Volume CXX: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition; Tall King with the Balanced Brain Magical Pod Cast

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition, thank King You for being here.  Today’s featured photo is My little Patio Zen Garden.  I cannot even begin to tell You how much Joy it Gives Me to care for plants, even to just sit and marvel at their Wonder.  This is much of the reason for not having Posted as much recently, as I Wish to spend every waking moment out here if I reasonably could, especially Given the beautiful weather We’ve been Gifted with this last week.

It’s not like I have any shortage of stories to tell or things to Write about, either.  I did call Christine from the city of Ottawa back on Monday and received her answering machine.  I anticipated I would hear back sometime ‘Lucky’ Wednesday or by Friday at the very latest and was determined to make sure I didn’t miss the call.  It did come on ‘Lucky’ Wednesday and I do very much feel it was a positive step in the right direction.  I Will be tall King more about that in detail in My Free Lance Friday Edition because I Wish to sit with some of the information from the call before Writing about and expressing any Ideas I might have moving forward.  I Will say it was very Good News!

I may also still Write another Post for the Lucky Wednesday Edition, as the day was very Lucky and I managed to get all kinds of Magical things done, today’s featured photo is one product of those efforts.


This was another, Euphorbia knuthii.  Don’t even know what the common name for it would be, I’ve never seen one before which is why I picked it up.  It’s a succulent that grows like a cactus.  I kept the tallest, single stem and divided all the rest.  The picture below shows where new growth Will emerge if the central stalk is cut.  If they are never cut, I believe they continue to grow strictly vertical – I’ll let You know.  You Will notice all the cutting in the background in the picture above.  One plant becomes twenty-five!wp-1594246437759.jpg

Interestingly, I also bonded with the lady at the plant shop.  She has a love for succulents and plants, too.  I told her I thought she might be horrified to know what I had done with the last plant I purchased from her store.  She seemed very concerned it had died and I assured her nothing like that, though I had stripped the entire plant except one leaf and am making new ones from the cuttings.  She was SO excited!!!  I guess she does that, too with every first succulent she gets, though she told Me she doesn’t mess with Hawarthia and the advice came a little late for Me.  She started showing Me pictures of her plants on her phone, and I happened to be enough of a plant geek My Self to have pictures of My own to share.

When she saw these photos, she was genuinely shocked.  She thinks maybe I killed My plant and that none of the cuttings Will survive.  I’m not so sure.  I already gained one offset from the plant on the left, My ‘Hope’, and the Intention behind doing this aside from the obvious benefit of cloning the parent plant was to see if the cut leaves Will eventually fall away, leaving behind a ‘trunk’.  I Imagine it creating something of a flower effect if it works that Way.  I have no Idea, I’ve never owned this plant before but I presume it Will propagate the Way any succulent Will.  I’m confident I’ll get some new plants even if they don’t all survive.  I’ve spotted root growth on My Crassula Ovata tray of leaf cuttings so new growth should come soon.


On the other hand, My new Friend at the plant shop believes every one of these cuttings are likely to take, so that is encouraging.  This is called Euphorbia Knuthii, and I’ll be using the Latin names here partially to train My Self and partially so the rest of the world Will know what plants I am tall King about, the Latin name is Universal.  Hawarthia Limifolia is the Aloe look alike I cut into bits that My Friend says Will not work out so well (I have since researched and remain confident I’m okay), Crassula Ovata Gollum is also a new cutting that was Gifted Me, though My Friend says it is difficult to root, too.  It can be seen in the left-most row, the deep green, long leaf cut into quarters for maximum potential (I only had one leaf to work with).  Again, research says it grows and behaves exactly like Crassula Ovata, so I am confident this method Will work for all succulents.  I Will concede that it may well depend on the season and stage of growth the plant is in.  When the plant is in a vigorous stage of growth, cutting are more likely to root.  I should be okay doing this outside until the end of summer.

The ‘Buddha Box’ contains seeds I Wish to plant soon and Seeds of Intention I Wish to see manifest in the world.

Before I Sign off, the main reason for Calling this Post the ‘Tall King with Balance Brain’ is because I had promised to share the most recent podcast I was invited to speak on titled, ‘I Am, Human‘.  I believe it was this episode where We were tall King about how the number one profession of choice in the U.S. right now is a career in social influence.  I believe We Will be moving toward a world where each of Us Will be able to both contribute and benefit from the natural Gifts We were Given to share with the world.

Alright, on that note, I Will be back tall King about My phone conversation with Christine from the city of Ottawa and My thoughts moving for-Ward.

I hope this Thursday finds You all Fabulous!!!

Love and Blessings,




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