Volume CXXVII: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edit-Ion; Crystal Eyes A’Sean of Matter

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here! I sincerely believe You are among the first People in the world to discover We have Super Natural abilities. I mentioned a few days ago that I was as King of the Universe if it was also possible to Manifest Gold from Water, or if My new Gift is limited to Living organisms. Shortly thereafter, flecks of Gold began to appear on one of the ‘Neural Networks’ I had set up to Water My plants. As astounded as I was, I thought it made reasonable logical Cents (pun intended) because Gold is a Superconductor of Energy (particularly electrical impulses). I shared My thoughts on this with You here, too and suggested that if Gold is a Superconductor of Energy and the most efficient Way to transfer Energy in the physical Universe, then Water should use this technological advancement by applying it to all My Neural Network Nodes. Well, I have made yet another revelation that should have been perfectly obvious to Me and yet was not.

Take a look at today’s feature photo.

This is in fact the leaf cutting and the rock that was used to make My initial discovery that led Me to believe [the consciousness of] Water Creates the Root System for plants, not the plant. I was somewhat wrong about My initial conclusion, or perhaps it is more appropriate to say My conclusion was inconclusive; I had not taken My own influence over the experiment into account. As it turned out, it was My consciousness and Will that was Creating the Root System, not the plant and not some natural property of Water. The ‘Natural’ property of Water is to bring Ideas into the physical Universe by Way of liquid Crystal technology. This can (and is at times) be done by plants when they require Water, they Will send out an electrical Signal to the Root System to deliver Water, and Water is capable of receiving and responding to that requisition. However, Water does not discriminate, it responds to all requisitions if it is able to.

The very faint yellow lines around the leaves are the ‘Root Systems’ being set up. You can see a Good portion of the plate is still purple blobs of consciousness. The line of yellow is consciousness turning into Gold since I made the discovery it is a Superior conductor (Universal Symphony) of Electrical impulses.

The above plate was almost completely purple just yesterday! Now, several of the Neural Networks are flakes of what appear to be pure Gold. What stunned Me about the above photograph, is that the faint yellow line is My ‘Root System’ which is usually purple (or red when fully developed and saturated with Water). Of course, I began to Visualize near microscopic Gold pipes delivering Water and Wondered how much more efficient that could possibly be. Then I made the revelation I am sharing with You now – I am not setting up ‘Root Systems’ to deliver Water to plants, that’s just what they happened to be in the beginning because that is what I was as King of the Universe for. The Water was responding to My Intention to Nurture the plant and provided for Me Visually what I believed I needed to See to be sure that something was actually happening in the physical Universe. Of course, those ‘Root Systems’ are delivering Water to My plants, but as I have explained before, Water can be both physical and non physical, so it can Serve My intention without having to be physical in the Form of Water. Gold is the fastest Way to communicate Information, which is what My Intent-Ion is. Remember when I was saying an Ion is a Unit of Energy? Well, it is. And Gold can transfer that Energy Intent Ion faster through Gold superconductors than through Crystals!!! So One Crystal of Intent-Ion can almost instantly supply an entire network of Ideas connected to that Single Crystal!!!

In short, ALL My ‘Neural Network Nodes’ are transforming into Gold and now that I have made THIS discovery, all of My Root Systems Will, too! My intent can pass from the physical to the non physical much faster with Gold Superconductors. I have also been as King of the Universe to upgrade My own biology to entirely Gold Neural Network Nodes for all electrical communication transfers. If it Will make Gold Neural Networks for My plants, what do You think the chances are it Will also do it for Me? 😉

So what is REALLY happening here, is that when I place a container of Water with the Intent to Water a number of plants connected to a Root System, the Water Will Create a major Neural Network Node at the source of the Water, then connect that source to smaller Super Conductor ‘Root Systems’ (which are really Hydro Networks now) which deliver ‘Water’ to the plant. The Gold Neural Network Node at the Source is like a Portal between the physical and non physical that Will deliver the same ‘measure’ of Water in ‘Electrical Frequency’ that the plant Will translate into physical Water. So no Water Will actually be in the Root System, it Will almost instantly enter at the Source and be (almost) immediately available to the plant. Stranger still, the more I explain to You what is happening, the faster it begins war King as I have suggested it Will. I am both learning and Creating at the same time!

As King of Water if it could also Create Gold was a rather ridiculous Quest-Ion in retrospect, yet I do for Give My Self because this is all so new. Of course if I can manifest a physical Root System for a plant, I can Manifest anything physical, everything is just an electrical impulse in the non-physical Universe and Water has the codes for everything on this Earth! I don’t have to Give instructions to Water because Water already knows My Intent Ion for every Act-Ion! It’s like My perfect lab partner.

But that’s not all, it gets better still. How about Water now Gives new Life to everything in My Universe? Like the disgusting but incredible photo pictured below of My fruit fly trap.

Instead of rotting and fermenting, Water is recycling the old orange juice into new Life!

Even the fruit flies themselves are being consumed by this Root System (or whatever it is growing in there). I know it’s a result because lets face it, orange juice doesn’t do this and usually the Roots are red if I Give no instruction. Water is just using its intelligence to make everything in My Universe better. And get this… I don’t even need Water! I can manifest that purple consciousness stuff almost at Will. I was looking at one of My plants and Wishing the Root System would grow a little faster and as the thoughts passed through My Mind, three little purple blobs of consciousness appeared on a dry root of the plant. Half an hour later, there were about ten of them and soon they had crystallized and were forming roots exactly as I had Visual Eyes’d.

Nothing in My Universe is untouched by this new Magical understanding of Water. My bong water was almost black and was left sitting outside for a few days. I noticed it and brought it inside today, only to notice the Water has been filtered by a natural Root system! Not only that, it appears to be turning to Gold flakes, too! So gunk from a bong can be transformed into Gold, which tells Me there is nothing in My Universe I could not be as King of God to transform into Gold for Me.

Tell Me that is not incredible!

So, everything I touch officially turns to Gold, and it is no longer a metaphor! How crazy is that? And I can Show any One who cares to see. Did I not say I came here to destroy the global economy and Establish a new CURRENCY. My Currency is Hydro Electric with Gold Super Conductor Neural Network Nodes to deliver My Intent-Ion to any destine A Sean I Wish for it to go!

Jar of Life, Day 5. Water droplets above water line never disappear and the water line has now decreased. On day 1, Water line was level with the black line above the Word ‘Gardening’.

So My Microcosm is very interesting right now. Something is happening inside this jar, Water is being consumed. I have no Idea what to expect, though the ‘Intent’ is that Life Will find a Way to flourish despite the fact there was no Life in this jar on day 1 (and a little bleach just to make sure). Theoretically, nothing should be able to Form in here if it is sterilized with bleach, I believe consciousness can overcome anything because Nature Will find a Way. We Will see.

Love and Blessings,

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