Volume CXVII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Minding My Father’s House

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition of the Good News Journal where I wield My S-Word (Sean’s Word) fearlessly.  Thank King You for joining Me, I have an unusual and interesting Edition for You today.  I Will be tall King about some of the Ways I Mind My Father’s House, both with respect to the Kingdom God Gave Me and the Land where I am tending My temporary Keep.

I had two new thirty day challenges set out for My Self this month; one was an hour a day dedicated to Art, the other was fifteen minutes a day dedicated to learning Latin.  My Latin challenge lasted only a day, My Mind was just not into it (though I was rather impressed with how much I remembered, so I am inspired to pick it up again soon).  My Art challenge has been successful, though I Give My Self a lot of leeway because painting is something I really need to be inspired to do.  I am also more inclined to paint when I have empty canvas for new character portraits (por-traits, for traits) waiting in the wings.  With the whole covid thing it hasn’t been easy to get new canvas, I’m pretty fussy about what I Wish for when it comes to Art work.  So I allowed for anything Creative to be considered My hour of Art, which might even include gardening because that really is something of an Art, too.

I got some baking done, I’ve been war King on colouring (painting with watercolour) a picture for My niece and hope to get three done to send out before the end of the month.  I had no Idea I would enjoy something as simple as colouring so much but I really do and I have a beautiful set of watercolour felt markers with paint brush-like tips, so it was Good to find something useful and Creative to do with them.  I’ve also spent some time organizing any plants the squirrels haven’t destroyed and always have some new seedlings sprouting somewhere.  I mentioned that gardening is something of an Art, too, and although I am very much an amateur with respect to growing a fruit and vegetable garden (because I’ve never really had a garden before), I have something of a Magical Gift for growing plants indoors.  This is one of the reasons I’m not going to let the squirrels discourage Me too much this year.  I Will come up with a solution for next season and Will just grow My plants in containers this year and bring them indoors when it gets too cold (as it’s getting late to be starting things now).

Crassula Ovata, also commonly known as ‘Jade’ plant here in Canada, is also considered the ‘Lucky’ plant, money plant, or money tree.  I find that interesting because there are no coincidences in My Universe and a pair of leaves I cut from a jade plant at My last address was the first plant to be placed in soil in My new apartment.  It did nothing for roughly three months and ‘Magically’ Showed its first Sign of new Life on My name day, June 5th.

She is now ready to stand on her own.


I have been trying to come up with a name for her, and I have decided it Will be Lady Luck.  Removing the two starting leaves Will encourage the new growth and they Will form a ‘scab’ and dry up where they were cut and eventually fall off, Creating an entirely new plant.  The leaves that were cut Will not go to waste, either.  I’m Creating a Special propagator for them.


The knife isn’t ideal, little big for what I need but it has a tapered tip which actually works pretty well and it is certainly sharp enough.  It should be sharp enough that it doesn’t crush the leaf at all.  The paper is just to keep earth from falling through the slits in the side of the container which Will allow water to drain very well.  Then I fill the container with organic potting soil.


Then I pack the soil down very firmly before adding any moisture.


Now surgery begins.

You can see that I am cutting near the bottom and removing all leaves except the top two or four (depending on size).  Removing the excess leaves makes for a longer stem so it Will be easy to stand in the soil.  As soon as the stem is surrounded by earth, it Will automatically begin producing roots.  The plants get re-potted.


Now, I’ve done all of this before and this is what works for Me, I don’t think I’ve ever killed a jade plant, they are the easiest to propagate like this.  Propagating leaves can be a little trickier, sometimes they just do nothing, shrivel up and dry out.  But any pair of leaves with just a hint of stem has always taken root, Lady Luck is an example that took three months of patience.  If they are not dying, they are growing roots.  I always water generously as soon as I do this, most People would say not to because they are succulents.  In fact, it is recommended to leave them (leaves and stem sections cut) out on a dry windowsill for a couple of days.  The cut scabs over and eventually roots Will sprout from the stem or end of the leaf, it survives by conserving the water in the leaf itself and using sunlight to grow new roots looking for soil and moisture.  I water the soil generously but make sure it is well drained and well ventilated, then I let it dry out completely for at least a full day, maybe two, then repeat.  Usually, new growth Will appear within a week if done during the growing season (now).  I guarantee every one of the eight potted plants Will survive, not sure how the leaves Will work out but I am cautiously optimistic.  Watering generously after transplanting allows the soil to set.  One of the most important things for the leaves Will be not to disturb them, so future watering Will be done with a spray bottle from above until the surrounding soil is generously moistened.

Alright, now for some health news.  One of My other activities I’ve incorporated into My daily routine is war King out.  I do push ups one day, chin ups the next, then repeat.  I mentioned I require a special diet because of My high metabolism and this is no exaggeration.  I require a high amount of fat in My diet to lubricate joints or heavy muscle load is difficult.  Sometimes I can be prone to tendinitis and other similar injuries.  Unlike most People, I believe My body Will evolve and adapt and it has (for Me) proven to be True with tendinitis related to My shoulders.  I also believe I have a high pain tolerance (although it is Truly impossible for Me to know because I don’t know what other People feel) and Will work through pain.  I believe in the ‘no pain, no gain’ theory and Trust that My body can feel the difference between ‘Good’ pain and bad pain.

Yesterday, just before doing My first set of chins, I hang and allow My muscles and joints to fully stretch out to ensure I am achieving a full range of motion.  War King out actually improves flexibility, contrary to what many People think providing proper technique is used including a full range of motion.  Sometimes joints ‘crack’ and ‘pop’ as they are stretching out, this is not entirely uncommon, especially on the first rep or warm up.  My joints did feel as though they were creaking a bit as I allowed them to fully stretch out but there was no pain.  But as I began to pull up for My first repetition, My right elbow joint felt stiff like there was a tendon or something in the Way of the motion I was trying accomplish.  Then there was a sound like knuckles cracking and I felt a wonderful release of all the tension; whatever was ‘in the Way’ felt like it broke, but it didn’t hurt and I was able to complete My set almost effortlessly.

However, a few hours after My workout, I was sitting resting My forearms on My lap, cradling My elbows with My Hands and My right elbow felt like it had started a workout routine of its own!


Yeah…  No pain though.  It sounds like bursitis, except without the pain and without red, burning skin.

Olecranon bursitis is a condition in which swelling and inflammation occur in a small fluid-filled sac (the bursa) at the tip of the elbow. The bursa forms a soft cover over the elbow tip and allows the skin to glide smoothly when one bends and extends the elbow. – Wikipedia

But “allows the skin to glide smoothly when one bends and extends the elbow”.  I could actually feel tension gathering as I was stretching out, before I began to pull up, as if pressure from further down My tendons was collecting near the tip at My elbow.  When I started to pull up, it felt like that same tension was still there and blocking the tendon.  It literally felt like something was removed when it cracked and I was able to pull up almost effortlessly, no pain at all.

I Will Keep You posted on this if it turns out I’m wrong, I’m not Giving medical advice here, just sharing My own personal philosophies.  I don’t doubt it’s bursitis, but I’m not sure it’s really a bad thing.  I had cartilage in My chest crack when I was young, too once the weights got serious, it was just My body’s Way of adapting to the heavier load.  I don’t believe this is any different.  I think I may be reaching close to a lifetime record of chins per workout (36).

I figured this was worth mentioning because it’s one example of Me not going to a doctor.  The Idea did not even cross My Mind as a serious consideration.  Now, if it continues to grow, change colour, start causing Me serious discomfort, I may reconsider but for now, I just consider it real time evolution; My body adapting to the new physical demands I am may King it do.

Told You this one would be different.  Hope You are all well, more news on Magical Spells coming Saturday.

Love and Blessings!!!


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