Volume CXVIII: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition; Follow the White Rabbit

Hello every One, and welcome to the Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me.  Today I Will be tall King a little more about the Common Law and some Spells currently war King their Magic in the Universe, as well as a little closure regarding My family’s feud over My Father’s Estate.  I hope You are all having a Sensational, sunny Saturday.


I’ve been trying to get out for at least a short walk every day just to get some sunshine and fresh air.  This afternoon I passed this house with a Good sized pen in the front yard housing this adorable white rabbit.  We all know what happens to Alice when she follows the white rabbit, so I decided to stop and say, “Hi!”.

The rabbit was at the far side of the fence when I approached, and as soon as the greeting left My lips this beautiful little creature came bounding over to Me.  It even stood up on its hind legs for a moment like it was hoping to be picked up.  Of course, I couldn’t do that, that would be over-stepping the bounds of etiquette but I did squat down and put My hand through the fence to see if it was really as eager for attention as it seemed.  Sure enough, this amazing creature started rubbing its face against My finger.  I Wish I had a carrot or some lettuce with Me but I Will remember for next time.

Anyway, it’s impossible to tell which pins Will perform well on Pinterest, the algorithm seems entirely random but I figure the photo might inspire People to follow the white rabbit.  When the pin links to this Blog, I’m hoping they Will understand the metaphor.  I’ll let You know how the pin performs.

In other Good News, I broke down and decided to message My brother again.  Its been really frustrating because I need to know what’s going on but My brother doesn’t Wish to discuss the estate at all and My sister only communicates with Me when she wants something.  My brother couldn’t Give Me any more news, so I was compelled to email My sister, as King to her if she did in fact withdraw her application for certificate of appointment to My father’s estate.  Much to My surprise, she did respond to confirm her application has been withdrawn.  That takes care of My sister and her attempt to administrate, My brother has no interest, although he did say that the stripper Tiffany is still in the picture and believes the hand Writ Will she holds is valid.  I guess We’ll see about that.

I was also as King of My sister to provide Me with any information she has with respect to My father’s creditors so that I can pay them.  To My absolute astonishment, she replied again with the details I was as King to her for.  And she seems more or less back to her ‘usual’ Self; no ‘love Tanja’, in fact, no Sign off at all, just the information I was as King for.  However, it IS a great reflection of My sister and her narcissistic behaviour.  In every email she sent Me while hoping to administrate the estate, she Signed off, ‘love Tanja’.  Never in Life has My sister ever Signed anything to Me ‘love Tanja’.  Even a Christmas card she sent with My mother when she came to visit Me in Ottawa two years ago was Signed, ‘from Tanja’.  That’s typical and what I expect.  The only reason she sent the card at all was to Give the appearance of caring for the sake of My mother.  Apparently narcissistic behaviour is on the rise and fairly common, it really wasn’t until this whole estate Matter with My sister started that I realized My sister happens to be one (and realistically, I think I’m My sister’s only victim).  At any rate, My sister’s attempt to defame My character on a court of record has failed, along with her application and I’m reasonably sure she Will have a nice legal bill to pay for her efforts.  When I said that she would not administrate under any circumstance, I knew what the eventual outcome would be because God really does watch over Me; there was no Way in this lifetime that was going to happen!  I may as well tell You all now, the same Will be true for Tiffany.  The state, on the other hand, I am not so sure about.

Which brings Me to the Common Law.  My Letter was not officially filed into the court because it was returned to Me anonymously, costing Me another eight days after My sister’s application had already received an endorsement from the Justice, so time was of the essence.  That means it is ‘off the record’ which is the Common Law.  I have mentioned that the commercial courts are really only for People who do not Act in Honour in the Common Law.  So I am still waiting for a reply from Justice Susan J. Woodley or it Will soon be ‘dis-Honourable’ Justice Susan J. Woodley, and I’m really hoping I Will not have to assign that title to any other Canadian Justices.  In addition to protesting My sister’s application, I was challenging the jurisdiction of the court over the House of von Dehn’s Estate Matters and as King of the Justice for a court of competent Jurisdiction to formally and finally resolve the Issue of mis-taken ‘ID’-entity.  The Justice does have a duty and responsibility to respond to Me.  If she does not, she Will be added to My list of incompetent agents and representatives of Canada’s Trust relationship (relay-Sean-Ship) with its People.

I also have no Word yet from either the Ottawa Police Service or the city of Ottawa regarding two new complaints that were filed this week.  That’s not really bad news because My Blog stats indicate a lot of research being done with respect to the paperwork I have already filed.  I anticipate they are war King on an appropriate response.

I am also going to include a link today to the ‘city of Ottawa resolution‘.  The Words are a little misleading because it implies that My Issues with the city of Ottawa were resolved when that is not at all the case.  I has said I would be tall King about this more to explain so I am going to take that opportunity now because it is another example of the Common Law.

The reason for filing My complaint with the city of Ottawa in the first place was because My complaint had not been investigated whatsoever.  So I was specifically filing an application to the Divisional Court for Judicial review for failure to investigate My complaint and determine whether or not My allegations of negligence were legitimate.  I was also complaining that failing to provide Me with suitable accommodation while My complaint was being investigated was also negligent and causing further harm.  So I made a number of demands to the city of Ottawa when they claimed to have not ignored My complaint and were still in the process of investigating.  I demanded they provide Me with the subsidy I require for dignified accommodation and complete their investigation by April 1st.  Those were the demands I had made to the city to avoid proceeding with My application.  Those demands were met.

What was not done, was provide compensation for the harm that was done to Me by the allegations of harm that were sustained by the city’s investigation.  If You click on the link to the city of Ottawa resolution, You Will notice that there are two admissions of guilt in Genevieve’s final account of Our last meeting’s minutes; the first is that I state I feel I am entitled to compensation for the loss of My rights, as are all other clients of the Salvation Army who were compelled to participate in a Christian chapel service regardless their faith or spiritual beliefs in order to gain access to city funded programs, contrary to the Ontario Human Rights code.  The city seems to be of the impression that none are entitled to compensation for the loss of their spiritual rights and that changing the policy to allow for a ‘reflection time’ in lieu of chapel service was adequate ‘remedy’ for the trespasses upon My rights and those of other clients.  Well, that is simply and plainly not True.  ALL who are subject to trespasses upon their rights are entitled to compensation as loss of a right is a form of harm.  Genevieve Lanlaise admits this is True in the Our final meeting, despite telling Me she has no compensation to offer Me.  I presumed this was because Genevieve Wished for Me to hold the Salvation Army liable and accountable as they were ultimately responsible for the trespass directly.  The problem is, the city of Ottawa is liable for any harm done to Ottawa’s People by any organization contracted to provide public services.  So the link I have shared with You is evidence of the crimes against Me perpetrated by the Salvation Army that I have still not received any compensation for.

Furthermore, Genevieve openly admits that the Salvation Army has an ongoing problem with bedbugs and other vermin injurious to humans.  This is not only harmful to the clients of the shelter, but is also a direct violation of Ottawa’s property standards act which clearly states that no property may be contaminated with vermin under any circumstance.  There are a number of other breaches of property standards, too related to this which includes screens on all windows and vents of the building.  None of the windows have screens, none of the exhausts have screens.  So it seems the Salvation Army is the only business in the city of Ottawa that does not have to comply with Ottawa’s property standards.

Okay, I was just kind of going over that again to point out how much information is here for any lawyer who might Wish to file a class action law suit against the city of Ottawa and the Salvation Army because these offences to both the property standards and the shelter standards are on the court of record.  Those final determinations were part of My application to the Divisional Court for Judicial review, so they are considered legally binding ‘admissions’ of guilt.  This is also why it’s dis-Honourable Justice Bobby Boudoin.

One last thing I Wish to touch on which is kind of random but True.  The Elephant is My Logo because it represents Peace, Love, Truth, and Strength which I feel beautifully summarized My Character. It also represents incredible memory, an elephant never forgets.  If I meet someone new and learn their name, I can forget only moments later – its a flaw I’ve been war King on for some time.  However, if I take the time to learn an individual’s first and last name, I never forget!  I only need to Write it once.  I remember the name of every single justice I have ever stood before in a courtroom, every individual I have Writ a letter to.  It is an uncanny Gift and One I am increasingly more and more thank Full for as We continue to add more Characters to My Story.

So, I am waiting for Your reply Justice Susan J. Woodley, and I am hoping I Will have an opportunity to reflect Your Character favourably.

Thanks for making it to the end of this one, it’s about twice as long as My regular Posts and they say the average individual can’t handle more than 1500 Words at a time.  If You made it through this one, You have incredible Focus and determination!


Oh, for comic relief for making it this far, I could not resist photographing this little culprit who continually destroys My every effort to plant a garden.  Believe it or not, he is munching happily on a piece of crushed plastic!!!  Who says plastic takes thousands of years to biodegrade?  Squirrels eat the stuff!!!

Love and Blessings,



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