Volume CXVIII: The Super Natural Sunday Edition; Super, Natural, Short Stories

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Sunday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me.  Today I Will be sharing a few more Super Natural stories and it may become a regular feature for Sunday at least until I run out of Super Natural Short Stories to tell.   I hope You are all having a Wonder Full weekend.

Life in the Fast Lane

This Super Natural Story takes place some twenty-six years ago when I was just twenty one years of age.  It’s a Story even My Mother doesn’t know because it would be the kind of Story that would worry her.

I was living in British Columbia at the time and war King at My first job in the province as a regional manager and corporate baker for the Great Canadian Bagel.  Believe Me, the position sounds much more glamorous than it was.  My salary was roughly 25k per year and not at all worth it for the level of responsibility involved. 

It was midnight when I received a call from My supervisor Mike Barron, telling Me that the Whistler location was having difficulty with their product and insisted I get there as soon as possible, hotel accommodation had already been arranged.  Being on call like this was one of the unfortunate responsibilities of My position with the company, so I was obliged to go.  The bake starts at 5:00 a.m. and I was to be there to oversee the bake for the following morning.  Whistler was roughly a ninety minute drive from were I was staying in Vancouver and to make the situation that much more unappealing, the weather was terrible.  None the less, I had no choice, grabbed whatever belongings I needed for the trip and started on My Way.

The Sea to Sky highway is the only route to Whistler from Vancouver and it had a reputation for being one of the most dangerous highways.  To the right the mountains tower over the highway, to the left is a Good sixty to one hundred foot drop into the Pacific Ocean below, a single lane in either direction.  Due to the torrential downpour, it was very difficult to see the dividing line on the highway as the headlights reflected the water pooling on the road.

Roughly half Way between Vancouver and Whistler is a place called Furry Creek which has a PGA rated golf course.  At this particular section, the single lane highway in each direction is even narrower than usual and is divided by a canyon in the road, joining again on the far side.  I had just started down the northbound lane travelling ninety kilometres an hour when I noticed a pair of headlights coming toward Me.

Initially, the headlights were far enough away that I had no reason to presume anything was amiss, I figured they would soon veer off when reaching the opposite side of the canyon.  However, with both vehicles travelling at 90 km/hr in opposite directions, I became increasingly nervous as it appeared this vehicle was headed straight for Me, so I began to slow down.  It wasn’t long after that I realized the vehicle was in fact headed straight for Me and it wasn’t another automobile, it was a full, eighteen wheel transport truck, now blasting its horn for Me to get out of the Way; problem is, there was nowhere to go!

I pulled over as close to the right as I possibly could but there really isn’t room for two vehicles, much less a car and a transport truck.  All I could do was watch in terror as the transport truck approached.  Every thought You can Imagine was running through My Mind.  It was perfectly obvious there was not enough room for the truck to pass on My left, and I was so close to the shoulder on the right that I would not have been able to open the passenger door to get out.  I looked to My left again and considered getting out of the car and jumping over the steel barricade, hanging on from the cliff side and watching as this transport demolished My car.  I thought too long.  By the time I looked forward again, the horn of the truck almost deafening, I realized there was no time for anything.  I watched in horror as the transport continued rocketing toward Me, not slowing down even the slightest.

My fate was assured, it was over.  That’s all I remember thing King, the headlights did not even appear to be trying to avoid Me, I was dead center in front.  I continued to watch in terror until the truck was perhaps four to six feet away, then I closed My eyes and the last thought that passed through My Mind was, “No, I can’t die today, I haven’t done what I came here to do!”

It felt like I was in the middle of a hurricane or tornado, the car shook like crazy and it actually felt like the sound of the horn was inside My head.  Then the shaking stopped, I opened My eyes and the red tail-lights were perfectly centered in My rear-view mirror.  The truck drove right through Me and My car, honking the whole time.

I Will never forget that day.  I got out of My car and walked the distance between My door and the barricade I had considered jumping over and looked at the water crashing on the rocks some hundred feet below.  I sat on the barricade and had a smoke.  It was not more than three feet from the door of My car, there was absolutely no Way a truck had room to pass.  And for the record, I didn’t even believe in God back then.  True story.

God does have Supernatural Powers, Trust Me on that.  I have experienced many miracles now, more of them I Will share with You in future Sunday posts, but this was absolutely the most terrifying and puzzling because I really didn’t believe in God at the time…  Or at least, so I thought.  The Quest-Ion is, if I didn’t believe in God, who exactly was I tall King to when I said “No, I can’t die, I haven’t done what I came here to do!”?

How many times have YOU spoken to God without realizing that is what You were doing?

If any of My audience has any phenomenal stories like this to share, please do, I would Love to hear them!

And  this song has been stuck in My head since I stole the title for this Post, so here’s a tribute to the Eagles. 😉

Love and Blessings,



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