Investigation Into Rideau Hall and Julie Payette’s Toxic Environment

Courtesy CTV News

I said the MOMENT Julie Payette was elected as Canada’s governor general that she is unfit for the job and unqualified. Why? Because she does not believe in God! She is a representative of the Queen, who is (in addition to being head of state) considered ‘God-Head’.

The main duty of a governor general is to ensure that no bills are Given royal assent if they trespass upon the Sovereign rights of Canada’s People. Julie Payette doesn’t even believe in God, so how can she be expected to protect ‘God Given’ (inherent) rights?

Placing such an individual in the position of governor general is also a reflection of Trudeau’s incompetence. We officially have a ‘Godless’ government (with the exception of Her Majesty who will not interfere unless the People complain to her about these corrupt elect officials). I wonder who Will file an official complaint with the Queen – any guesses?

Love and Blessings,

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