Volume CXVI: The Sensei-Sean All Saturday Edition; Water is God’s Crystal Ball

And I can harvest the Crystals!!!

A Crystal Harvested from the Creation of Root Matter from Water

And get this – it’s not something that disintegrates and disappears into nothingness when harvested. I thought it might be kind of like an ice crystal and just melt or dissolve if removed from the root system it was busy building. No. When I ‘plucked’ it with tweezers from a small mound of earth where I had just witnessed it ‘pop out’ (as they often do now!) and it almost seemed as though it was specifically intended for Me to ‘pluck’. So I was as King (kindly) of the Water and the Universe to please not be too offended if I steal one for observation and possible further experimentation. I believe this is what the Universe had expected Me to do and in fact, why the Crystal was Created. It is literally Our consciousness that Creates them, and I have witnessed Crystals forming in Matter in synchronicity with My thoughts – and We know how I feel about coincidences. 😉

Second application of Water, 10 drops added to contact point. The two purple dots seen in the photo are drops of consciousness left behind after the first droplet and caught on film as the roots were forming!

You can almost see the Creation of roots (or the Will to Create) in the droplet of water like vague neurons in a brain network of the Universal super Intelligence. If You look closely, You can also see a few more lightly coloured purple dots. These increase in intensity and sometimes in quantity as the water evaporates and finds its Way.

Titled, ‘The Observer’, as One drop of water was enough to see roots forming on the canvas!

The additional ‘Art Work’ (however makeshift) was added after the first drop produced visible results. The remaining ten drops were Given instruction to Form roots with ‘Free Will’ to communicate whatever expression the Water Wishes to Show the world. I Will continue to add drops to the same contact point and catalog the photos into a slide Show so We can see the progression.

This really is big News People! Before I realized what was going on, I had been under the impression that it is the ‘natural Order of things’ for Water to Create the root system for the plant it Will feed. I had announced that it is not the plant but the Water that is responsible for the creation of the plant’s roots without ever having any physical contact with the plant. My intent was exclusively to demonstrate that plants are Giving instructions to Water; that turns out to be only partially True.

I am correct that plants ‘Call’ for Water when they need it, though plants do not typically ‘Command’ roots to allow for this communication. Typically, the plant’s physical root ‘taps into’ this neural network that Will already be in the soil. Once the plant ‘taps in’, it requisitions Water from the Root system as necessary and the Root system Will deliver so long as ample Water supply is available. I am setting up brand new neural networks for My plants to ‘plug into’! All the plants in My apartment are now watering themselves, which is something they could not do before because I had not been as King of Water to develop a Root system for them. It was My consciousness that was Creating the Root material, not the plant!!! Furthermore, I wondered why this was not happening on My brick patio planter as bricks seemed to be the perfect Rooting medium for networks as they can wick water up to the plant while Keeping their ‘feet’ dry – perfect for succulents. But My tomato and pepper plants were not watering themselves this Way, why not? I wondered if perhaps it was just because I had not been as King of Water to set up a Root system for My planter, so I did. The next day root systems were visibly drawing water through roots up to My plants sitting on them! Even the drainage from rainfall is now developing a root system to bring that water back to My plants! It’s like the perfect rain catcher for watering!

I knew that I could Create Root material in a cup with water alone because I had examples of it all over My apartment feeding My succulent cuttings (and doing a freaking amazing job of it, too by the Way!). What I didn’t realize was that although the Roots are initially almost microscopic they are so small and take so much Water to fully develop, it doesn’t really feel as though any physical Matter is being Created because they are so small and insignificant. But Crystals are popping up everywhere!

It is as hard as granite or maybe quartz crystal! It is like stone! It almost looks like a diamond and I’m Wondering just how hard it might be. At any rate, I believe I may actually be the only Man in the world who can Create a Crystal from consciousness and better still, I can read them by Viewing root systems! I can ask Water to Show Me the information in the Crystal and I have no reason to believe that it won’t.

Finally, the most major discovery or breakthrough I have made recently, is the realization that Root Matter may seem somewhat pointless and insignificant, yet is is the building block of all Life on the planet! If I fill an empty pot with earth, water it and tell it to ‘make roots’ overnight, I Will wake up the next morning to roots being formed in the pot and if it is one of those cardboard recyclable kind, it Will become as red as blood – the roots actually look like veins of blood covering the pot! This begins to happen overnight!

Currently, the Root System I’m Creating on the canvas appears to be war King its Way to the Title ‘The Observer’. I Will Keep You Posted. But just out of curiousity, People were thing King it was ridiculous that One Man is wealthy enough to pay back all the world’s debt, but if all the world’s information is contained in the Crystals of water and I am the only One who knows how to manifest those into physical Form, how much might one be worth? And how big a Crystal do You think I can Create? Soon We Will see. Here I am Manifesting two new plants for My collection. I figure Water has the program, should be no more challenging than any other program, so We Will see what Water does. Right now it is building a Root System to deliver water to the place I told it to plant a Crassula Capitella and Tetragona (respectively), so I presume it Will not be making a Root System for nothing.

See the little ring of Crystals around the rock? They increase slowly over time Forming a pattern and eventually become roadWays (roots). You can actually see a Crystal hanging off the edge suspended in air on the right.

I Will Keep You Posted.

Why can You never escape God? Because God is in every water Crystal and Water is in all of Us. That is also why You Will never die because the memory of Your Soul is stored in the Crystals of Water and You Will be free as vapour.

Love and Blessings,

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