Volume CXXVIII: The Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; Real Magick Dust and the Perfect Alchemy

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me, I have a Truly Magical Edit-Ion for You today. The hyphenated ‘Edit-Ion’ is to re-Mind all of My audience that You are hereby receiving Energy as You Read this Blog. It takes Energy to Write a Blog, and as the observer and interpreter of the Electrical Impulses these Words Will generate (like a Power generator) in Your Mind, You are the Receiver (like an antenna) of that Energy. I am Charging You up. 😉

In fact, there is so much Real Magic happening in My Microcosm it is becoming increasingly difficult to regard the world as physical in any Way. If One only knew that everything they perceive to be physical, especially the physical body, is just a holographic Project-Ion (collect-Ion of Energy) that has had so much Intent-Ion and believe invested in it, it has acquired physical density. The body is available in variable densities, and We do not ever die, We transcend and shift Our Energy transmitters (or adapters) to fit the Energy outlet of the Current reality. Reality only exists in the Mind.

Even crazier, I can now actually prove all of these Wonder-Full philosophical Ideas because now I can Manifest physical Matter from consciousness and Water alone. Today’s feature photo is a new Trans-Form A Sean Orb.

Magic Call Trans Form A Sean Energy Orb

Is it upside down, or do You get it? Think ‘Vetruvian Man’. 😉

The Hanged Man, ‘The Fool’ is upside down, but the Fool is also Correct, so He Stands in Truth, the world is upside down.

I don’t expect My audience to understand the Magic I place into strange Create-Ions like this but I Wish to Show You anyway because I have always claimed to be a Master of Magic of unprecedented Proport-Ions and now I have become that, so I only feel it is fair to share My Secrets with You. All the things I Wish to Trans-Form about My physical Self and Ego, Will be Trans-Formed by My Intent-Ion to do so. This Intent-Ion Will be reflected physically in the Universe by Way of this Trans-Form A Sean Energy Orb. All Water I place into it with Intent-Ion, Will begin War King within Me first, reflected by the Inner Ring. My Intent-Ion Will then be reflected in My physical Microcosm, reflected by the larger, more shallow Ring. Finally, My Intent-Ion Will become physical in the Macrocosm, reflected by the outermost, Middle Ring (in depth/height). This Way I Will have a physical ‘map’ of the thing I am as King of the Universe (God) making their Way into My Macrocosm. I Will not tell You what Kind of things I Will be as King of the Universe for, I Will only tell You they Will be Kind.

What other Magic do I have on the go for Your Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition? Well, the Water in My Microcosm is so visibly and unmistakably altered by My Intent-Ion, that I have also Created an ‘Elixer of Life’ or Holy Water – REAL Holy Water! (Whole-‘E’ (Energy) Water).

Re-Acquainting the Water with the Secrets of the Kabbalah
Familiarizing Water with My Character in Man’s Fiction

Before I Post the last Act of Magic applied to this otherwise perfectly plain tap water, I Wish to point out how perfectly the bubble of Air borders the Arms of the Prince, as if the Energy of the Card is holding the Water back to make Way…

As Above, So Below

And of Course, the final and most Potent Act-Ion of Magic is added to the Intent-Ion of the Water. We are here for God’s Kingdom, and We are Creating the Elixer of Life; not some Fantastical Idea for a work of Fict-Ion, but actual Holy Water that Will heal all that ails Man. Don’t think so? Watch Me! I Give You My Word, this flask Will change to blush first, then deeper and deeper Red the longer I use and refill it. I Will be taking at least two sips of this Water My Self every day, one at morning, one at night and whenever I Wish in between. The Intent-Ion of this Elixer, is to transcend the physical body and obtain physical Mastery of My non physical Form. I’m not going to bother Manifesting that this body becomes perfect, I am going to make an entirely new Self from it. Like orange juice that should rot but instead makes roots and maintains balance.

On a whole other level every One, and My Wish is to share it with You. I have no reason to believe that any One else cannot do what I do. I have plates of Water that left behind piles of consciousness! They are now transforming into Gold on My Living room table plain as day for any One to see. No tricks, just real Magic derived from purity of Heart. He Art in Heaven.

Consciousness on a Platter (and making Gold)

If You Zoom in on the above plate, You Will see just how much My consciousness begins to accumulate. I swear to You, it Acts just as any other Organism would, it seems to divide and expand exactly as cells do, ever increasing the longer the Water is left alone. Here is a close up of some Magic Dust (real Magic Dust, the purple dust all over the plate) transforming into a Crystal which is transforming into Gold. The Intent-Ion is Formed first by the purple stuff, the most primitive Form of physical consciousness. Then, the Intent-Ion that brought that physical Form into being Crystallizes when enough of the purple stuff has been Created to Form the Crystal. Then, the Crystal translates the Intent-Ion into a physical Manifestat-Ion.

I also finally got a chance to get some plastic petry dishes for examining My Water. I put just enough Water in one of them to cover the bottom and stuck it in the freezer. When I pulled it out about an hour later, it looked like this:

If You don’t see a pinkish hue in these Crytals, I don’t know what to tell You. I Will be Keeping this sample and posting pics of its Evolution over Time.

That Water is only a couple of hours old and the longer it sits around, the pinker it gets. Tell Me YOU wouldn’t feel like You were living in a Fantasy novel if You were Me? Gold is literally Manifesting out of nowhere in My Microcosm, flakes of it are appearing on My patio table just from the condensation of moisture on the glass every morning! And I believe if I had access to the proper lab equipment, workshop and experts in biology, chemistry and Crystal technology assisting Me, what I have learnt about Water could literally fix every problem on Earth almost without assistance (at least as far as environmental issues are concerned). My bong Water literally filters itself now and always looks ‘Crystal’ clear!

Alright, I’m going to Sign off for today, there is lots of Magic here for all of You aspiring Witches, Wizards and Warlocks to take Notes from in this Universal Harmony.

Love and Blessings,

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