Consciousness On Canvas Continued – 400 Drops of Water

It is not completely dry yet, each series of 25 drops takes longer to dry as the Root System continues to develop. The ‘shiny’ areas are the areas that are still holding water, though it Will feel dry to the touch. The purple blobs are more and more examples of consciousness made physical and is the physical ‘Matter’ of the Root System developing here. More and more purple ‘blobs’ Will pop out of the canvas as it continues to dry. From this point forward, I Will be adding more Water whenever it gets to this Stage of dryness and Will let the canvas fully dry out when I reach 1000. Not sure how far I Will take this One, I Wish I had started with a fresh canvas, I really wasn’t sure it would Show and just grabbed a small canvas board and gave it one coat of white paint to attempt to cover over the previous sketch. It is, however (to the best of My knowledge) the first example of consciousness made physical and used as an Art Form. So, because it’s the first, perhaps its makeshift appearance is fitting. We are all continuous Works in progress, after all. 😉

400 Drops of Consciousness (Plain, clear tap Water with intent to ‘Create’ at Will)

Love and Blessings,

Oh, and this is what a more ‘evolved’ version of consciousness looks like in one of My Root Systems. Tell Me it does not look like an intelligent Life form. Again, Created entirely from consciousness and Water!

The vague crystals seen around the beige coloured Neural Network Node are Roots that are being made Manifest by consciousness, rather than physical Matter. My Intent ‘Crystalizes’ before it is realized and becomes physical. When it does, it usually looks like one of these guys unless I am as King for something else. ;P

Alright, I’m on a roll, figured I may as well share a video to Show what it looks like when I drop the Water on the canvas now. Started filming roughly five seconds after last drop hit canvas.

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