Volume CXXVI: The ‘Lucky’ Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks Wednesday Edition

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here! I do have a very special Edition for You again today because I am expanding on the recent technological discovery I made recently regarding consciousness, water, and the roots of plants. The super intelligence and neural network of root systems are created entirely by water and the consciousness of the plant or organism in need. The water has an ‘automated’ protocol to answer the ‘Call’. So even if the plant needs nothing, the water is going to set up a complex neural network of roots to ensure the efficiency of delivery when necessary.

Natural coffee ground dehydrator and hydroponic watering system, leaf and seed propagator.

I am going to be as King of You to zoom in on this photo if You are interested in knowing how fast the technology begins war King. The small biodegradable propagation pot on the right with the leaf on top of it was set up last night with only a wet piece of cardboard on the right (exact replica of pot with leaf, just soaked with water and placed on other side). You may not be able to see anything happening here but Trust Me, this is REAL Magic at work and very soon this brick Will look something like a computer chip with roots delivering water everywhere!!! Although it may not appear as though there is anything going on, the soil directly beneath the leaf on the right looks as though it is being raised by a magnet like iron filings. It looks like the leaf is ‘sucking’ up dry soil. In Truth, the cardboard already set up a neural network of roots to the plant so small they Will be invisible to the naked eye. But it Will do this continuously whether the plant needs water or not – it is not delivering the water to the plant, it is making it available at the plant’s front door. If the plant doesn’t need, the roots just expand to hold more water. Roots are a water storage system that plants ‘plug into’. The moment I set any plant on top of it, they Will connect like a wireless charger. Trust Me, I’ve been carefully observing this.

‘The Rock’ – Day 1, Closing on 24 hours around midnight, August 18, 2020

I am not sure if I have some kind of ‘special’ ability to see what’s going on but I was very excited to show this to You for two reasons. First because it is an amazing example of just how fast root systems are set up. Secondly, because if You can’t see anything and are thing King I have a vivid Imagination, I was wondering the same thing My Self. I have done numerous experiments now to confirm My findings and I have mastered water manipulation to plants so effectively, I could just toss all My leaf and stem cuttings onto a large dry tray with a large clay pot in the middle filled with whatever One Wishes that Will hold moisture. Water Will deliver roots to everything I place on the tray without ever having to worry about anything. I’m actually going to ‘up the ante’ on that one by growing all of My plants on rocks (officially) that Will fill a large serving tray I have, then I’m going to place a hydro station in the center. The water is going to create roots to My plants through the air!!! It Will look like some kind of power generator or something. I have also applied My new technology to My “Mother Ship” plant propagators.

On the upper-most brick the dead looking thing is actually the same type of root the water systems set up, taken from a dry leaf. I placed it on the brick for curiosity sake to see if it Will work its way back into the neural network. I can easily see the roots forming but I know what to look for. With 25 plants on each, it Will not take long to look crazy! 😀
Far back red rock (center) has two TINY pieces of plant matter. One was/is an Echeveria that sprouted from a leaf and fell off (with the help of My curious fingers), the other is unknown but was floating around in one of My propagation containers so I dropped it on here to see what happens. I could see roots forming within SECONDS!!! Again, You might have to zoom but worth checking out because these networks Will likely be clearly visible by tomorrow.

Above I have included a description to explain the back rock, the one just in front is a Kalanchoe cutting (all these are intended for My campaign) and You can already see how furry the rock is starting to get. It Will literally LOOK like a plush doll probably in a couple of days, for sure by week end. Again, this is just a little more than 24 hours. Everything I try by this method begins to produce a plant immediately. I placed two brand new leaf cuttings from Crassula Undulatifolia and two new stem cutting onto the brick last night, neither one were Given any drying time whatsoever because I believe the water Will deliver exactly the right moisture. We Will see.

Okay, I’m going to leave You with a couple more photos before I Sign off today.

No exaggeration, I have over 100 Peperomia Ferreyrae leaves so the picture on the left is just to show how crazy a neural network the roots Will set up. As mentioned, I can move any plant at any time to another root system when ready to transplant to a permanent home, so I figure the plate should produce 100 times the results. The photo on the right was to show that they Will build roots anywhere I Wish for them to but it’s actually a bit of a failed experiment because there is no need for the wick to the central water. I Will remove the string, the roots (water) Will figure it out and create pathways in the air.

Alright, I hope You are finding this as fascinating as I am and if not… Well, I hope You at least like plants! 😛

Hope and Trust You are all well, add a coffee grind dehydrator to Your kitchen counter today!!!

Love and Blessings,

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