Volume CXX: The Simple Solutions Saturday Edition; Tall King with Kristine

Hello every One,  and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me.  I didn’t get a chance to Write yesterday and the more I was thing King about what I Wished to say, the more appropriate it seemed for the Simple Solutions Saturday Edition, as I am still thing King about how to move forward.

The initial phone call came Friday morning of last week, shortly after eleven.  I mistook it for My alarm and let it ring, didn’t realize there was a message until the wee hours of Saturday morning.  I called Kristine back on Monday and left a message on her voicemail, was anticipating I would hear back by Wednesday at the latest.  Sure enough, roughly the same time ‘Lucky’ Wednesday morning I received a call back from Kristine.

I cannot even begin to explain how Good it was to have what felt like a ‘normal’, adult conversation about the outstanding Issues with Canada’s government.  Initially, Kristine started by stating that she had read My complaint carefully and that there was a lot of information to process, though she felt the central focus of My complaint is My right of self determination.  I did not even have to help her find the Words to describe what it is I Wish to enjoy, I only needed to add, “And to freely dispose of My natural wealth without prejudice arising from any foreign obligations in the interest of mutual economic benefit and international cooperation.”

“Right.  And I understand that, too.  So those are the two primary Issues You would like to see resolved?”

It was very clear that Kristine had taken the time to really understand My Issues.  She even commented on the fact that she had never looked at Life the Way I have Presented it to her, though she can see no logical argument against it.  She also commented on how much she appreciates the time I’ve taken to provide the legal foundation for My arguments and contacted People I believe to be responsible for addressing these Matters within Canada’s government.

We discussed Orsi Vancsody of Ontario Works and I explained that I understand Orsi cannot do any more than she is doing, though as a representative of Ontario Works, Orsi is also an agent of the Trust in some Way.  All agents of the Canadian government represent the principal, and Kristine acknowledged this was why I had filed a complaint at the municipal level, despite the fact that the resolution Will likely be found at the federal level.  I even explained to Kristine that I feel Orsi truly Wishes to help but doesn’t know how, and I cannot just let the Matter go and don’t Wish to continually be Giving her a hard time for things that are beyond her immediate control.  However, that does not mean that I do not Wish for these Issues to be addressed by the appropriate offices and Ministries, and I expect support in determining which departments are responsible so that the Issue of self determination can be finally and formally resolved.

I mentioned on the first message that Kristine had started with, “This is a message for King Sean…”.  I also noted that it was the introduction to a very diplomatic and eloquently versed message, virtually perfect.  Kristine has been well trained in communication and problem solving, or has a very natural Gift for it.  When I mentioned to Kristine how impressed I was with the message she had left and that she had addressed Me as ‘King Sean’, she sounded as genuinely offended as I might be to suggest she would ever have considered anything else.  She immediately referenced her own name and told Me how she does not like to be called ‘Kris’, I was able to relate the same Truth about My brother, Michael (Mike).

We discussed all the government offices I have Writ letters to in hopes of addressing these Matters and Kristine laughed as though she could completely relate to My frustration.  In fact, that was what caused Me to mention the ‘King thing’ on the message because I explained that I really don’t ever Wish for any One to be thing King of Me that Way but after the government has demonstrated such incompetence, it is beginning to feel earned and appropriate, so now I like to use it for Fun.  Kristine seemed to appreciate My sense of humour and if not, she is an Oscar level performance Actor, I Will tell You that much.  So I said to her,

“If You were Me, and You’d already Writ all the government offices You believe are capable and responsible for addressing My Issues but do not what they should do to resolve the issue and dissolve the Trust, what would You do? “

Brief pause, “Hmmm.  That right of self determination.”

No, I’m not forgetting the Quest-Ion mark, it was not stated as a Quest-Ion.  It was as impartial and diplomatic as a Good Justice’s Word would be; volley back to Me, ball back in My Court, keeping momentum, not interrupting the Game or interfering with My next swing.

That’s part of what’s taken Me so long to Write this Post.  I’m in a fabulous state of Mind right now, but I still have a lot on My Mind because the general consensus of the call is that the city doesn’t know how to resolve My outstanding Issues, but they are not pretending in any Way to presume I am not serious about Wishing to see these Matters resolved, and are Willing to provide Me with their support in any Way they can.  Kristine Wished for Me to know that Orsi, My case worker is on My side and they Will absolutely do everything they are able to do to accommodate My right of self determination and My right to freely dispose of My own wealth, and I believe that may involve Giving specific instruction.  If I’m being too vague, Ottawa Hydro Will be the first example.

See, there is Truth in the Words of Jesus when He says, “Whenever two or more are gathered in My name, anything Will be possible for You.”

I think Kristine and I may even have referenced the Matrix when We made a metaphor to the Idea of ‘Agents’ of the Trust.  Every ‘citizen’ is in some Way an Agent of the Trust they have placed in government, and Kristine seems to understand this Idea.  The Power of it, is that it really doesn’t seem to Matter much which government office makes a phone call to endorse a position or opinion, as long as it’s government.  Knowing I can tell Ottawa Hydro to get on the phone and take it up with so and so from the city of Ottawa can go a very long Way in negotiating power.  In fact, I’m still not sure how I Will deal with that, if I have any more Issues with Ottawa Hydro, I am thing King I Will just have them forward My future bills to Ontario Works for payment.  One example of how I might handle things moving forward but I Will be sure to Keep You posted.

The Simple Solution this Saturday, is that it really does not seem as though there is any Willful attempt to trespass upon My right of self determination and I genuinely believe the city of Ottawa may be Willing to work with Me.

I hope You have all had a fabulous week, I Will be back with the Sunday Re-View of a super hot week tomorrow!

Love and Blessings!

*Post Script and Apology:  I had been Spelling the Magic of Kristine’s name with a ‘Ch’, and it was only by Way of email I learnt the proper Magic of its Spelling and believe I have made the necessary corrections.  Please advise Me of any other occurrences if One should find any.  Thank You.

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