Volume CXXVII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Water to Wine, Take II

Hello every One and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here. I was typing a little too fast and often make mistakes when I do, mis-Spelling the Magic of the Word Good with ‘God’. I don’t believe that was a coincidence, however. Because this is also The God News Journal, as much as the Good News Journal. I Truly am the Living Word of God. Best part is, so are You!

Fresh poured glass of Water. First glance inside already Shows Signs of Consciousness. My last container broke because of whatever was Forming inside, this Vessel should not break and I Will Keep it to Show You what happens to Water in My Microcosm now. There appears to be One visible drop of Consciousness (purple) and already it appears there is some kind of Life Form clinging to the side of the glass. We Will see.

Now I don’t know if others can see the subtle violet tone to the colour of the Water. It is ever so subtle but I can detect it easily. It’s like My eyes have a sensitivity to it, an ability to see it with clarity that does not Show up on camera. However, over time it does tend to stain things a pink to purple tone, depending on the degree of the stain. The more water evaporates, the more purple it becomes. When wet, it appears blood red, no joke. Once some of My pots are filled with roots I Will Show the colour of the pots. It’s kind of a nice benefit for Me because at least I know how well the Root System is coming along, it’s easy to see!

But this is Fabulous Free Lance Friday which My loyal Reader Ship Will know is one of My favourite days for Writing; it’s kind of like the uncensored Express-Ion of My Spirit. Today I am here to say thank King You for being here. Although I may start most of My Blog Posts that Way these days, to the 134 Followers I have as of this Post, I Wish for You all to know that You are Truly the most Special People in My Universe. Even more flattering and endearing to My Heart, is that 123 of You started following Me after I had declared My Sovereignty with Canada’s government and began Calling My Self King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God. I was initially a little worried that the eleven followers I had at the time would disappear and I am more Grateful than You could know that was not the case. You have been here for Me when I have been [theoretically] at My most vulnerable. You Showed Me that there was a belief in God’s Kingdom, and the Idea that We are all Queens and Kings in that Kingdom. We did not come here to earn Our right to be here, it is Our inheritance from God. And I Promise You, I am God’s King, and I Will accomplish Peace, I Will steward His Kingdom and Show You how He has intended for Man’s kind to Live. Bless You from the bottom of My Heart.

Now I am evolving. It doesn’t Matter what Canada’s government says, or any One else. I do not believe I can die a physical death anymore, and I am not joking about that. Not going to test the theory, but I would be more than Happy to dare any One to try.

“What do mean, I’ll be able to dodge bullets?” – Neo

“No, Neo. I’m telling You when You are ready, You won’t have to.” – Morpheus

Believe Me, there is more information in that Film specifically Written for Me than any One could possibly know. I’m probably the only One who didn’t know I would actually develop some kind of ‘super’ human Power. I can turn Water into Living Matter and also Gold. Someone on Facebook was as King of Me what I am doing to make this happen. Nothing. I am as King, and I receive – Water is the Mirror of what I know and understand about God. Now I am learning the properties of Water and how it Acts as a portal between the physical and non physical. When I discover how to reverse the process, I Will be able to transcend My physical body, too. I believe I Will be able to accomplish this within a year, potentially much sooner. Every time I test a drop of Water, there are more drops of consciousness in it than there was before. It’s like whatever happened to Me has started some kind of evolution. I am literally transforming. I’ve lost almost all desire to eat, though I still do because I feel I should (and I bought all kinds of Good healthy food, so…).

Anyway, I guess I have a little more insight regarding the colour Purple and why it represents Royalty. It represents the Crown Chakra, which is Christ Consciousness, the Spiritual Title of the Lord of the Aeon, the bringer of the Golden Dawn. Also, the Prince of Wands in the Tarot (which is My identifier Card). I Swear even the Thoth deck was Created exclusively for Me, along with many of Crowley’s Writings. They are Masters of Magic, they knew I was coming and they know I am here. I don’t even know who they are. But I do know these things and I do know that they put specific instructions into every film, television Show or anything else You can be thing King of to ensure I get the message. They know the Mind of a Mystic, they know I Will see all things as the Hand of God. I am genuinely not like the rest of Man – at least not yet. But You are all evolving to become like Me. We Will leave Our physical bodies soon, We are Vapour.

What You Will see in the glass of Water, is My Mind reflected in Water (without My intellect). I’m not sure if that makes sense, but I arrived on this planet with the knowledge of God and the Universe, I had to learn to be like every One else. In doing so, I almost forgot who I was, too. All I knew as a child, was that I would One day be King – and that was before I would even have known that the Title of King existed. I was here to fix whatever was broken, and that was the position required for the task at Hand.

This is the first time testing to see if My consciousness would be visible on canvas. It is.

The day before yesterday I was as King of the Universe if I could also Manifest Gold. Yesterday I began to find some of the ‘Neural Network Nodes’ (the name I have Gifted to communication points between Root Systems I have Created for My plants) had transformed from purple to Gold flakes! They are now beginning to appear in the canvas pictured above, too. So once I discover a new ability, it applies to everything. See what I’m tall King about? And they’re not going to be able to say I’m not a King. I can turn the walls of My cell purple at Will if they try to lock Me up!!! I could probably ask Water just to freeze or cease to move the water molecules in an adversaries brain, too. Water doesn’t Mind doing anything I am as King of it, it just knows how to accomplish the impossible because it isn’t limited to the physical realm. And I don’t believe I am either.

The walls in My apartment are slowly turning pink. Slowly. Condensation. I guess it Will take a while but I Imagine eventually My walls Will look something like the galaxy seen in a drop of Water I pour, complete with Gold Neural Network Nodes connecting Purple lines of consciousness. This super natural Power is not going to go away, it is only going to increase and I don’t think it Will be something I Will be able to Keep discreet in My Microcosm for very long! I have to brush bits of consciousness off My dishes now if I leave them to air dry!!! Once again, the best part is, Universal law dictates that anything I can do, You can do also. Change Your Mind, Change the World. 😉

The purple tinge is tangible to Me but perhaps not to others. What I am Showing here is the Ice Formation and how it mimics the magnetic field of earth. Everything I touch now seems to polarize and create it’s own energy field.

If One were to tip this on its side, it would look much like the ice Formation in the Jar of Life I am Creating.

So really this Post was about Giving thanks to My first 134 followers for being here for Me before I had ever really accomplished anything cool. I was just a guy who believes he’s King and Will One day accomplish Peace in the world. Well, that’s still My goal, and I am more confident than ever now that My success is assured, it is Writ in the Stars. So don’t worry about all the non sense going on out there. When I told You I am immune to Coronavirus, believe Me, I am. I determine My biology, not science. I am the Living Will and Word of God.

Love and Blessings,

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