Canadian Dictator Ship; Mandated Mask Order In Effect For Resolution Meeting

I Wish to share with You the email I received today from Sergeant Catherine Wood who is organizing resolution talks with My Self and Constable Christopher Jenkyn for the unlawful arrest of March 28, 2018.

Good afternoon,

I’m not sure how to proceed on this matter and would like your input.  There is a mandatory mask order in place for all OPS facilities that is being monitored and enforced for the safety of all concerned.

If you are not in a position to wear a mask for your own reasons then perhaps we could explore some different options.

Thank you for your consideration.


And My reply:

Hi Catherine,

I’m pretty sure there is a mandatory mask order in place pretty much everywhere.  For medical reasons, I am not able to wear a mask, though I am happy to maintain a safe social distance from all parties involved.  I’m also not sick, so I’m not a risk to any One else’s health or safety.

I hope this is helpful.

Thank You,


So, I know a lot of People are still worried about Covid. The only thing about Covid making Me sick, is the continuous fear-mongering by main stream media over a virus that has thus far proved less harmful than the seasonal flu.

I also Wish to let People know that You do not need to be a doctor to know One’s breathing is impeded by wearing a mask. The concentration of oxygen to carbon dioxide decreases while wearing a mask as individuals Will be inhaling their own ‘waste’ air. When We exhale, We are expelling the molecules that are not useful to exchange them for fresh, oxygenated air. Restricting that air flow in any Way is going to increase the amount of Energy necessary for One to perform regular bodily functions. They also provide absolutely zero protection against any kind of virus, and the manufacturers of masks Will not accept any liability for individuals who contract any virus for that reason.

There is an alternative motive in place. Find out who Trudeau is contracting with to produce masks. This is classic manufacturing demand to justify supply so some corporation can make boatloads of money that Canadian taxpayers Will pay for.

The media is not telling You not to worry about Covid, which is the very first thing they should be doing if they are truly concerned about Your health and Well being. A positive, fearless approach to Life increases immunity to all illness. The Covid ‘test’ is for ANY corona virus, not exclusive to the coronavirus strain which is why government Wishes to make testing mandatory. It Will Give People the Illusion that the number of People infected with this ‘ghost’ virus is Significantly higher than it actually is.

Finally, the death rate of Covid is less than 0.24% of People who actually get infected. That is NOT even close to the numbers the WHO were predicting back in January and NOT a pandemic, except by Way of manufactured propaganda. Trudeau must go!!!


I’ll be back later tonight with the first install-Ment of Fight Club interpret A Sean.

Love and Blessings,

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