Volume CXXII: The Free Lance Friday Edition; Thing King About Redempt-Sean

Hello every One and welcome to the Free Lance Friday Edition where I wield My Words fearlessly (okay, so I more or less always do, but I embrace fearlessness on Friday’s).  First and for most, thank King You for being here, I am thing King I Will have an interesting edition for You today, as I Will be tall King about ‘Redemption’, or redempt-Sean.  Yeah, the Universe knew what it was doing when it Gifted Me with My Calling, there are no coincidences, only the illusion of coincidence.

First, today’s featured Image is an Echeveria ‘plug’, an off-shoot from the mother plant that was just developing.  When it was first planted there were only the five outside leaves, the inside was just an indistinguishable white dot.  Not sure how fast they grow but this little one has taken root and I’m hoping Will be large enough to fill the pot by the time winter rolls around.


On one Hand, posting photos and tall King about succulents seems a little ‘off topic’ for Me but I assure You, it really isn’t.  As I mentioned in My last Posts, I’ve been slightly less motivated to Write lately because I have so many Ideas running around in My Mind.  I really would like to be thing King that there is someone in Canada’s government who is competent enough to Honour My request (demand) of self determination and knowledgeable enough to know they are obliged to do so.  At the same time, I’m not going to be holding My breath!

The reason I’m posting so many photos of succulents lately is because I know the government of Canada can’t run from Me forever.  At some point, some One Will be required to acknowledge My request (and Will Honour it).  Until then, there is only so much I can do.  I can continue Writing representatives of Canada’s government hoping I can find someone competent enough to Honour My request but that’s really all I can do until My request is Honoured or I decide to formally file a law suit against the Canadian government.  I have come up with something of a tentative ‘plan’ in that regard.  My intent is to continue war King with Kristine from Ontario Works because as a representative of the Canadian government and administrator of the Trust in question, Kristine absolutely has a duty and obligation to resolve My Issue or is aiding and abetting a contract of bondage and slavery.  As I mentioned previously, I am DONE playing games, and I Will be carefully advising the individuals I Write My next letters to that if they do not respond appropriately, they Will be named in My law suit for breach of public Trust and aiding and abetting contracts of bondage and slavery that trespass upon My right to freely dispose of My natural wealth to international obligations.

Okay, so that was a little more long winded than I anticipated but the point is, I believe I Will have made significant progress in My Quest by the time fall and winter roll around.  If I have not yet achieved the results I am war King toward, I Will work on putting a new lawsuit together to file into the Superior Court in early spring of 2021.  I’m really hoping I don’t have to sue anyone, that this Will all be resolved in a mature and responsible Way; but with all of Canada’s so called ‘leaders’ running and hiding from Me, I am not so sure; I am beginning to think these children need a Good spanking (metaphorically, of course).

However, although dissolving the Trust One is presumed to have in One’s government may be a little out of Kristine’s league, My hope is that she Will determine who within Canada’s government IS competent enough to accommodate My request.  Until then, I Will be as King of Kristine to start war King on other entrepreneurial ventures I would already be war King on if I were free to dispose of My natural wealth without fear of threat of arrest and assault by municipal police forces for doing so.  Crazy that People are ‘afraid’ to dispose of their own wealth without intimidation of arrest and assault!  It is illegal to make a lawful transaction?!

The Good News is, I feel Good about My Plan which allows Me to focus on what I Wish to accomplish after this Issue is resolved.  The more I thought about My ‘random’ Idea to provide succulents to sick kids in hospitals, the more I liked the Idea.  The succulents are excited about it, too!  So I am going to be telling Kristine about My entrepreneurial Idea and as King of her to discharge My not for profit business costs.  It is a ‘low cost’ venture anyway because I only need one of each type of succulent to get a production line of seedlings started.  The responsibility of community and social services is to connect Me with the appropriate government agencies to make My entrepreneurial, not for profit ventures come to Life, so I am going to be as King of Kristine to change the status of the incorporated person to that of a not for profit, spiritual entity.  Surely Kristine or someone at Ontario Works would be happy to see Me put together a not for profit organization that Gives hope to sick kids.  I even have a name for My little entrepreneurial venture, ‘Sickness Succs!’.  Come on, that’s pretty Good, no?!  I hope You like it, I do.  If You are thing King You have something better, though, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, I am always open to suggestions and criticism.

The only not so ‘Good’ News today is that I did not hear back from Kristine whom I last emailed Monday, telling her I would be hoping to hear from her by Friday – so that was a bit of a disappointment because We got off to such a Good start.  But if Kristine was thing King that showing some empathy for the struggles I have already endured in dealing with this Issue is sufficient ‘resolution’, Kristine Will find she is very mistaken.  When We ended the phone call, the understanding was that We would continue to Keep in touch with each other and discuss different strategies until the Matter is officially resolved.

I’m not too worried about it, though.  In fact, I’m in especially Good spirits these days.  The fact that People in the highest positions of authority within Canada have nothing to say to Me is beginning to feel a little empowering.  I really am beginning to feel like the King of My destiny.  And although I Trust everyone who reads this Blog knows that My position of King has nothing to do with authority over any other Man, it is founded in the belief We are all equal, We are all Kings and Queens – it is the very first maxim in law, that all are equal in law, before the law, and at law.  So, if Canada has a Queen as head of state and We are all equal in both rights and dignity, We must then all be Royalty.

I hope this day finds You all feeling fabulous!!!

Oh, and for the first time EVER, I AM going to be as King of any One who Wishes to contribute to My ‘Sick Succs’ not for profit foundation for donations – but not cash, succulent cuttings.  A leaf or stem with a couple of leaves on it is all I need.  I only Wish to have one of each variety, so I DO NOT need any Crassula Ovata, Gollum or Arborescens, My other three succulents are Haworthia Limofiilia, Echeveria Agavoides and Kleinia Stapeliiformis.  A cutting Will survive just fine in a dry envelope and is easiest to ship.  If any One Wishes to contribute, leave a comment and I Will provide the address for delivery.  I Will also be setting up a static page for this project over the next month or so.

Love and Blessings,

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