Canada’s Definite-Ion of Treason

I thought this might be useful for Catherine Wood heading into Our resolution meetings regarding Constable Jenkyn’s unlawful arrest and imprisonment of a Sovereign.

Under s46 of the Criminal Code, a person commits “high treason” who a) kills, attempts to kill, wounds, imprisons, or restrains the sovereign, 

You can find the full definition here, where it explicitly determines that Canadian citizens and persons owing allegiance to Her Majesty [such as a policy officer] in right of Canada who commits Acts of High Treason or Treason are punishable under Canadian criminal law, even if the Act was performed outside of Canada.

The relevance of this is that I explained to Christopher Jenkyn’s that whether he perceives Me as the Sovereign or a citizen of Canada, his first Duty and obligation is to Honour his allegiance to Her Majesty, and Honouring Her Majesty means to ensure the protection of Sovereign (inherent, God Given) rights.

Those rights are more clearly defined by Canada’s legally binding contractual obligations, such as the U.N. Covenant (contract) on Civil and Political Freedoms.

Love and Blessings,

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