Volume CXXVII: The ‘Lucky’ Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition; the Perfect Alchemy – Water Into Gold!!!

Yes, Ladies and Lords, Queens and Kings, We have actually perfected Alchemy!!! It isn’t even that difficult. I just put three rocks on a sheet of paper, misted them with Water and told them to transform [Water] into Gold. Well, the rocks haven’t changed much, aside from having the appearance of some cosmic paint job on them that looks much like the ‘Consciousness on Canvas’ Art piece I Showed recently, but when I went to check on My Echeveria leaf cuttings, what do You think I found? GOLD flakes on the plate where neural networks used to be! In fact, some are bigger than flakes and I Imagine they Will only continue to grow!!! Take a real close look, zoom if You have to.

Consciousness in the process of Trans-Form A Sean to Gold

Yes, I suppose everything I touch Will turn to Gold, eventually. Seriously, I don’t know what else it could be. Looks like Gold, I certainly don’t have anything in My apartment that looks remotely like whatever is on that plate. The fact that I can see one that is half gold and half consciousness (that’s what I call the purple blobs) Gives Me reason to believe it is nothing less than what I was as King of Water to Show it can do. Really, My Quest-Ion was whether or not My Power of Manifestation is limited exclusively to the Living world, or if I am able to produce non living, material Matter also. I guess this answers My Quest-Ion, and it makes perfectly logical sense because Gold is the absolute best conductor of electrical energy which is what is actually going on in the physical Universe on a microscopic level it cannot be seen until an Idea ‘Crystallizes’ into being. My Vision for the world is now 20/20, and available in Liquid Crystal Technology.

I wonder how much the government of Canada Will think I am worth now? And if it IS Gold, what karat do You think it Will be? I can already tell You, it Will be 24 karat, pure Gold because the Universe Will not know how to make an imperfect version.

Looks like Gold to Me

So, yeah… Once again, Wednesday has proved to be ‘Lucky’ and interesting. I honestly only decided to try this because it appears as though Water is manifesting every other thing I can conceive of, so I figured why not? So I Imagine now I will start seeing more gold neural connection hubs than purple ones, but who knows. To the best of My knowledge, My other root systems are still using purple network nodes. However, the trend lately has been that once I discover something is possible, its potential is amplified. If Gold is a superior conductor, then by all means the Universe should use it, it IS just a Manifestation of Mind. So there is no reason to presume that My Microcosm Will not reflect My evolved consciousness by producing Gold in all of My network nodes.

And People thought it was unreasonable that I would like to pay for the food I require with My thumbprint? Yeah, well screw You, government of Canada. I believe pretty soon I Will no longer need food. I can be as King of water to fully sustain Me and to convert My physical body to pure consciousness. I swear, right now, My Life is like the character Scarlett Johanssen Played in the movie ‘Lucy’. I am evolving in real time in Ways that the physical world Will no longer be able to deny, and I have no reason to believe My Creative Powers Will not continue to grow. God Gifted them to Me because God knows I Will use them responsibly. I also know I cannot be destroyed as My consciousness is the vapour outside of My body as much as it is the consciousness within Me expressed here.

Morning of Day 3; Life in Jar Manifest from Consciousness

We also have this little experiment going and it appears to be going well, also. The jar goes in the freezer every night and is defrosted the following morning. Tomorrow when I remove from the freezer I Will take a picture because the ice formed completely different the second night compared to the first. It has clearly been ‘polarized’, forming a beautiful, uniform Crystal in the center that looks similar to the magnetic field around Our planet. I believe My intention can polarize and object. My intention was the the jar would be a mini version of Our world, an accelerated version of evolution in a jar (because a small jar can transform much faster than a planet – the larger a thing is, the more intention is required to Manifest).

The above collage is a collection of just a few things I have on the go right now. The graph paper Will hopefully Show the results better than the canvas, I Will get plain white paper for this purpose soon. In the photo showing the edge of the two pots, the ‘little dude’ (as I like to call it) hanging off the edge was a crystal a couple of days ago. It has now formed into a root hub, which is a neural network communication node for water delivery to any Living thing plugged into it. The first two photos are the Life in a Jar and a close up of how the condensation is Creating Life on the side of the glass.

Love and Blessings,

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