Volume CXXIII: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; War King with Kristine Haines-Chiarello

Hello every One, and welcome to the Terrific Two’s Day Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here.  It is a Terrific Tuesday because I did receive a reply from Kristine roughly an hour after My follow up email yesterday.  In her reply, Kristine stated that she was happy to hear I received her response last week which was a little confusing because I did not receive a reply last week to the best of My knowledge, and I have since checked My email to be sure…  However, I am still cautiously optimistic that together Kristine and I Will be able to resolve this Matter.

Haines-Chiarello is also an interesting last name, I presume it is the joining of a German and Italian House.  My research indicates Haines is actually a Welsh name, though its origin is German.  Whenever I encounter People visiting Canada from Germany, they always comment on My last name, as King of Me if I am a member of the ‘von Dehn’ aristocracy.  The answer is yes, though few People in Canada know that ‘von Dehn’ is an aristocracy, and the last individual I spoke to from Germany told Me that the German government is trying to eradicate the Honour of ‘von’ from all German families in the name of equality.  For the record, I would be opposed to such a proposal but not because I believe the prefix represents any special entitlement, it is an Honour Given to a House by the Sovereign for outstanding work in the community.  To the best of My knowledge, the title ‘von’ was Given to the House of Dehn in roughly the mid 1500’s to a forefather of mine who was a mayor of a small town in Germany.  There are over two thousand members of the House of von Dehn internationally today, and it is a custom of Our House that if any One with the last name von Dehn shows up on My doorstep, I am to accept them into My home as if they are My own family – because they are.  Despite how poor a father My dad was, he instilled in Me these moral values with respect to family, and it is those philosophies I Wish to Honour in the wake of his death.

The ‘Father’ of Man’s Common Law, the 10 Commandments

Today’s feature photo is a recreation of My original portrait of the pope stolen by the Salvation Army after using the Image to promote their ‘art therapy’ program of which I was never a participant, and has no relation to My work.  The theft of this painting and another portrait of the Queen and Jack White were just one of many complaints made in My Statement of Claim against the city of Ottawa and the Salvation Army that was considered ‘frivolous and vexatious’ by dis-Honourable ‘Bobby’ (Robert) Beaudoin, and it was the city of Ottawa that was as King to have My case dismissed as frivolous and vexatious, and the city’s legal counsel speaks for the mayor, Jim Watson, so Jim Watson also has zero respect for the rights and dignity of the People he says he Wishes to see in dignified housing by 2023.  If he really cared, he would not be endorsing a new mega shelter proposal, as the shelter Will warrant the need for homeless People to fill it, and the city is always only too happy to oblige so they can receive a tax break for Giving money to the Salvation Army, rather than the People of Ottawa who require the support.

I warned Kristine I would be ranting about the incompetence and negligence of Canada’s elected officials in their defense of constitutionally protected rights in My next Blog Post and was as King of her in My last email to please not take it personally.  The example of others does not need to be the common trend.  Kristine has an opportunity to Show that she Will stop at nothing to ensure Ottawa’s Ontario Works is acting in compliance with municipal, provincial, federal and international law.

The reason for choosing the Pope as My featured photo today was partially to showcase My own artwork and remind Kristine and Orsolya that I am an Artist and have proposed an Art exhibition that would Honour each of Canada’s elected officials who are responsible for protecting the rights of Canadians.  Unfortunately, that campaign is not going so well as I have not yet had any members of the Canadian government show Me they know how to respond to a revocation of consent to be governed.  Kristine was as King of Me on the phone if I know what needs to be done and the Truth is, I do, I just don’t know who within Canada’s government is responsible for accommodating the Order to do so.

What Canada needs to do and should have done the very moment they received My Cestui Que Vie, is offset the bond, discharge the bond for Value (to settle the outstanding debt to central banks), and return administrative rights over the wealth of My Life to the incorporated person created for My benefit to Me.  The bond was not Created to cause Me harm or trespass upon the Sovereignty of the Living Man.  The incorporated person does not represent a living Man, contrary to what People may think.  It is exclusively a business name, a title for operating in commerce, and the Living Man is the wealth of the contract.  It is presumed the individual ‘Trusts’ the government to administer the wealth of the individual’s life responsibly for their benefit, not to their detriment.  The government has not Acted responsibly, so My consent to administer My wealth has been revoked and the Canadian government now has a duty to return administrative rights over the Trust to Me, and to compensate Me for all harm that was done by Way of wrongful association with the incorporated person.

The police information still posted here on My Blog, shows two outstanding warrants for SEAN VON DEHN.  That isn’t Me.  That’s the business the government created in My name.

“Thou Shall not take the Lord’s name in vein.” – 10 Commandments

Perfectly fine if they have My consent to do so, though those contracts were Created before I was even old enough to consent, and full disclosure of the contract was not provided to Me, so it is not legally binding.  There must be no deceit or trickery in a contract for it to be legally binding.

Now, this may sound funny to some People, but I assure You it is true.  The government could not reasonably ‘register’ any Living Man because to register means to transfer property.  It is against the law to ‘own’ a Living Man.  Do We really believe that Our parents are legally binding their children to the state?  Of course not.  No living Man on this earth exists in Man’s commercial fiction, only a business name that looks exactly like the name One is Given at birth, the only difference is it is Magically ‘Spelled’ in ALL CAPS.  This mis-take, is that living men (of either sex) all over the world do not know the difference between the two entities.

For those that find the ‘Common Law’ complicated, it was actually Writ in Stone so You would not forget.  The Common Law are the Ten Commandments Given by God, and the very last Commandment was,

“Thou Shall not Covet”

Capitalism is about coveting as much as One possibly can, and it is literally the real reason We are all born into sin – because We are born into a commercial world where everyone must compete for false profits.

Love and Blessings,

Oh, and it is a Terrific TWO’s Day Edition because I Will be spending the rest of My day Writing as many new Parts of My ‘V for Vendetta’ re-View as I am able to publish.  The intent Will be to complete the series and schedule Posts for upcoming Tuesday Tell A Vision Editions.  So more to come soon!!!



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