Volume CXXXI: The Thursday Thing King Edition; Canada’s Health Officials Quitting

Hello every One and welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition of The Good News Journal, thank King You for being here.

I have some Good News to share with You all today, some developments regarding a couple of emails I Posted here over the last week, and some news regarding a couple of Canada’s key health officials. I like that Lilley has been very critical of the Trudeau government, most other media sources Play down Justin’s crimes against Canada’s People. Here’s Lilley’s take on why some top health officials are leaving their posts in the middle of an alleged ‘pandemic’.

Treasonous Trudeau – Covid Hoax 2020

My take on the whole thing is a little different. I believe real health officials know that there is no pandemic, there is no threat to global health, the death rate of ‘Covid’ is less than one percent and most who are susceptible have pre-existing conditions that compromise their health. My guess is that the health officials leaving Trudeau’s office do not Wish to be implicit with his crimes against Canada’s People. No ‘real’ [honest] health authority would ever advise wearing a mask that depletes immunity and provides no protection against airborne micro-particles. Even the manufacturers of the masks clearly state they offer no protection against ANY virus. So why is everyone wearing masks – even the healthy People? It doesn’t make sense.

I thought this was important because You can mark My Words, this WILL be remembered as the greatest fraud ever perpetrated against Mankind. The Idea is to tank the economy and divide the People against themselves. United We stand, divided We fall. So it’s important that We all learn to be afraid to stand together or We Will be impossible to subdue.

This is one of the reasons it has been difficult for Me to Write lately. I also have to offer an official apology as I Will NOT be completing My ‘V for Vendetta’ Spiritual interpret-A-Sean because the events of the film are far too close to what is actually happening in Our world right now – and it is NOT a coincidence. My Words Manifest, so if I express My thoughts with respect to V for Vendetta and what the film really represents, My belief is that it Will amplify the potential. To summarize the film in a nutshell, the government creates a virus so they can provide a vaccine. The vaccine kills most People who take it, and that was the INTENT so that government could maintain control of the People and Keep them in fear. The except-Ion is ‘V’ who evolves to transcend the poison in the vaccine and develops the super natural Powers We saw in the first scene where he compromises three police officers. He then uses these super natural powers to take out the government officials responsible for the treason against their People. That is not a reality I Wish to see Manifest, so I Will be Creating a different ending to Our Universal Product-Sean. šŸ˜‰

As far as developments go with respect to the few emails I sent out recently, Sana from the city of Ottawa finally responded to Me regarding the money order that was sent to her earlier this year to pay for My housing. She has confirmed she ‘cannot accept it’. So I advised her she is trespassing upon My right to freely dispose of My natural wealth and Will need to return the money order to Me with her [legal] reason for protest of acceptance. It may not seem like Good News, but all of this comprises what is called ‘prima facie’ (first face) evidence of crimes against Me by the Canadian government and their agencies. Essentially, it Gives Me ‘proof’ of their negligence, incompetence and criminal INTENT. When One is shown the law and chooses to violate it anyway, that is criminal INTENT to cause harm. My money order may not have been honoured, but it provides Me with physical proof of the government of Canada’s Willful determination to ignore their legal obligation to protect the sovereign (inherent) rights of Canada’s People.

Finally, the really Good News today is the response from Sergeant Catherine Wood. After Giving such a glowing revue of Kristine Haines-Chiarello only to discover her Words meant nothing, I am somewhat reluctant to praise Catherine, though I am confident Catherine understands the law considerably more comprehensively than Kristine Haines-Chiarello does. I am also highly intuitive and although it may not mean much to others, I Trust My intuition a great deal.

Catherine called Me on Tuesday as King for “King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God”. We had a wonderful conversation. Catherine thanked Me for taking the time to explain My Self in what she called a ‘very well Written email’, and also thanked Me for being open to resolution by Way of mediation. Another Word Catherine used frequently on the call was ‘Trust’, stressing that it is important for People to be able to ‘Trust’ their local police service, and her goal is to restore that Trust through the mediation process.

So, the next step in the process is to sit down with Catherine Wood and Constable Christopher Jenkyn. I honestly did not expect that Jenkyn’s would be open to mediation just because he was so arrogant and Willfully aggressive, but I received an email today from Catherine confirming that he is open to resolution and We Will be meeting on (Lucky) October 13th.

I also discussed My Sworn Oath of Office to protect the Common Law rights of Canada’s People and that I Will be as King for support from the police to ensure that My legal rights are protected in the city of Ottawa. So this meeting has the potential to accomplish a lot of Good for all parties concerned.

I also mentioned My recent emails to the mayor to Catherine, and how I am very concerned that elected officials continually fail to respond to Me regarding their legal obligations. I was as King of Catherine if perhaps a criminal prosecution for breach of public Trust for failing to respond to legal obligations may be a more effective means of dealing with corrupt politicians and which police service would be best suited for such an investigation. Catherine assured Me this would be something We can discuss further at a future date. Again, I am cautiously optimistic that things Will be changing very soon. I don’t Imagine Canada’s elected officials can go on breaking the law forever without consequence.

Well, that’s Your ‘Good News’ for this Thursday. I have all kinds of interesting photos to show You with respect to Magic and Manifesting intent-Ion, but I figure I’ll save that for a less serious Post.

Once again, thank You to all My WordPress, Twitter and Pinterest followers (WordPress especially), I appreciate all the Love and support more than You could ever know.

Love and Blessings,

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