Volume CXVI: The Super Natural Sun Day Re View; Gathering Spells for Magical Monday’s Casting of Characters

[And yes, this one is a few hours early because I couldn’t wait].

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Sunday Re View.  Today I Will be going over some of the events of the last week and putting the Energy of them together into some new Magical Spells for Casting on Monday.  It has been an exciting week and I believe the Spell I am war King on is perhaps the most Powerful yet, so I am excited to have You to share this with, thank King You for Your attendance.

Today’s feature photo is in fact the Sealing of the Spell I Cast on Sensei Sean all Saturday morning.  The body wrap is Sealed before being enveloped in the coffin.  The Magical Spirit of My Letter Will penetrate the Mind of its target when the Seal of My Spell is broken.


Do People really need to be as King of Me why I do these things?  Why I call My Self ‘King’ or ‘Lord’ Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God?  Why I Hand Write My Letters when I could just as easily and more quickly type them on My computer and conform with their filing system?  Why I use coloured ink rather than black and white?  Because I do not Wish for any One I Write to have any reason to forget Me, I Wish to make an Impression.

I carefully considered all of these things.  I am a King, so I thought about what kind of Impression a King would Wish to make.  It would be classy and elegant, Writ with conviction, Honour, and would reflect the Style of the Character of the Man.  I believe I have done a very Good job of Giving People an accurate sense of My True Character.  My Character is Artsy, Eccentric, Confident, original, Moral and Articulate (Art I queue late), and Spiritually centered.

Okay, so 307 Words at the end of last paragraph, and I was just thing King about telling You that I believe this might actually be the Act of Magic that finally gets things done!  Zero means nothing and has a Value of Two.  Two is a Door, and in this case, the two that remain when ‘nothing’ is removed is 37.  I don’t expect every One to follow these Ideas, more for My Mystical Friends who comprehend the Language of the Logos.  37 is Sacred, this Letter is Powerful.





The other reason I Hand Write Letters is because the Hand represents the Will and the Way in Magic and it takes considerably more time and Energy to Pen Man Ship a Letter than it does to type.  There is also Magical interference because am not actually the expression of Energy on the paper, the energy for those Words are coming from a printer plugged into Man’s Matrix.  It may only be a filter in the program, but it dilutes the Magic.  My own Energy made by My Will on Paper is far more Powerful Magic.  In fact, a Friend who stopped by while I was war King on a Letter said My Writing looked like Magical Spells.  I told him they are.

The theme of no coincidences is one I Will never let up on because it is the Voice of the Universe.  Everything is perception.  How does One think I may have felt when I received this anonymous package only to open it up and realize eight days after the fact My Notice of Objection has still not been seen by a Justice?  It was not sunshine and daisies, but the first thing I did was laugh.  I’d thought to My Self ‘maybe I don’t Wish to file My Notice of Objection on the court of record if it exposes My sister’s perjury’, but it was too late, the damage was done.  I may not have pointed out the perjury in My Notice of Objection, but any Good Justice Will notice it immediately.

The first day I made the realization that filing exposes My sister’s perjury would have been the day it was mailed back to Me, presuming delivery takes three days.  What if the Universe was just protecting My sister?  What if the Universe was just Giving Me an opportunity to do this another Way?  I was literally as King of God if I could have a do over on the filing.  It was Given to Me.  Now, how do I Wish to proceed?

Well, You can review yesterday’s Post if You Wish to see the email I sent to My sister and her law firm on Friday just before noon.  It’s Wordy, but it is as King of My sister to remove her false claims by the end of Friday (or to respond to Me before the end of Friday Giving her Word that she Will), or I Will report her crime to the Justice as Willful perjury with intent to defame My character and influence justice.

If I were not spending so much time in solitude I would probably have a Friend tell Me that somebody is war King against Me in the courthouse.  I just Wish for My readers to know I don’t believe that to be the case just because I’ve never had any problems or Issues filing anything with the courthouse in the past, they are generally always very Good and very polite.  I believe (know) they were understaffed because they had to call someone to come down to receive My file for estates, so it is more likely they don’t do it all the time and made a mistake.  Mistakes of this nature are serious, so they just sent it back anonymously hoping for the best.  I don’t know, that’s My best guess.

I’ve never been treated out of the ordinary for filing Hand Writ documents, there has never been a complaint.  I’ve also had very Good experiences with court justices for the most part, the only exceptions have been when I was defending other People in court, and dis-Honourable ‘Bobby’ (Robert) Baudouin’s decision to dismiss a law suit complaining of harm by the loss of rights as ‘frivolous and vexatious’ when no compensation was ever Given and the accusation was sustained by the guilty party by Way of their own investigation.  All the evidence remains on My Blog, I’m just waiting for some big shot lawyer to find the information and file a class action for all the harm that was done to those subject to Salvation Army for shelter.  We’ll see if a jury of competent peers determines that poor People are not entitled to compensation for the loss of their rights, I don’t think they Will agree.  I Will need to Vacate that Order and suspend Justice Bobby Baudouin – but there is no rush, statute of limitations do not apply in Common Law and all these court filings are evidence of crimes by People Trusted to protect Justice and rights in Canada.

Alright, I’m excited to get this Part of the Spell Cast today.  I also very quickly Wish to mention the Common Law.  I continually suggest that the Courts are really only for dis-Honourable Characters and People who do not know the Law well enough to govern themselves (like My sister).  The Common Law is to Act in Honour outside of court, to resolve Issues with One’s adversaries.  The court filing is a last resort.

My sister doesn’t think the perjury charge is serious.  Perhaps her lawyers don’t either.  But I do think a regular court filing would expose My sister’s crime and if a justice does notice they Will have no choice but to charge My sister or their own reputation Will be at stake.  There is no reason for a justice to risk their career for My sister’s lies.

So My Letter and My Notice of Objection Will be mailed directly to the Justice, Special attention.  The evidence of My sister’s perjury remains off the record, but the justice has been advised of My sister’s trespass against Me and of My reasons for as King of her to rescind them.

I believe this Letter Will be heard, I have Faith in Justice, I really do.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script – I’ve been having an amazing day with respect to the Voice of the Universe (no coincidences) and I was just tall King about My private letter to Honourable Justice Susan J. Woodley the other day.  This Post ‘happened’ to be My most read Post today at 5:07 a.m., so I thought it would be Good to provide an update.

I did NOT receive a reply to the Letter I sent to the Justice, but it was mailed on Monday morning and would have arrived by Thursday and in the Justice’s Hand by Friday for sure.  My brother contacted Me Friday to tell Me he had withdrawn his consent to My sister’s application, and My sister is abandoning her application.  Neither one of them Wish to discuss the Matter with Me at all, but they have both officially revoked all interest in My Father’s Estate.  I don’t believe in coincidences, and I think this decision was ‘encouraged’ by the Justice who likely informed defense counsel of My Letter (in the interest of fairness I was expecting she would).  Again, can’t say for sure what happened, only that My problem ‘Magically’ disappeared.

I do still have the bank to deal with and their ridiculous law firm, but the Notice of Criminal Liability Issued to them for their threat of extorsion has thus far been effective enough to put a stop to the Power of Sale (that was to be initiated on Nov. 15, 2020).  I also know they are not pleased to have the Notice on the International Public Record and ‘hinted’ they may sue Me for liable.  I told them to go ahead, I would first have to make libelous statements against them for any of it to be True, and I am more than happy to Show their criminal negligence and fraud to a Court to get this Matter dealt with – they didn’t Wish to do that, so…

They (law firm) have also never addressed Me as anything other than King Sean, House of von Dehn, so it Will be interesting if they do file a Claim against Me.  Not generally something criminals do (and they ARE guilty of fraud and [threat] of extorsion).  If they had tried to move forward with power of sale, I would have filed a Claim against them immediately.  I have a feeling they can’t without consent from the Court or something, I have no Idea but I’m pretty sure they (Canada and the law firm) know that I am the only legitimate heir to the property now and nobody Wishes to speak with Me.  I’m no longer offended, I think I scare People.

I don’t know, I might actually have to file a Claim against them, too.  I am so busy with legal stuff, it is a little daunting.  However, things are getting done.  Slowly (if not very slowly) but surely.

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