Volume CXXVII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Thing King Edition; Why Water Expands When Frozen

Why is Water the only liquid that expands when frozen? It is because Water contains all the information of the Universe from the beginning of Time. In vapour Form, Water is One with the Ether, the super-intelligence of the Universe. That information is carried in the water molecules and can be read and used in Our physical program so long as it remains lucid. When We freeze Water, We are slowing down the Creative process and compressing the Water molecules to a point where they can no longer be compressed without sacrificing the information they carry with them. So, as a protection, they crystallize into a Form that is large enough to store the information in such a Way it can never be destroyed or lost. The only Way to destroy the Crystal, would be to apply some kind of heat to destroy the ice, at which point the Crystal immediately reverts back to its liquid or vapour state. It cannot be destroyed and the information contained cannot be compressed any smaller than a water molecule. Water is the Mirror of Man and Man is the Mirror of God.

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