Sensei Sean All Saturday Special – Filming Live Consciousness!!! Roots Forming From Water and Consciousness Alone!

You are NOT going to Wish to miss this! Okay, this is from only ONE drop of water. I wasn’t sure if one drop would be enough to see anything worth filming. I can always see it but I’m not sure if it’s more of an energy thing – it’s more like I feel it than see it. Anyway, consciousness is purple, and if enough of it comes together, it forms a root! You can see four tiny dots of purple which become roots as the water dries. I have never seen so much purple in a single drop, and I can’t help wondering if the water knew I was going to share. Seriously. I’ll speak more on this later. Love and Blessings, that Will be all for today and only God knows when, I am busy with experiments but Will Give You lots of updates. ❤

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