Volume CXXIII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Government Depart Mental Eyes, Eh Sean?

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here.  I Promise to have an interesting Edition for You today, relevant to Our Redempt-Sean Series.  I am going to be tall King more about some of the other Ideas I’ve been war King on that have kept Me from Writing as often as I would otherwise Wish, and expanding on some of the Ideas I have already Presented as Gifts.


Today’s featured Image is My latest investment (in-vest-Mind; ‘suiting up’, getting into Character) in My “Sickness Succs!!!” not for profit campaign.  I am going to do this, and I’m not sure if I’ve ever been more excited about an entrepreneurial Idea I’ve had than this one.  I have had a stupid number of entrepreneurial Ideas in My Life, and the Truth is, I know I could have made any one of them a success if I had Wished to.  I have even shared some of these Ideas with People and they still Will be as King of Me why I am not doing these things and making all kinds of money.  Why am I not living up to My potential?

We all know how annoying it is when some One says that to Us, don’t We?  Because nothing in Life is more important to Me than Honouring God, and I did not come here to take money from People, I came here to Give everything I am to the world.  Truth.  So this was more important to Me than anything because this is how You Will all come to know Me, this is what I am most Passionate about.  Thoughts are Creative and “Ideas are bulletproof” (V for Vendetta).

My weakness is marketing but only because I don’t believe that even this Blog is necessarily something I should be trying to encourage every One to read by Way of promotion and marketing.  I do not believe that is ‘God’s Way’, if You Will.  I don’t have to market this Blog because I genuinely Trust that every One who is meant to find this Blog Will.  Only select individuals Will have My Ideas and philosophies forced down their throats, and that’s only because that was the Role those Characters chose to Play on the world Stage.

That’s why I’m perfectly ‘okay’ with success on social media platforms where virtually all of My content links to this Blog.  Nobody is ever forced to check out My Twitter feed or My Pinterest Page.  In the Magical Macrocosm of aggregate data in cyberspace, like Minds Will ultimately be up-linked to Me, I am an international Neural Network Node.  I’m not making metaphors here, either.  Keep in Mind, You may not be consciously aware of this fact, but every DNA strand in Your body is communicating with Me on some level right now, even for individuals who are not reading this Blog.  Where do You think the Wisdom found in meditation comes from?  It’s You.  You are the super-intelligence of the Universe if You Will be quiet enough to tune in. 😉

So what about the Title of today’s Post?  Depart Mental Eyes, eh Sean?  Hmmm.  See, I was thing King about ‘the [Canadian] government’ as a collective.  That’s all it really is.  There is no individual that represents the whole of government, there is only a ‘Prime’ (first) Minister.  Minister.

Minister, definition:  “a member of the clergy, especially in Protestant churches.”

The second definition defines Minister as the leader of government in British countries.

Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Elizabeth II is a Protestant by the Way, not a Catholic.  Another, hmmm.  The Father of Man’s Macrocosm is Catholic, and the Mother of Man’s Commercial Admiralty Maritime fiction of law is a Protestant.  Is it possible that this was intentional, too?  Does understanding God’s Law represent a marriage of all faiths, a Union between the two?

Just throwing some thoughts out there, not postulating any answers, though re-Minding You that there are no coincidences, only the Illusion of coincidence.

Independently, each individual with [Canada’s] government is completely clueless.  It is perfectly clear how Canada’s government should work because it is completely laid out for Us in black and white on the government of Canada website.  Any individual can go there and read about the duties and responsibilities of each of Canada’s elected officials, it is a virtual online encyclopedia defining Canada’s constitutional democratic Monarchy.

So when an individual can clearly point out that an elected official Trusted with important responsibilities within Canada’s government is incompetent or belligerent in their duties and responsibilities, that individual is likely to be very concerned if that information is coming from an individual of [higher] importance.  A politician, for example, would be very concerned if another politician from an opposing party could prove their incompetence.

Collectively, Canada’s governmental and judicial systems are virtually flawless.  But because all parts of the whole need to be war King effectively together in Order to ensure the flawless execution of law and government, the country of Canada is a mess.  None of the individuals in the highest levels of government appear to know how to do their job, or are Willfully breaching the People’s Trust.  The relevance to “Depart Mental Eyes, eh Sean”?

Well, when a guy like Me comes along who has not been elected by the People to protect the constitutional rights of Canada’s People and informs the highest levels of authority within Canada’s government that they are guilty of breaching the People’s [Public] Trust, the first thing they Will Wish to do is figure out who I am to determine how likely I am to be taken seriously, how ‘likely’ is it that this individual Will know how to hold those individuals accountable for their breach of Public Trust.  Let’s face it, that’s the only reason the highest authorities within Canada’s government Will not respond to Me.  If I were the Queen Writing the same individuals, You can be sure they would reply!!!  Immediately!!!

I once thought that the government must know everything about Me because collectively, they do!!!  But the Power and benefit of departmentalizing government into so many different Ministries with so many different codes, statutes and Acts, is that although together they know everything about Me, protections have been put in place that prevent any of the individuals from being able to access any information about Me from other Ministries without My express consent.  And for One individual to aggregate all the data from all Ministries to get a comprehensive Idea of who I am, how smart I might be or anything else, would be virtually impossible and extremely time consuming.

For example, I thought it was ridiculous that Ontario Works was as King of Me what the highest level of education I completed was.  What relevance does that have to My application?  In My Mind, I was thing King Canada knows very well what the highest level of education I completed was, go ask whatever department it is that stores that information if You Wish to know!  Of course, it’s True but the Ministry of Education (I’m guessing, or something of that nature) Will not share that information with Ontario Works unless I Give them a Written Letter of consent.  And fortunately, all the government Ministries are sticklers on rules, so they Will not even bother to try.  I told Ontario Works it was none of their business what My highest level of education is.  First, the lady insisted I must provide the information, I told her she was wrong.  The moment the Words came out of My mouth, she was as King of Me if I could hold for a moment.  I did.  She was gone for almost five minutes, came back and said her supervisor had requested to speak with her regarding ‘another’ Matter and thanked Me for My patience.  Interesting, because she also ‘Magically’ stopped telling Me I had to answer questions I did not feel were relevant to My application.

I feel the same Way about all of these agencies and corporations representing different arms of government as King of Me to ‘prove’ My income.  Are You kidding Me?  You’re the one Giving it to Me and I have to tell You?

Anyway, the Significance of this Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, is that to be very honest, this was something of a ‘revelation’ for Me.  I have presumed that the individuals I Write Will know what the ‘government’ knows about Me.  They don’t.  They don’t have a clue about Me any more than they have a clue about how to do their job!

Wow!  No joke, last Word of last sentence is 1437 Words – that’s God’s Seal of approval for this Post. 😉

Love and Blessings,



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