Volume CXXX: The Treasonous Trudeau’s and Canada’s Ridiculous Debt to a Foreign Corporation (World Bank)

Well, this is just kind of a random ‘rant’ I posted to Facebook the other day that I feel is worth sharing.

Why is Canada 300 BILLION dollars in debt (and climbing rapidly)? Because Canada does not print its own money, the VERY FIRST RIGHT of a Sovereign nation.Any ACT that undermines the Sovereignty of a nation’s People is an ACT of TREASON.

Contracting with a private, central bank is no longer considered ‘treasonous’ because the People who commit the treasonous, corporate takeover of Canada created a bank of Canada ACT that makes the treasonous ACT ‘legal’. Now, who is responsible for the corporate takeover of Canada? Well, the world bank, right? But who is behind the world bank, where does the world bank’s wealth come from? They have enough wealth to loan every country in the world money but have no land of their own? How is that possible? Because there IS NO WEALTH, it is all DEBT!!! Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, is the one I believe to be behind the corporate takeover of Canada. One ACT of treason deserves another, no?

See, they teach You in history that Canada established its independence. Canada did not establish independence, Canada was and still is completely dependent on the Crown for their tradesmen, ships, ammunition, tools, courts, legal system, postal service and virtually everything else You can think of that would be required to found a new nation. The People that were Given this mission decided to kill the aboriginal People who lived here, stole their land, and told the ‘People’ that it was all the work of the oppressive Queen, taking all of Canada’s wealth and independence by Way of taxes. So Canada decided it no longer Wished to pay tribute (taxes) to the Queen and declared itself independent. That was an ACT OF TREASON!!!

Queen is too smart to wage war on her own People for the sake of a few corrupt elitists who Wish to capitalize on the opportunity for themselves (Our current politicians), so instead, she decided to SHOW how incompetent Canada’s ‘new’ government is by Presenting Canada with a ‘world bank’ and maintaining control from afar. (In chess, the Queen is the most Valuable piece on the board because She can travel as many squares as She Wishes in any direction, and therefor is a dangerous threat even on the other side of the board).

The Queen is behind the world bank, and she’s been (re)collecting her land and assets by Way of security deposits for the fake money she ‘loans’. She knew someone would eventually discover the ACT of TREASON committed by Canada’s elected officials, bring them to justice, pay the creditors, and their political party Will be over. Queen isn’t Your enemy, the ones You elected to ‘replace’ her are. The Queen is pretty smart, though, don’t You think?

Now, for all those elected officials in Canada who are thing King that My Sworn Oath of Office to God and the Queen is some kind of joke, do You REALLY think I would be able to make such claims in an international publication read by hundreds of countries in the world without Her Majesty hearing something about it? Come on, You are smarter than that. Judgement day is Coming.

Love and Blessings to all People who are not trespassing on the inherent rights of Canada’s People. 😉

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