Volume CXXI: The Super Natural Sunday Edition; Hand to God

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Sunday Re-View Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here.  I also Hope and Trust You Will for Give Me for My inconsistent Writing as of late, though I cannot say I am sorry because I do not regret My time away.  Although I have not had a lot of Action take place in My Microcosm as of late, I have been doing a lot of thing King about how to move for Ward.  I Will be sharing some of those thoughts with You today, as well as a little more of My passion for plants.

Before I get too far into this Post, I do Wish to also Give thanks for three new followers since I last checked My Blog stats.  I’ve chimed out of more than just Writing My Blog, I have all but avoided My laptop entirely with the exception of checking email perhaps twice a day, at which time I usually log into other pages just to read and clear any notifications.  I really am a hermit at Heart, I Love My solitude.  Having said that, I also Love being here, having a Voice the world can hear.  It was a dream I could only have Imagined as a child (and did), the internet had not even been invented yet.  I was thing King about all of the plans I’ve been thing King about over the last week and how Sunday would be the perfect time to share all of this with You.  Since I’ve spent so much time over the last week enjoying My plants, I figured I would take a few photos that might showcase My enthusiasm, as there were some Magical developments just today.


This is My Crassula Ovata ‘Gollum’, a variation of the traditional ‘Jade’ plant as it is commonly known.  More specifically, this is the mother plant of three stem and several leaf cuttings that were taken for propagation in the shaping of the plant.  This is not necessarily My ‘favourite’ plant, I do Love them all in some Way and My ‘favourite’ continually changes depending on what stage of growth a plant might be at.  I’ve never owned this variation of Crassula before, so I was interested to see how the new branches form.  In the regular variety, it begins with a tiny mound that divides into two symmetrical leaves that open out as they grow, a tiny stem pushes them upward and becomes the new branch or trunk segment.  Each new leaf set produces a new ‘node’ in the trunk of the plant.  There were so many leaves on this plant when I first brought it home, there was no making sense of it!  The reason this plant caught My attention today is because this morning the ‘scab’ at the top of the right trunk was no longer perfectly circular, it looks like something is pushing it off from the left side.  Hmmm.  Let’s take a closer look.


Look at that!  For once it looks like I may have taken a decent photo!!!  I am Good with plants because I pay attention to them.  I noticed this with My bare eyes.  SO glad I took a photo to get a better look.  This is a perfect example as to why I am so passionate about plants.  Not only did the plant neatly heal its wound with a nice, ‘woody’ looking scab, it got right back to building a new branch underneath.  The tiny little green bumps One can see just to the left Will be new leaves and they Will likely be [clearly] visible in the next one or two days.  So I believe We are actually looking at what could be the formation of two new branches, as it appears there is another protrusion coming right out of the center of the scab.  The other ‘Magical’ quality about these types of plants, is that there Will eventually be virtually no evidence I cut the plant at all.  All the scabs Will fall off and reveal fresh, green skin.  If the fresh, green skin has a whitish crust over it when the scab falls off, it usually means something is growing.  The next cut was not as clean, I cut a little into the main trunk when I really just Wished to cut the base of the branch.  I decided to take a closer look to see if it was war King on new growth, too.

Hand to God

No new growth visible yet, but it does look a lot like the Image of a Hand in the center of the scar.  Now You know the reason for the title of this Post, because I believe the plant was hoping I would let You know that all of the plant’s Magical Power comes from God.  This was the plant’s Way of saying, ‘Hand to God’. 😉

If You look closely, One can see that the scab is cracked down the middle, which does indicate something is growing underneath.  The ‘bonsai’ Secret, is that cutting a branch Will usually allow for two more to form in its place.  Growers Will usually cut a new seedling immediately after the first true set of leaves are formed to encourage a second branch, making the plant look more full and appealing for purchase.  There were a total of five main branches on this plant at the time of purchase.


There is also new growth forming on this side.  I believe it can be seen with the naked eye but a closer look makes for certain.


I don’t know how anyone doesn’t find plants amazing.  Anyway, it does (in a very long, roundabout Way) bring Me back to what I have been thing King about over the last week.  This is just one of those other things I Love to do, and I would Love to share My passion and enthusiasm for it with You because I believe it is so Good for the Soul.  Generally, I don’t talk to My plants but the reason I don’t is because I don’t feel I have to.  I feel they hear Me whether I Voice My Words or not, they are living consciousness.

So I was thing King about how it would be cool as a ‘not for profit’ organization to create a service that provides succulent seedlings and cuttings to children in hospitals like ‘Sick Kids’ in Toronto.  I would make a little card to go with that would talk about the Magic of plants, how a single leaf from this tree has all the resources and information necessary to create an entirely new plant.  I would have all the necessary materials included to care for an already started seedling, plus a mystery leaf that the child can grow into a full plant.  Spawned from the Idea of Giving cool Gifts to My niece and nephews, of course.

The irony to all of this, of course, is that the Idea did also stem (puns always intended) from thing King about what I Will do with the rest of My Life once My dreams are accomplished, and that Idea was spawned by thing King about how My new relationship with Kristine from the city of Ottawa is now a new Page in the Last Chapter of My Story.  The irony, is that essentially what I am advocating for, is for the right to not have to earn the right to the enjoyment of My rights.  No One should have to earn the right to a dignified Life!  The Idea itself is preposterous, yet We have developed an entire society on the established Idea that all of Man is in debt and must earn their right to the most basic needs when We are overwhelmingly abundant in virtually every resource Man could Wish to have.

And I should go because this is already too long despite how much more I do have to say.  And I did make an effort to Write on Lucky Wednesday to tell You about My last email to Kristine from the city of Ottawa, but the Universe actually interfered and shut down My computer (I’m not allowed to Write just because I feel I should, I must have something I Wish to say).

I do have plenty to say but I still haven’t put it all together yet.  In short form, here are some of the Ideas I Will be tall King about with Kristine in follow up emails beginning tomorrow.

  1. Although dissolving the Trust is a federal Issue, it does not negate My claim of Sovereignty.  Meaning?  It is no more legal or lawful for Ontario Works to presume they have any right to administrate ‘benefits’ that were created from the source of My natural wealth (Life energy) when they have witnessed documents that show revocation of My consent.  It’s kind of like continuing to use some One else’s credit card when they have told You it is enough already – difference is, there is no ‘1-800’ number for Me to call, so I filed a complaint for fraud with Social Insurance Canada.
  2. Even if it is provincial or federal levels of Ontario Works that are responsible for more serious administrative duties related to the Trust, agents at the municipal level should absolutely be able to put Me in contact with the individual who is responsible.
  3. I have requested that I be recognized as a ‘not for profit’ Spiritual entity.  There are numerous examples of organizations declared not for profit, Ontario Works is supposed to be able to provide support for those who operate a home based business, should they not also be the correct People to contact to find out how to operate as a Spiritual, not for profit entity, or at least have contacts for competent resources to fulfill such a request?  Rhetorical, I believe it is evident they should be able to address or redirect this issue to an appropriate government ‘Ministry’.
  4. Orsi has agreed to Honour any health care costs as determined necessary by Me, and I Will be explaining to Kristine that her Signature on the Mandamus is a legally binding contractual obligation.  Kristine Will fulfill My request for healthcare and Ontario Works obligation to do so as per Our consensual, legally binding agreement.
  5. Kristine and I Will discuss reasonable Ways I can begin enjoying My right to freely dispose of My wealth immediately.  I am only contracting with Ontario Works under duress for threat of harm for the enjoyment of My legally protected rights, both nationally and internationally.  (If I pay for My meal in a restaurant with My thumbprint, I do not believe the police Will protect My right to freely dispose of My natural wealth and Will likely cause Me further harm than what has already been done).
  6. I Will advise Kristine that the negligence of government in resolving these Issues and their failure to respond to My letters combined with the Way I am treated by municipal police services has caused Me to fear for My safety in the city of Ottawa if I attempt to enjoy either of the first two rights protected by the United Nations Covenant on Social and Political Freedoms.
  7. Finally, I Will be as King Kristine who she believes should be contacted to ensure Ontario Works and other organizations within Ottawa and Canada Honour their national and international obligations.

Yeah, that’s just a few Ideas.  I Will be tall King about more over the coming week but I haven’t been feeling as moved to Write lately, so please bare with Me.  I am also still dealing with bursitis in My elbow and now believe that My posture while Writing may be a factor, so that is partially to blame for My absence.

Love You all, hope You are well, Hand to God!

Love and Blessings,

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