Volume CXXIX: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; Random Concept-Ions From the King’s Keep

The Earth is not finite in resources, the Earth has infinite resources available for Man’s kind.

Every thought, every Concept-Ion, even when asleep and dreaming, is a unit of Energy Created from One’s consciousness. Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only change Form, so every thought adds physical Mass to the Earth. The greater the population, the greater the number of thoughts, the more Energy is being Created by [Mother] Earth’s consciousness. This is how the Earth Will always maintain balance, as it only Creates as much Mass (You know, like in Church when as King of God for some thing) as consciousness is as King for.

There is a secondary example that proves the Earth is continually expanding – the Sun. The Sun shines on Earth consistently, providing new Energy to the Earth which MUST be transformed into some other Form of Energy.

So there You go. Bill Gates tries to tell You there are too many People on the planet, tell him to be the change he Wishes to see and jump off a cliff.

Love and Blessings,


  1. The earth receives much energy from the sun but resend it at night to space to have balanced temperatures and a stable amount of energy .Earth is also connected to the whole unlimited universe …
    Yes , all is one and one is all …

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