Volume CXIX: The Super Natural Sunday Edition; Crossing Deeds off My List

Hello every One and welcome to the Super Natural Sunday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me.  Today I was Truly getting Deeds crossed off My list and I have plenty of updates to report over the last week before We begin tall King about the Magic of Monday.  Letters were Writ to Ottawa Hydro, the Canadian National Bank, the lieutenant governor of Ontario, the Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, and Canada’s governor general, her excellency, the Right Honourable Julie Payette.  Considering these two individuals represent the Sovereign in Ontario and Canada respectively, I am presuming they Will know a thing or two about Sovereignty.


This was how I got started.  I knew I had to get the Letters Writ today so they are ready to send tomorrow, everything else has been ready to go since Friday.  I’m really tired of playing games with companies like Ottawa Hydro pretending they don’t receive My mail, so I figured if I’m going to be compelled to Write the governor general regarding My father’s estate, I may as well kill two birds with one stone as the expression goes.  I knew I would have to Write three letters and the Part I least like doing is setting up the address and everything on the face of the first Page (like a Paige from the Tarot). It takes time that stands in the Way of Writing what I Wish to say.  By getting all three Pages ready to go at once, I was able to sit back and reflect on each specific recipient before starting the Letter, then able to get right into it when I was sure of what it was I Wished to say.  It still took a Good portion of the day but each time I got a Letter Writ I would tuck it away in its envelope and fill out the address so it Will be ready to send.  Each one gave a profound sense of completion, like something was being laid to rest.  When it was all done, it Gave a sense that new Seeds of Intention being planted.  Then I real eyes’d that it is the full Moon tonight.  No coincidences, Spells are most Powerful on the Full Moon, it represents the climax of Energy.  It was not intentional, either, though the Universe would say other why’s.


That was the final of three.  There was also the Estate Matter with the Canadian National Bank.

And We can’t forget Ottawa Hydro, responsible for interfering with the delivery of My mail to their office.

Now, some of these documents were revised a final time before going into their envelope.  One Will notice the numbering of the Pages is incomplete and it is not dated as the others pictured above.  All final documents were dated and Signed as shown above, this example is slightly incomplete and not the final revision.


And another hilarious coincidence?..  I ran out of ink at the end of My ‘to Deed’ List and the only colour I had left for refill is red.  I use it so rarely I still have five cartridges of red.  It was not necessarily My intention to use red, though I did accept this as the Universe’s Way of letting Me know red should be the colour of choice for these Letters.  Like I said, Fun and Games over, red represents authority.


‘June’ is also one month old today!  I didn’t get all the Deeds on My to Deed list done but I did have Fun trying and am going to continue war King on the remainder of items tomorrow.  I did get the most pressing and important Issues tended to, one of which was a new workout schedule to start tomorrow, as well as a Vision board Wish List I was determined to Create before I contact Christine over at the city of Ottawa tomorrow regarding My complaint.  My ‘Vision’ board isn’t really Visual like some would expect.  The Idea is to draw exactly what one Visualizes for their Life one day, and the Idea is that by doing so that thing is already manifest in the individual’s microcosm because the Idea of it remains.  But I like the Idea and it came to Me as a result of one of the recent podcasts on Balanced Brain, so My Vision board is just a collection of Words because Words Create Visions for Me in My Mind that are greater than that which I could draw.  So for Me, the Idea is more important than the Visual Image of it, so My Visual Creation is a Word cloud I Will continually add to and Keep Visible in My work space.  I also have a jar for goals accomplished, and I did mention I would share some of My private goals with You when they are made manifest in My Microcosm.


I have one for chin ups, too but I won’t tell You what that is until I achieve it.

Alright, this one is short on Words but big on content so I hope You enjoy and had a fabulous weekend.  I Will back with the Magical Monday Edition tall King about My conversation with Christine from the city of Ottawa, so the week is off to a wonderful start before it had even begun.

Love and Blessings,



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