Volume CXIX: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; The Power of One

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition, thank King You for being here.  I Love You, Truly.  Consider only the Magic of this; that most of You only know Me as an Idea in Your Mind, I don’t even really exist in Your physical reality, yet I am in some Way a Part of Your Microcosm, We are connected in what People like to Call the Holographic Universe.  What I Call Man’s Macrocosm.


Without You there is no Magic.  Without each other, there is no Purpose for being here.  We are One, and all things in the Universe are intimately connected.  Today’s feature photo is My only surviving vegetable garden, My neighbourhood squirrels have destroyed everything else.  Well, mostly.  I think the skunk and raccoon family Play a Role, too, but squirrels are responsible for at least a Good ninety percent.  It’s a pepper plant, though I can’t say what kind.  I save some pepper seeds from all the peppers I eat.  The Power of One refers to the fact We are One, experiencing Our Self as being separate.  It is in the Macrocosm, the Holographic Universe where We are all Singing the same Song.  Some of Us just haven’t Tuned in yet, and still need to get in Key to be in Harmony.  But it’s coming.  Thy Kingdom Comes, Thy Will is Done on Earth as in Heaven.  Consciously or subconsciously, We are as King, and those who are as King Will receive.


Above is My patio table.  I took this photo to demonstrate what I mean by moderation.  The blunt is a single gram pre-rolled from the provincially approved cannabis distributor which just happens to be at the end of My block.  When I mentioned that the apartment I finally acquired is absolutely perfect for Me and literally every thing I was Imagining it would be and more, it is an understatement.  The bricks I was Gifted with, a bright, sunny, elevated kitchen, eleven stairs, two short flights with a landing at My front door (which is actually the back of the house inside a gated, private patio), everything is a block away!  Grocery, liquor store, restaurants, bars, pubs, hair salon (a few), even the courthouse is no more than a fifteen minute walk.  I could not have Wished for more.  Now I just need the time to invoke its potential.  You Will notice the blunt has barely been lit.  I took two puffs before putting it out.  Within five minutes I was inspired to Write, its the first cannabis I’ve smoked in about a ten days.  I have absolutely no problem going without it, but after even just the tiny bit I smoked above, I was thing King about My Magical Monday morning, the conversations I had with store clerks and People I met on the streets.  I met only One grouchy individual and the Happiness, courtesy, enthusiasm of every other person I met was so genuinely cheerful, it more than made up for one grouch.  The disposition of the People was as bright as the sunshine, everything felt like it was in perfect Harmony.

I was thing King in particular about a store clerk I met.  It was a clothing store I had Wished to visit several time before but with Covid they were compelled to close down.  In My Microcosm I tell small business store clerks that the government is liable to them for all of their financial losses as a result of the shutdown, and I tell them how they can make their claim when the courts reopen.  The title, ‘The Power of One’ was inspired by the Idea that I can do One better than that.

I have considered many Ideas, including Writing the Mayor of the city of Ottawa another Letter, this time explaining to him what he has the right to do on behalf of the People of Ottawa to promote the protection of inherent (God Given), natural rights.  I considered proposing a Present a Sean to the entire city council, explaining what it really means to be a Sovereign, independent nation and how such a Nation has the ability to mint its own (debt and interest free) Coin for its Realm.  I have spent some time thing King about how this could be implemented at a municipal level first, My recent ‘negotiations’ with Ottawa Hydro being responsible for some of the Inspiration behind those Ideas.  Speaking with a small business owner of a clothing shop Inspired Me to consider how I can do one better than simply telling him what he is entitle to be as King of the government for.  If We consider some of the things I have been Showing You here with respect to the bills of exchange Act:

146.  Where a bill of exchange has been protested for dishonour by non-acceptance, or protested for better security, and is not overdue, any person, not being a party already liable thereon, may, with the consent of the holder, intervene and accept the bill under protest for the honour of any party liable thereon or for the honour of the person for whose account the bill is drawn.

This is Part of the Foundation for how a Sovereign Nation can Establish relations of mutual economic benefit.  The real Power, is in the inherent right of the Sovereign and the Sovereign’s ability to Honour these obligations in accordance with International Law and in compliance with the Law of Nations.  Part One, Article 1, 2 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms Shows Us that:

All peoples may, for their own ends, freely dispose of their natural wealth and resources without prejudice to any obligations arising out of international economic co-operation, based upon the principle of mutual benefit, and international law. In no case may a people be deprived of its own means of subsistence.

I have every right in the world to help any local business I please, it is My Duty and obligation under God.  So I can take on the debt of any local business if it helps to Keep the citizen Ship’s business afloat.  😉

Really, some of these things Will seem painfully obvious when People begin to real Eyes how it all works.  It seems perfectly reasonable that if We are all equal in dignity and rights, We are all free to negotiate Our own contracts.  That is what I am going to begin doing.  The government can continue to ignore My letters all they Wish but I don’t believe they Will be able to legally interfere with My ability to Create My own contracts.  Banks certainly understand how all of this works, and they have no problem accepting bills of exchange thanks to fractional reserve banking; it allows them to loan ten times the amount of the bill of exchange accepted.

Anyway, I Wish to thank You all for being here, this Will be the second Post this Magical Monday and the final point I Wish to make with respect to the smoking of cannabis, is that this Post would not exist if I hadn’t taken a puff, and that’s a fact.  I Wish to help put an end to any dogmas People may have about those who do smoke cannabis because I personally feel it is of great benefit.  The most incredible Ideas and Artistic Creations I produce are absolutely Inspired by Ideas I have after smoking.

1237 Words at the end of the last paragraph, the Universe’s Magical Way of telling Me it’s the perfect time to Sign off.

Love and Blessings,


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