Volume CXVII: The Sensei Sean All Saturday [Early Bird] Edition; My Spells are War King Magic

Hello every One and welcome to the Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here!  It is still late afternoon on a Fabulous Friday for Me and My intuition tells Me My Magical Spell to Honourable Justice Susan J. Woodley was received sometime Thursday afternoon.  I know for sure it Will have reached its mark at the time I am Writing this Post, though I have received no official confirm A Sean.  Yet I did receive Word today that the Effect of My Spell is already a war King success and has already taken Hold in My Macrocosm.

It was Thursday afternoon, sometime between noon and one o’clock, My statistics revealed anomalies in the number of downloads of My official legal documents which is always a Sign.  I anticipated I would receive Word of confirmation sometime Friday, though it did not come in the Way I was anticipating it might.  I received a Facebook message from My brother instead.

“I wanted you to know I rescinded my consent. I want you to know this is on my own will and has nothing to do with what is going on between you and Tanja. I do not wish to talk about it any further. I believe Tanja has withdrawn her application.”

Readers of My Blog Will know I do not believe in coincidences.  Should I believe it’s a coincidence because My Brother insists it is unrelated?  No.  It is not a coincidence, even if it is a coincidence!  The ‘Magic’ of any Letter is the Intent that goes into Writing it.  The Intent has all the Power in the world.  If the Intent is Pure, then it already exists in the Universe, it does not have to be made Manifest, it Will simply surface (Sir-Face).  The emotion of the Letter is Active in the Universe already and had a Cosmic effect on My brother’s psyche – Writing a Letter amplifies that frequency.  That’s if this is purely coincidental.  I don’t believe it is because I know the Power of My Word.  (Is it wrong for Me to be a little bit ‘proud’ that My Brother is using the Word Wish rather than want?  I feel that is at least partly My influence.)

So once again My Brother proves to be the noble knight in the family, doing what is Honourable to Keep peace which is really why the two of Us were at odds with each other in the first place.  It is very unlike My Brother to ever be as King of Me (or any One) to do something that I am strongly opposed to, this of course was a serious Matter and neither of Us Wished to abandon Our position.  It was the one time I felt My Brother was not looking at the situation from a non partisan perspective.

I have received no formal Word that My sister’s application has been rescinded so I feel it is a little premature to celebrate, yet I also do know there are no coincidences and believe this is just as Good a Sign as any.  Who am I to Quest Ion God’s methods?  Let Us consider the Intent of the Spell before I share with You what My intuition tells Me is really happening.

I mentioned I did not Wish to have to file any paperwork into the court.  My Wish was for My brother to respect the fact that I could not Trust My sister to administrate, and felt I had reasonable grounds not to endorse her application.  My brother and sister did not respect My Wishes and said they did not need My consent, they could proceed without Me.  Well, needless to say, that infuriated Me and was the ’cause’ of My Notice of Objection.  If My brother and sister Will not respect My Wishes, I have a right to be as King of a Justice to Notice My Objection; so I Writ a Notice of Objection.

I was hoping that Writing one would be enough for My brother and sister to know I was serious, I did not anticipate I would ever be required to file it.  My belief was that if I did file My Notice of Objection, Tanja would not administrate, My Notice would Trump any effort she made.  I was perfectly okay with being wrong about that, but that was the Promise I made to My brother and sister.  When My sister committed perjury on the record it complicated things for Me because I couldn’t realistically file My claim without exposing My sister’s perjury.  As angry as I was about what she was trying to do, I did not Wish to see her with a criminal record for an indictable offence.

So the Intent of My Letter to the Justice was no different than the Intent of My Notice of Objection – to have My objection heard.  The problem is, the Magic of My Notice of Objection was stunted by coronavirus, not being able to file at the courthouse and eventually having a filed claim returned to Me which was [to Me] a Sign from the Universe that My Objection would in fact expose My sister’s crime and I would have to find another Way.

So the Intent of My Letter to the Justice was to have My Notice of Objection heard, and I believed the effect of that Spell would be that My sister would be compelled to withdraw her application.  I believe that is exactly what happened.

I’m not sure if I Will ever know the True Story, though I Will Keep You Posted as I receive official confirmation the application has been withdrawn.  I believe the Justice received My Letter sometime yesterday afternoon and contacted My sister’s law firm, instructing her to withdraw her application or be charged with perjury.  My sister told My brother she was withdrawing her application and My brother revoked his consent, too.  I don’t know, maybe My brother rescinded his consent on his own volition as he says he did but I know how difficult My sister would make that for him considering how much she has invested in legal fees.  All of a sudden, after the justice has endorsed the application, he is going to withdraw the day after My Letter reaches a justice?

Once family members break Your Trust, it can be very difficult to ever Trust again.  But for the record, I believe this has everything to do with My Letter to the Justice.  My sister Will have paid all that money for nothing, it Will now have cost her a great deal to have insulted My Character as she did.  The Universe has a Way of invoking Justice.

If this was the Hand of Honourable Justice Susan J. Woodley, thank You for affirming My Faith in Justice.

“Victory is Mine!!!” (Stewie, Family Guy).

Love and Blessings!!!

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