Volume CXXVII: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; the Magical Properties of Water and the Crystallization of Ideas Into Physical Matter

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here. I am pleased to bring You another Special Edition of sorts as I Will be tall King about the Magical properties of Water and combined with My new understanding of Our relationship with Water in the holographic Universe and My Intuitive comprehension of Our innate ability to materialize physical Matter from thoughts, I feel I have some spectacular insight to offer You that I can finally support with physical data. I am thing King You are in for an informative and insightful Edition this Magical Monday!

Water is like the mirror of God. It is how each of Us have been Created in His I-Mage. For Me, it is also a mirror of My comprehension of God which is often beyond what many People I meet can intellectually comprehend. I say that anything One is as King of God for is already done and People say to Me, “How can this be, I don’t have what I was as King of God for?”

That Quest-Ion Will actually Keep the individual Wishing they had that which they had just been as King of God to provide and was already ‘en route’. Wondering intercepts the transmit-Ion.

My new understanding of Water and how it is a reflection of God’s potential Energy has provided Me with some valuable insight that I believe Will be helpful in comprehending why ‘The Secret’ really does work and why it doesn’t seem to work for some People while providing exceptional results for others. It really comes down to that theme Christ was arguably most well known for, ‘You gotta have Faith’. In fact, it actually goes one step beyond Faith. Faith still implies a shadow of doubt, even if it is 99.9% Faith, in My Mind (regardless what the official definition might be, this is based on My experiential knowledge of the Word ‘Faith’ as it relates to those I meet that most commonly use it) implies doubt. The People I’ve known who claim to have faith are still somewhat unsure their ‘faith’ Will be Honoured. One must know!

When One knows something, One can put that thing out of their Mind! It’s like taking a Letter to the Post office and leaving with the receipt; One knows the Deed is done, there is no need for faith. Does that accurately articulate why I don’t like the Word? When I am as King of God to do something for Me, it is DONE! Why do You think I am so confident in My determination to accomplish world peace? Because I Will stop at nothing until I succeed and God knows I Will not fail. That is all I need to know, too; I put the ‘how’ out of My Mind so I can get out of My own Way. 😉

Ever since I discovered that Water is conscious and can also hear My Words and respond to Me with Act-Ions, My world has once again been transformed. If I told You some of the Ways how You may not even believe Me, but I swear to You they are True. Water I ‘think’ about, even for a nano-second, takes on a pinkish/purple hue. Wait a couple seconds longer and You Will see bits of purple stuff floating in it. Look down on the water over a white sheet of paper, and it looks like One is looking at a slide in a science lab under a microscope! Living, moving, communicating little dots swimming about, sometimes even disappearing and reappearing elsewhere. Doesn’t Matter what Water, either. If I so much as ‘Wonder’ if it is happening in Water I have, it Will be. So I try not to think about it anymore. But I’m reminded in the shower as the bathtub drains pink water.

It started all because I was trying to Create strong roots for My plants. I figured if I made the plant work for the Water it would be encouraged to grow stronger. I was placing water droplets just a few inches away from cuttings I was hoping would take root. I figured if I placed water close instead of on the plant, the plant would sense the moisture and send out roots. So I placed a drop and kind of thought to My Self, “Come on now, make some roots for Me.”

I swore I noticed the water change colour but I wasn’t sure if it was a trick of the light, My Imagination… As I looked closer it appeared as though there was a faint purple ring at the droplet’s widest circumference, almost like it was holding the surface tension. Then I thought I saw a crystal appear! Again, I wasn’t sure because it was on a rock, maybe the water caught the light, maybe the rock is reflecting light from somewhere. However, the water moved in the direction of the crystal, dissolving it in the process – but that was toward the plant and uphill! As the water started to dry, it had the faintest hint of peaks and valleys on a surface that was otherwise perfectly flat. It genuinely appeared as though the water was crystallizing on the surface. The effect became more intense until just before the water completely evaporated, then all of the crystals also seemed to Magically vanish, as if they had been sucked back into the rock or something. I was very curious to know if I had actually just witnessed something cool, so I placed another drop in the same place. First thing I noticed right away, was that the droplet of water immediately expanded toward the plant, claiming the greatest surface area of its previous evaporation area. It was like it had claimed territory and was back for more!

Same thing! This time I thought I saw a couple of crystals appear in the direction of the plant, only to soon be consumed by the remaining droplet. But now I was noticing the purple again like a little dot of ink moving around inside this water droplet. I swear it is the brain of water! Pure consciousness. I repeated watering this plant for several days and witnessed the water construct a slow but noticeable root system to the plant. Every time I placed a droplet of water, it would spread out further, no water tension anymore to allow it to just ‘sit there’ on the rock. Each time it would disappear faster. After a few days, the purple had become visible coils; like springs on a suspension system dancing around in the water. Then I noticed this purple stuff was always disappearing into the deepest groove whenever Given the opportunity. The purple stuff turned out to be the root system under construction. They are built immediately by the water but take days before they are even visible to the human eye. The first visible roots look like little bits of fuzz or hair floating about in the water until it starts to dry out and the roots disappear into the crevasses stretching out and storing water. Naturally, I didn’t think there was anything unusual about this, I just figured My strategy had worked; the plant had sensed the moisture and sent a telepathic request to the water to make roots. It wasn’t until after that I considered how the physical Matter enters the equation if there is no contact between the plant and the water. I understand the psychic connection, but what about the physical roots? How do they get there if the plant doesn’t even have roots yet?

Because Water Will respond to the requisitions of plants. Water Will also respond to the requisitions of Man. If Water Will go to all this trouble for a plant, what does One think Water Will be Willing to do for Man?

It was My consciousness manifesting the roots. Repeating the Act over and over made the Act more and more believable and perceivable. I could logically explain how this was war King until I saw physical roots that had never been in contact with any organic Matter manifesting in the rock. When I made that realization, I swear it was like the intelligence of Water was laughing at Me. “You thought the plant was doing this? As You sat there watching Me build all this?” (One of the things I thought Water might say if it could speak to Me with Words).

So I guess for Fun or maybe just to jest, water started producing roots in basically every glass of water I poured! It also took on a pinkish hue and had tiny little purple things floating in it. It’s funny because it Truly doesn’t seem real. It takes days for the nothingness in the cup to actually become a visible, physical root system. Are they legitimate, organic physical Matter? You tell Me.

My goal was to fill this cup with roots to see how big I could grow them without ever having contact with any organic Matter. Roots busted out the bottom at the end of day three.

If You look at the photo above, You Will see just how many purple dots there are mixed in with all those pink lines which are in fact physical roots. Truth is, if Water has the program for Roots, it has the program for every living thing on the planet, which means it can Create whatever I am as King of it to Manifest. The Crystals on the bottom are exactly like the crystals that appear all over My apartment now – another ‘Magical’ change in My microcosm. All My plants water themselves now because Water has the super intelligence to take water from the air and Create viable root networks for My plants, so I just ask Water to do so. I can see results immediately. How? The earth in the pot suddenly appears as though it has a magnet underneath the pot and the earth is iron filings! Everything becomes clearly polarized to a particular Energy source. Fortunately, it is not like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in that I can be as King of Water to stop watering My plants for Me if I Wish and Water is quite happy to comply. In fact, I am beginning to realize I don’t need to Give Water any instruction at all, it already knows the Vision in My Mind and what I Wish for it to do. It Will do anything I am as King of Water to do that Water can conceivably do. Knowing it has the DNA codes and inside information on every living thing on earth, I am thing King there is not much it can’t do.

So I can officially bust a ceramic pot with My Mind. How’s that for cool? You can too! The only reason it Will work for Me and not for any One else is the difference in One’s ability to know how it Will work, to Trust that Water knows how to do that which I do not. I just Give Orders, develop a reasonable Plan, and let Water take care of the rest. Trust Me, Water is not only omnipresent on this Earth, it is also omniscient. It has the sentience of every creature on the planet. Think about that and what One can do if One can manipulate Water molecules.

So, how does anything I Wish come into being? Crystals. The Universe (Water) Will know how to bring things together in Ways I could never even I-Mage in. So I just Trust in God, and little Crystals from beyond the physical realm enter My Kingdom. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am in Deed bringing the Kingdom of Heaven down to Earth.

I Will Show You some of My aerial network node Watering Orbs in future Editions. Right now I am trying My hand at bringing a plant I have never owned from the non-physical into My living room. 😉

Love and Blessings,

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