Volume CXX: The Super Natural Sunday Re-View; Tending the Royal Garden

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Sunday Re-View of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me.  Tending the Royal Garden seemed an appropriate title for this Post as its been something of a theme for Me this week in My microcosm.  I have a total of five succulents in My mini houseplant collection and one tropical.  With the neighbourhood squirrels, raccoons and skunks digging up all the veggies I try to grow in garden, the houseplants are a comforting compromise and satisfy My Love for plants.  There have also been a lot of seeds of intention floating around in My Mind over the last week with regards to My outstanding Matters with Canada’s Ministries and how I am planning to move forward after My recent call with Christine from the city of Ottawa.  There have also been some Super Natural occurrences with My cat, Gigi over the last week which make for some interesting stories, so I am thing King this Will be a Good one.

Euphorbia Knuthi

That tall, skinny thing that looks a little like an asparagus stalk is Called Euphorbia Knuthi and I have no Idea what the common name might be.  ‘Pencil cactus’ sounded like it could be correct but Google brought up several different plants, many of which are actual cacti.  This is not a cacti.  In fact, it’s a very interesting plant in Deed as it has no spine!  What appears to be the main stem is actually a vertical leaf!  If the leaf is cut, it Will heal over and grow another vertical leaf where it was cut, Giving very much the appearance of a miniature, dessert like cacti.  I had never seen this plant before but apparently it also roots easily (the stalk Will produce new roots wherever spines can be seen protruding).  At any rate, it was a ‘celebratory’ Gift, a Tribute to My phone call with Christine and My optimism moving forward.

Crassula Ovata Gollum

Before I get into My positive thoughts moving forward, I Wish to share a little more of My plant enthusiasm with You – My hope is that My condition is contagious.  Now, tell Me that isn’t a funky looking plant?  I’m not as King if You like it, I understand it could be an acquired taste, but One must admit, it is most certainly interesting.  What I like most about it (aside from never having one before) is that it is exactly like Crassula Ovata with respect to care and maintenance, which I have had extensive experience with.  Above is only the upper most branch of the original plant.


And finally, We have Crassula Aborascens, or ‘Silver Jade’.  One can see how similar it is to the common ‘jade’, Crassula Ovata pictured just behind with the dark green leaves.  One of the other reasons I’m sharing these pictures is because there is a story behind these last two plants to match.  On the same day I picked up Euphorbia Knuthi, I had been in the grocery store previously and saw Crassula Ovata Gollum, a plant I have always Wished to have.  The downside is that it is fairly common and easy to find, I was looking for something more original and exotic.  Euphorbial Knuthi was exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.  The next day, Crassula Ovata Gollum was still on My Mind and I Wished to go back and get it.  I Wondered if maybe I was being too greedy but the price was reasonable ($6), it looked super healthy and it comes in a cute little Santa-Fe style ceramic pot, perfect for succulents or cacti.  The other thing is, it’s actually strange for something to stand out in My Mind like that, so I decided the Universe must have something to do with the nagging about it, so I decided to go back and see if I felt more ‘moved’ to actually purchase it than I did the last time I was there.

I’m really not a compulsive buyer.  I have My moments, but not by nature.  So I’m looking at these plants and they are as gorgeous as I remember but I’m still not sure and about to turn around and head home.  There is a lady there restocking the shelves and I decide to be as King of her if she has anything new.

“No, sorry, just more of the same.  But, I can tell You really Love plants, so if You buy anything already on the shelf, I’ll Give You two for one.”

Yeah, so the Universe did have a Hand in this One, it Wished for Me to have not only My Crassula Ovata Gollum, but also My Crassula Adolescens.  My plant collection is always a big part of My home and this represents getting settled.

With respect to the city of Ottawa and war King with Christine, I am cautiously optimistic and looking forward to it.  I believe if nothing else I can at least get the Ottawa Hydro scenario resolved, potentially get war King on establishing the same for internet and telephone service, and Ideally get connected with individuals who are able to provide some answers.  One of the other things Christine and I joked about on the phone was how the title ‘King’ does not seem so inappropriate when One considers the incompetence of government I have thus far experienced.

Finally, the other thing I have decided I am going to be as King of Christine of assistance with is the designation of not for profit, spiritual entity being associated with the incorporated person.  That is something that the Ministry should be able to provide assistance with as choosing a Spiritual Life is a legitimate, not for profit profession (or certainly can be).

So I Will be war King on composing My email to Christine tomorrow, not sure if I Will actually get it sent tomorrow, though.  Still spending some time making sure I get all the details covered in My first email of reply so that My expectations of what Will constitute a resolution are clearly understood.  For now, war King with Christine as something of a ‘liaison’ to the city as King on My behalf is a Good start.  I’m reasonably sure the city of Ottawa knows I Will not rest until the Matter is resolved, so I have every reason to anticipate the future is bright.

I’ll have to wait to tell You My skunk and raccoon stories tomorrow, I’m already running long.  Love You all, enjoy the week!

Love and Blessings,

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