Volume CXXIII: The Super Natural Sunday Re View; ‘Sic Succs!!! Succulents Rooting for Children’

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Sunday Re-View, thank King You for being here.  It Will be something of a flashback Edition in some Ways because I have noticed a few kismet occurrences that are far too Good to chance as coincidence for even the most skeptical of Minds; the Universe is always Showing Us for those with Eyes to Sea (with eyes on the sea One is less likely to CAPSIZE One’s citizen Ship).  I’m having Way too much fun already and I’m just getting started!

First, let Me start by tall King about today’s feature photo.

Propagation Station

Can You see all that’s going on here?  That’s Schefflera in the background and the Peperomia Ferreyrae I rudely introduced in My Freelance Friday Edition without sharing with You the Magic of her Calling!  I know, shame on Me!  Truth is, I didn’t know it then and was having some difficulty looking it up.  If I had known it was a Peperomia I may not have brought her home.  I have had a Peperomia of a different variety before and I Love plants too much to ever just abandon them or get rid of them, but if I had found a taker for her, I’d have let her go.  Very slow grower and only one leaf per stalk which eventually becomes the new segment of the trunk.  I also had no Idea My previous Peperomia was a succulent because it was sold to Me as a tropical plant which has very different watering preferences.  In learning more about succulents, however, I discovered My old Peperomia was a succulent which explained the waxy leaves and strange watering behaviour.  I also saw what mature versions of the same plant look like and I must say, they are worth the wait!  It’s the right-most plant in the above picture, and the Ferreyrae variety grows quickly producing long, taco shaped green leaves and the trunk becomes woody over time.  Before I brought it home I thought it might be a variety of Sedum which is a variety I have still not grown.  The plant at the back to the far left is My new ‘favourite’, though I have a difficult time typing the Words when I start thing King about some of the others.

Callisia Repens

Callisia is another species of succulent I hadn’t ever heard of before and is also the first succulent vine I’ve ever grown.  I Love everything about it!  The leaves are adorable in both colour and texture.  The stems are also very interesting because the plant behaves much like any other plant does in the early stages.  It appears to be growing a trunk that thickens as the plant continues to aspire ever upward – but it’s just an illusion, they are all just striving for the perfect trajectory so they can drape over the edge of the pot gracefully.  Cuter still?  The Common name for it is ‘Turtle Vine’.  The stems also change colour as they age, turning more reddish at first and eventually a woody brown like the trunk of a tree.  It is also super easy to propagate, fast growing and highly prolific.  The roots Will eventually sprout new shoots on its own, vines that fall to the earth Will root and create new plants.  I’m going to see how tall I can grow four or five of them.  I took twenty-five cuttings from the above plant and was left with this.


Wish I’d noticed how blurry the photo was before uploading but enough for You to get the Idea.  It still looks gorgeous and it Will now just grow back that much fuller than it was before, I only cut the vines that were standing out from the main group.  I could have trimmed the top one You can see there, too, but it has a flower growing on it so I decided to let the flower do its thing first.

Kalanchoe Tomentosa, Callisia Repens (back) and Crassula Arborescens

So this is an especially Fun photo for Me to be tall King about.  Each are $12.  I had already added Peperomia Ferreyrae to My collection this month and a $16 tea box for cuttings.  Crazy but True, I felt guilty for a moment that I had spent too much money on My Self for things I don’t really need.  Don’t worry, the thought didn’t last for long, I don’t entertain Ideas like that.  No.  See, the Peperomia I had purchased because I have a few plants on My Wish list.  The plant I am really after is Crassula Tetragona.  I knew the Peperomia was not a Tetragona but it’s leaves have a fullness a little like Crassula Gollem and it has a tree-like growth pattern (mostly vertical central column with branches and leaves).  I was looking for something that mimics a miniature pine tree and Peperomia Ferreyrae looked like the perfect candidate.  Once I discovered more about the plant, learned its proper Latin name and what mature plants of this variety look like, it turns out it really is exactly what I was see King (in lieu of Tetragona).

As I was reflecting on this Idea and how I had almost allowed My Self to feel guilty about a purchase toward something that brings Me so much happiness, it was as though God’s Voice was the next thought in My head while I admired My new plant, “I picked that one just for You, I thought You would like it.”

Yeah, well, I’ve developed a whole new appreciation for Peperomia, I can tell You that much.  I really do Love the plant, it’s leaves are so bright and vibrant.  Whether it was God’s Voice or My own logic and reasoning, I knew it was True.  I had four plants on My Wish list for this month and I only bought one of them.  I still Wished for some kind of succulent vine, a Kalanchoe (Tormentosa) and Crassula Arborescens Undulatifolia (commonly known as ‘Ripple Leaf’ or ‘Blue Bird’).

Crassula Arborescens Undulatifolia

I decided to go back to see if there were any new plants that might match My criteria and this was the very first plant I noticed and one I have genuinely Wished to have so much that I had considered placing an order online.  It almost completes My ‘basic’ Crassula collection, which includes the standard Crassula Ovata, the interesting Crassula Gollum, Crassula Arborescens and the variation of Arborescens pictured above, ‘Undulatifolia’.  To Me, those are the four ‘main’ Crassula and the most commonly found in plant shops and nurseries, at least of the ‘tree’ like varieties.  There are many other common Crassula I Will be eager to add to My collection to Show You but I figured I should have at least one example of each of the most common.  They are also easy to propagate.

Kalanchoe Tomentosa

The Crassula was kind of stashed on the side of the succulent display beside some of the larger, leafier tropical plants; it was totally possible that I just totally missed seeing it the first time and was too focused on the Peperomia to distract My Self with decisions.  If I had seen this at the time I purchased the Peperomia, I would absolutely have picked this first because it was specifically on My ‘Wish List’.  This Kalanchoe was absolutely not there when I purchased the Peperomia because I would not have known what to do if I were only buying one.  This plant is so unique and interesting, it is also on My Wish list by name and something I fully expected I would have to order online.

Then of course there was Callisia Repens.

Callisia Repens

I could not say no.  I’d never seen it before, but another plant Called Portulacaria Afra is on My list and the Way this plant grows and the colour of the stems reminded Me of it.  I’ve also never had a succulent vine and always Wished to have one, so I felt this was a great choice to start My collection.

I’m already well over 1000 Words and Wish to Sign off before I’m over 1,500, so I Will pick up this Story tomorrow in the Magical Monday Edition (even though it’s Monday now, I was war King on this Post all day Sunday).

But this isn’t just a Story about getting over guilt and buying three more succulents the Universe seemed to have Hand picked specially for Me, it is about My not for profit Idea, ‘Sic Succs; Rooting for Children’.  I have refined the name (because declaring One’s Self to be sick Will manifest the belief in the body, so no more ‘Rooting for ‘sick’…’, just ‘Rooting for Children’.

I have all kinds of thoughts and Ideas to share with You about My entrepreneurial not for profit venture and how I plan to make it a success.  There are also new Letters Writ in My microcosm that I Will be publishing here and mailing off tomorrow, so lots to stay tuned in for!

(Fail, 1504 Words)

Love and Blessings,








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