Protecting the Inherent (Natural) Rights of the World’s People – A Follow Up Email to Jim Watson, Mayor, City of Ottawa

Hello again, Jim,

I Writ You last week as King of You how You Will ensure My Common Law rights are protected in the city of Ottawa.  Primarily, I Wish to exercise My right of self determination and the right to freely dispose of My natural wealth without prejudice to foreign obligations in the interest of mutual benefit and international cooperation.

The longer You Keep Me waiting for a reply, the greater the harm done unto Me by Your municipal policies and statutes.  I am still waiting to receive compensation for the last time I was assaulted and unlawfully arrested by Your police service, I Wish to ensure that I Will not be harmed again and do not Wish to live in fear of unlawful assault and detainment for disposing of My natural, inherent wealth.

You city’s legal council, Genevieve Langlaise assured Me that the correct and proper Way to deal with a Matter is to contact the city of Ottawa by Way of email and present My concerns to city council.  Is this a Matter You Wish for Me to bring before Your city council members, or are You able to deal with Me directly?

Failing to respond to a People of Canada when in an elected government position is a breach of public Trust.  You have a Duty and responsibility to respond to My queries regarding Your legal obligations to Me.

Do I need to forward this email to Your legal council, or can I count on You to respond?

Thank You, have a Blessed day,

King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God.

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