Volume CXIX: The Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; National Banking on Magic Spells

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks Wednesday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here.  And that is the Canadian National Bank I am tall King about that My Magical Spells Will be war King on at the time of this Writ.  I had the email to My father’s creditors, the Canadian National Bank, sent at 5:37 this morning, so My Spells Will be war King their Magic now and I Will be Posting the correspondence later this evening.

My legal and lawful Foundation for My arguments Will very much be the Fifth Commandment,

“Honour thy Father and Mother.”

According to the Commandments which are Universally accepted in any Common Law Court, God has Commanded Man to Honour thy Father and Mother.  Every Common Law Court is Founded upon principles that recognized the belief in the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law.  I don’t believe the Spiritual Man requires any further legal or lawful argument.

The Good News, is that there are a multitude of other, arguably more Powerful legal arguments to support the belief in My right to Honour My father.  The Great News, is that the resolution of this Matter Will be the resolution of all outstanding Matters with the government of Canada.


The ‘downside’ to the new workspace.  Gigi likes to be as close to Me as she can and Gives new meaning to ‘copy cat’ because she Wishes to do everything she sees Me do.  She’s has learnt that she doesn’t get to cook, or help Me prep vegetables but she needed some time on that one.  She also knows she’s not allowed to touch the paint in My pallet but she can sit and watch, which she Will do intensively; she appears mesmerized by the process.  I got up to make a fresh coffee and Gigi stole My chair.  This was her expression after as King of her if she was stealing it for Good or just keeping it warm.  I didn’t have the heart to move her, would You?  The Universe’s Way of reminding Me the laptop works just as well on My patio. 😉

The last few days have also felt very Magical, despite being somewhat hectic.  I try to do as much of My grocery shopping and other essentials for the entire month as possible right away so that I only need to restock perishables.  Nothing to do with Covid, really that’s just what I do.  I met up with a Friend I hadn’t seen in a while and decided to go for a long walk around the Rideau Canal and surrounding parks, get some sunshine and catch up.  He was telling Me that in his Mind and to any of his Friends if I am ever mentioned, I am ‘King’ Sean, House of von Dehn.  I laughed, and I always do when Friends tell Me something like this and reminded him it is the last Way I would Wish for Friends to be thing King of Me.  Well, the Magic of it is that he knows that, too, which he explained to Me in his defense of Calling Me ‘King Sean’ when he speaks of Me to others, to re-Mind others We are all Kings because We are all equal in dignity and rights.  When a Friend knows Me well enough to defend My Honour so eloquently,  it becomes a whole new Honour to be considered a King in the Mind of a Friend.  He concluded with one of My own favourite Magical Mantras, ‘be the change You dream to see in the world’.  The difference between knowing We are Kings, and being One.

These Magical Ideas have been inspired in other avenues, also.  I have now been a participant on three episodes of The Balanced Brain Podcast.  A very thought provoking podcast I strongly suggest checking out, though I do not talk much about the Ideas I am discussing here.  My reason for mentioning it today, is because on the last episode where I was a participant (I Will include a link when I have one), one of the individuals mentioned the majority of People in the world place more Value in social influence as a social market and professional aspiration than all others.  That’s how much People Value the impression others have of them on social media platforms, to put it in perspective.  Yet obviously I recognize the Value of its Magic.  In many Ways, it is one more reflection of how Our collective thoughts shape Our reality.  It seems consciousness is almost craving a virtual existence because We’re convinced that’s not what this already is.

More Magical Ideas were inspired by a conversation thread in a Facebook group I’m a member of that was discussing the current economic collapse as a result of the international shut down.  It was as King what kind of reasonable solutions there might be to restore the global economy, and I suggested that the People could regain control of their Sovereign currency and resume minting their own coin, as is the right of all Sovereign nations to do.  Many of the members of this group are reasonably well versed in economics and [primarily U.S.] politics.  Silence from most and criticism from a small few and one individual in particular who suggested that the banks were the only thing stopping government from printing as much money as it Wishes for nefarious, self serving ex-Pence to the People.  I began defending against these arguments and explaining in greater and greater detail how the economy had been captured and how a Sovereign economy works.  It was suggested I should be teaching this information to Our world leaders because the presumption is none of them know anything I was sharing.  Yet not one failed to see the potential of it.  The world could be transformed by this Magic virtually overnight (6 days). ❤

To tie the Magic of these Spells together for this Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition, is to re-Mind My audience that this is what the Magic of this Blog is about.  It seems reasonable that the best Way to demonstrate how a Sovereign economy can work for a Nation, is to demonstrate how it works for the Original Sovereign Nation in the Kingdom Given by God (Mind, Body, Soul of the individual); the concept is no different collectively.

Before I Sign off, I Wish to Show You My new houseplant and also emphasize why I believe it is important to learn the Latin names of One’s plants, as they can often be incorrectly labeled by distributors and this recent purchase is a Good example (except I know what it actually is so I knew what I was buying).


So, there is some Truth in one of the names on the tag, ‘Mini arboricola’.  The other name in larger Letters, “Schefflera”, is a different plant altogether.  I believe the proper Latin name is ‘Schefflera Amate”.  I thought the last name had something to do with ‘umbrella’ but I was wrong.  Anyway, they are totally different, though they look almost identical and require virtually the same care.  My point is, they are not part of the same species.  The miniature is called a ‘Heptapleurum Arbicola’.  Even the internet confirms these two species of plant are so similar in appearance and care that their proper names have now been used and accepted interchangeably.  Anyway, proper name for the plant above, would be ‘Heptapleurum Arbicola Variegata’, variegata indicating the variation in leaf colour.  The main difference, is that Schefflera Amate can grow as large as any other outdoor tree and has huge parasol leaves just like the Heptapleurum.  This plant can still get quite large but is more adapted to grow more like a bush and well under ten feet.

Okay, that’s all for the Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks Wednesday Edition, I Will be Posting the email to the Canadian National Bank sometime later this evening, though.

Love and Blessings,






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