Volume CXXX: The Simple Solute-Ions Saturday Edit-Ion; Letters to Sana, Home for Good

Hi Sana,

When You were as King of Me to fill out the Form for continued subsidy from Home for Good, I included a Money Order for $10,800.  It does not appear as though that was credited to Multi Faith Housing, it would seem You are still providing the subsidy, I Will need a receipt for the $10,800 I sent to You or I Will need You to return the Money Order to Me with Your [reason for] protest of My payment.

“No Man may be deprived of his own means of subsistence.”  U.N. Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms, 1.3.


The U.N. Charter on Civil and Political Freedoms was ratified by Canada in 1976, these are Your LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS TO ME.

I look forward to hearing from You soon, hope You are well,

Love and Blessings,

King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God.

Hi Sana,

Just a courtesy email to follow up on My previous requisit-Ion of five days ago.  I am not playing games with You and I Write Letters for the Good of My health, not to have them ignored.  In addition to a Money Order for $10,800.00, I also sent You a Letter with specific instruct-Ions on what to do with that Money Order if You do not know or understand how to credit that Value to Me for My housing Your Self.

My unusual use of language is done with Intent-Ion.  It is to re-Mind People that all Acts are units of Energy (Ions) Ex-Pressed into the Universe.  There is an Intent-Ion for every Act-Ion My Character per-Forms (by Letters) on the world Stage, and none are arbitrary.  For every Act-Ion, there is always an equal and opposing re-Act-Ion.  You are obliged to respond to Me as a representative of Canada’s government in an administrative capacity, regardless the organization or corporation You are war King for.

It was a genuine Pleasure to meet You, Sana.  You seem as warm and kind as My Case worker, Orsi Vancsody over at Ontario Works.  Orsi and I have something of an understanding because I know she is only able to do that which her superiors have Given her the authority to do.  So when Orsi is unable to accomodate one of My Wishes, she directs Me to her team lead, who directs Me to her manager, who directs Me to the director of Ontario Works who can then be found legally accountable for enforcing corporate policies that trespass upon the Sovereign (inherent) rights of Canada’s People.  So all I need for You to do is tell Me who is refusing to accept My Money Order so I can hold that individual accountable.

You may not know how much My thumbprint is worth, but I do!  It is worth significantly more than the $10,800.00 Money Order I Presented (like a Gift) to You.  I need it back along with [a reason for the] protest of acceptance.  That is in accordance with the Bills of Exchange Act, Sections 150 through 160, in particular 160 where it specifically addresses commercial exchanges between foreign entities.  Unless You or someone else over there at Housing Services is suggesting I am an indentured servant and bonded slave to Canada’s debt to a private corporation foreign to Canada, You are legally obligated to accept My payment OR I am entitled in Honour for damages ($10,800.00), and You cannot be as King of Me to ‘prove’ My entitlement to subsidy again.

I just need a name.  If it is You, then follow the instruct-Ions I provided with My Letter and let Me know who is refusing acceptance.

Thank You, have a Blessed week, I need You to get back to Me soon.  This Will be published on the public record at www.vondehnvisuals.com.

King Sean,House of von Dehn,Hand of Stephen,Kingdom of God. 

Yup, the Simple Solute-Ion this Saturday, is continuing to Post the incompetence and belligerence of Canada’s government representatives in all capacities. I have more than enough information now to bring some very serious charges against every single individual I have Writ a Letter to.

Oh, and if Canada is thing King that if I am compelled to bring these Matters before a Court, it Will NOT be one of Canada’s courts. I don’t know how stupid You all think I am but I can see the Mayor of Ottawa has already bought and paid for a few court justices in this country and I Imagine that Julie Payette and others Will do the same. Well, Jim, what You did is actually called ‘Judicial Interference’. Dis-Honourable Bobby Beaudoin is a known fan of the Salvation Army and has a record of prejudice in Canada’s courts, having to recuse himself in two cases already. The Man should be disbarred and arrested. For now, his crimes against the Sovereign rights of Canada’s People and interference of judicial process is on this International Court of Record. 🙂

The Salvation Army and ‘Bobby’ (Robert) Beaudoin are close friends. No conflict of interest here, no corruption, nothing going on at all… Right Jim Watson?

Taking the Stand

Zach devised what amounted to a faint-hope strategy. He contacted the Anchorage addiction treatment program at The Salvation Army’s Ottawa Booth Centre. By attending, he hoped to retain joint custody of his son and daughter, then two and four. But all depended on a sympathetic judge granting Zach bail to do so.

In November 2013, Zach appeared before Ontario Court Justice Robert Beaudoin. In humble tones, he told the judge why he needed to attend Anchorage.

Yeah, click on this sentence to hear Bobby tall King about how Wonder-Full the Salvation Army is. They have bought and paid for Canada’s courts, it is the ONLY reason they are still operational. Once again, right Jim Watson?..

I eagerly await Your reply with respect to the inherent rights of Canada’s People in the city of Ottawa, Mr. mayor.

Love and Blessings,

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