Volume CXVI: The Two for Tuesday Edition; Sensei Sean’s Sic Succs Leads to Nobel Prize in Consciousness Research?

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here.  I really have a Special Edition for You today that makes Me feel a little less guilty about My inconsistency Posting as of late.  Today’s Title may be True!!!  I have no Idea really, I’m not sure what kind of things Man has scientifically proven to be True about consciousness and the ability to manifest physical Matter from thoughts alone, but I can now Show You this is True!  And of course, what makes this the Two for Tuesday Edition?  The fact that this amazing discovery ‘happened’ by coincidence (there is no such thing as coincidence, only the illusion of coincidence) as a result of My determination to share the Wonder of plants with the world by Gifting as many People as possible with the Wonder of a succulent.

In My last Post I had said that I Will now confidently call My Self an expert in the cultivation of succulents from leaf cuttings.  I did watch numerous YouTube videos on the subject and tried virtually all the various methods I had researched to determine which seemed to work best by Way of personal experience.  I said I believe that I can turn a succulent leaf to plant in one week from the time of cutting to new plant.  I also said I was still unsure if this applied to Echeveria species as they seem to be taking longer, though I have only just perfected My method, so I was confident it would be any day.  There was a new Echeveria on at least one of every single variety of Echeveria leaf I have by the time I had finished Writing the Post!  Some have several new plants so small it is difficult to tell how many.  I did not know what I was looking for, I may have actually tossed a few away thing King they were roots on a depleted plant!  The point is, My perfected propagation method which I claim Will work perfectly for anyone Wishing to duplicate this technique is today’s featured photo! 😀


Effortless, perfect.  And how I discovered this method taught Me something about plants that may legitimately earn Me a Nobel Prize.  I think this is like…  Elon Musk big!!!  You know, like ‘Big Bang’ theory big.  And I can conclusively prove My point with photos.  Okay, so what’s the deal?

Okay, You are going to have to put up with Me dragging this out a little, I am very proud of this discovery, despite knowing it to be True inwardly My Self.  And the photos I have to Show You this phenomenon are actually pretty outstanding for Yours Truly.  You know My photos are not the greatest.  Well go figure, I also happened to discover why My camera was taking such crappy photos.  (Too embarrassing to share, the point is, I learned).  What You are looking at, is how I first came upon My discovery.


I have several methods of propagation that were all working with varied levels of success, water propagation has always dominated other methods (like laying the leaf flat on earth and misting daily, for example).  So I had already abandoned other less effective methods by Way of trial and error and was using My micro-green propagation tray after rinsing roots in cold water, then just place them on the tray to drain.  All three chambers were full of leaves.  Remember, I have well over two hundred plants on the Way!  On one hand, it’s great to have perfected a method that produces results immediately, on the other hand, I was not counting on all two hundred being ready this month – I only bought forty starter containers for planting and I thought that would be lots for My first month!  Well, plants that were moved to planters (intended to be their semi permanent growing container until they are transplanted to Gift) didn’t seem to like being placed on soil at all, even if I was only giving one or two drops of water to the root twice a day (the previous ‘perfect’ method).  I had to pull four of My Crassula leaves out of the soil because they were starting to rot.  Again, tending twice a day and being attentive allowed Me to keep them alive.  So I Wondered how I could provide the perfect, natural growing condition for the plant; what would be its optimal setting in nature if all things were perfect?


Succulents like a challenge, right?  They like to stay dry, in arid conditions.  They like the root to be constantly moist…  Or do they?  Placing a drop of water on the root twice a day and keeping the rest of the leaf dry was working like a charm.  No root was being produced but there was visible activity and increased health in the appearance of the leaf.  Maybe the root just needs to know there is water out there somewhere and Will find its Way?  So I decided to try.  I placed the leaf on a dry rock and placed a drop of water on the opposite side of the rock.  I told the plant to go get the water (I didn’t really, but that was the Intent-ion of the experiment, and I believe plants have consciousness, so I believe the leaf knows My expectations of it).

You are not going to believe what I discovered!  The plant has nothing physical to do with the construction of roots whatsoever!  The water makes the roots for the plant!  The water started visibly Creating roots from where it started toward the plant, uphill!!!  The leaf itself had no roots visible at all when I placed it on the rock!  I continued to water from the same location and the lines became more and more visible until finally, this.


This is the lake she’s made!  The water is now level across all the previous obstacles and the water created a new border every time it found one that the roots would use.  The water moved toward the leaf faster and faster with every drop until it reached the point it is at now where it doesn’t matter where I drop water on the surface, it Will disappear almost immediately.  That whole stack of roots beside the plant are what the water built to Keep itself from spilling over the opposite edge!

Crazier still, it is easy to see it happen when I place a drop of water down, consciousness is purple!  First the water was perfectly clear with water tension as One Will expect a drop to sit perfectly at first.  Then it looked like purple ink swirled into the water and surrounded the droplet like a ring.  The droplet sat there like that until the rock began to take the water into its pores, then purple hue was no longer visible.  But it was following the water into the rock, corralling the water, then started drawing the water toward the plant – despite the journey being uphill.  I had taken the time to place a droplet and let it evaporate completely without a leaf in the same location first.  It did not do anything like what the drop of water did when there was a leaf on the rock!  It got sucked in some, then bled into the pores of the rock somewhat and dripped off the end, which is more or less what I was expecting when I tried to do it again with the leaf, I just figured the leaf would ‘find a Way’.

We have this Idea that the plant is making the root, that it all comes from the plant.  It’s not True!  It is the water doing the work and the building of new physical matter.  It leaves crystals behind in the crevasses when the water finally evaporates completely – the crystals disappear soon after too.  I was having difficulty photographing the crystals because they reflect the light and it looks like water.  But guess what?  Kalanchoe has hairy roots, too!  So the hairs of the roots become visible much sooner than the sub-atomic sized roots of other species in the beginning when they are forming in rock!  So I am now thing King about using rocks as rooting medium!!!  Place a leaf on a rock and place it in a dish surrounded by water and forget about it.  The water Will immediately get busy creating a network of roots on the rock while the leaf continues war King on its new plant – the water makes sure it’s ‘tapped in’ for when the new plant is ready.  The plant doesn’t need roots now, it needs them when the new plant is ready.  This is what the water is preparing for.

Back to this.


All of those leaves were set on this rock just before this Post.  Looks like nothing going on here, nothing to see, right?  Except the moment I placed these leaves in here, every single one began releasing its new plant!  I know what to look for now, I can already see where the roots are being made.  I Will share this photo with You periodically along with some other very cool experiments I am doing.  I have on experiment where I am going to grow the roots for the plant on a rock while the leaf sits somewhere else until the new plant is ready, then I Will tear it off the leaf and place it on the prepared roots (that never had any contact with the actual plant, ever).

I don’t know, I think this is pretty big News, I would Love to hear what You are thing King and promise I Will have a lot more really cool stuff coming for You shortly!!!


This guy’s fuzzy roots are going to make for some fuzzy rocks!!!

Love and Blessings!!!



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