one inherently proves the other), then I can also use that as an opportunity to for Give My sister as God’s representative.  But she Will have to be as King of Me to do so.

I may change My Mind, but this is the Plan I am thing King about.  I am thing King I am going to make copies of the [original] Notice of Objection I filed showing it was received by the registrar, along with the original (I was even as King of the clerk if they Wished to have the copy or the original, I didn’t care.  I just Wished to Show it had been received and they had to read them both to make sure they were identical, so the registrar should have made sure to retain the right one, it’s their job!).

If they required payment, they should have been as King of Me for it before Signing for acceptance.  They absolutely cannot legally return a Notice once they have accepted it (unless they are providing specific direction to amend or make changes to the document, but the registrar’s duty is to make sure it meets the requirements for filing before accepting).  I had all of My documents with Me, if they had been as King for payment or the original they would have received both.  I honestly believe someone was Given direction and instruction to interfere with My filing.  Difficulty filing at the courthouse has been another example of interference as I was told that no action would be taking place on any estate matters until further notice.  We’ve seen there has been plenty of Action taking place on estate matters.

So I am thing King about Writing Miltons Estates Law, My sister, and the Justice in this Matter a personal Letter along with a copy of My documents showing when they were Writ (which is also the first day I tried to file and was refused, told no Action was taking place on any estate Matters which proved to be false).  I Will also advise the Justice that Tanja and her attorney’s firm were Given notice that Tanja had committed perjury on the record and the records I am showing today (which Will also be included) clearly indicate that I am not the incorporated person.  There is nothing to prove, her perjury is self evident.

Alright.  That’s all for today but I Will be thing King about this one for a while but not too long because I Wish to get something Writ and mailed as soon as possible.  I Wish to leave My audience with One last thought for the day.  When a Man in a Common Wealth country Swears or Affirms an Oath on Canada’s Court of Record to Serve and Honour God and the Queen, that individual is a Governor General to the Queen Acting in their Sovereign capacity and United State of being.  We Will look at the consequences of refusing to accept an Order from a Governor General in future Posts.

Love and Blessings,






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