Volume CXXXII: The Mage-I-Call Monday Edit-Ion; And God Made Atom From Clay

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magic-Call Monday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. I was a guest on one of My favourite podcasts last night, Tactical Sovereignty and have had a chance to listen to the re-Play. Today, I Will be tall King a little more about some of the topics that were discussed on the call. I hope some of You Will take the time to listen, especially any One I have Writ a Letter to because there is a ton of Valuable information Presented pertaining to both Law and [real] Magic (metaphysical science). Click on any of the text in this paragraph to hear the re-Play.

Today’s feature photo is just one example of the new Magic in My Microcosm. The ball of clay on top of the wine bottle was almost pure white when first placed on top. I recently discovered that I can place My consciousness in water at Will, and that knowledge has had a transform-a-Sean all affect on everything in My Microcosm. For that reason, the ball of clay was not perfectly white when it was placed on the bottle because all of the clay in the container I’d purchased was already showing Signs of My consciousness in it. However, it was very subtle. Every day since, the veins of purple and red One can see running through the clay are more prominent than the day before, simply from wicking moisture from the bottle into the air through the clay.

Consciousness in Clay

The reason I Wish to share this with You is to attempt to explain why this is so important. I have suggested for at least the last ten years that thoughts equal physical Matter. I can now prove this because Water Will leave a deposit behind that resembles the purple veins One can see in the clay above. I have several examples of this in My apartment now. So what is the Significance?

Well, now that We know thoughts have a transformational affect on the physical Universe, the more thought and intent-Ion that goes into an Idea, the greater the product-Ion of physical Matter. This is why Christ said that when two or more are gathered in His name, anything Shall be possible for them. The more Intent-Ion goes into an Idea, the faster it Will manifest. Now I am able to colonize My consciousness. All of these pieces of clay and jars of water that are now producing physical Matter, are doing so with My Intent-Ion. So even when I am not thing King about Manifesting a new Earth, physical Matter in My Microcosm is doing it for Me. Every jar of water and every ball of clay placed on top of a water source continues to evolve over time. It is all consciousness knows how to do, it is what the Super Natural Intelligence of God does – it Creates. And it always improves on the previous design to ensure the continuation of the evolutionary process.

It gets better still. Not only Will consciousness continue to grow and evolve over time, it Will also increase the electro-magnetic Energy field of the object, which Will in turn continue to increase My own Electro-magnetic Energy field because it is just another express-Ion of Me! The original jar of Life I Created just over a month ago now has developed so many crystals on the side of the jar that it holds a few pieces of gravel in place. It is almost impossible to see through the sides of the jar, and the water line has receded a couple more millimeters. I was going to wait a few more months before Showing this again but I’ve decided to include a couple of photos so People can see the difference between now and just over a month ago.

First jar is after a few days, second is exactly one month.

Tell Me that isn’t incredible?! Yes, My Spiritual Elixir is coming along beautifully also, but I Will be waiting until X-Mass Consciousness day to share that one. The reason I included ‘And God made Atom from Clay’ in the Post title, is because the ball of clay featured today is technically a mini-planet! That’s exactly what it is. It is evolving and Will continue to evolve and increase its electro-magnetic Sign-Nature indefinitely. This is the Power of One’s Mind!!! This is just a preview of what We Will do when We are finished with this world, We Will Create entire Universes of Our own!!!

I also Wish to let You know this Magical Monday that after tall King with the host of last night’s podcast, I have decided I Will Create My own weekly podcast, too. Not sure how popular it Will be or even what I Will be tall King about in the first few episodes, but I Imagine it is something I Will ‘grow into’, very much the same Way I have developed My own unique Voice here with My unusual Magical Spelling. I also thought it might be a Good opportunity for Me to be tall King with some of My WordPress followers if any of You Wish to be as King to Me any Quest-Ions One may have for their own Journey.

Next big thing on the horizon for Me Will be My meeting with Constable Jenkyn and Sergeant Catherine Wood on the 13th of October. I am thing King that may also make for a great first episode of My new podcast which I Will announce as soon as I have the platform set up. I Will be using TalkShoe because I already have an account and am familiar with the platform.

Finally, for those of You who missed My announcement regarding the abandonment of My Spiritual Interpret-A-Sean of ‘V for Vendetta’, I Wish for You to know that I Will be starting a re-View of another film in its place. Currently, ‘Fight Club’ is the film I have in Mind but I Will announce for certain tomorrow, along with a brief explanation as to why I have chosen to abandon ‘V for Vendetta’, despite it remaining one of My favourite films.

I hope this Monday finds You all well.

Love and Blessings,

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