Volume CXXXII: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; Fight Club

Hello every One and welcome to the Tuesday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me. I am so excited to begin this Spiritual Interpret-A-Sean of Fight Club because I really do enjoy analyzing film and television (or the Netflix equivalent in the In-Form-A-Sean [Instruct-Ions on how to get into Character] Age) despite being unable to continue My ‘V for Vendetta’ analysis. I can only be as King that You Trust Me when I tell You My Words Manifest, and if I were to continue My Interpret-A-Sean of ‘V for Vendetta’, I would be Willing the already prophetic film into being, and that is not My Wish. I have chosen not to continue with Your best interest in Mind, I Promise. I do recommend Viewing the Film if You have not seen it, You Will know what My High-ness is tall King about. (I know the Masters of Magic had Me in Mind when they Created English). 😉

The film is produced by 20th Century Fox, and I mention (Mind-Ion/Energy) this because We are now in the 21st Century, a new Millennium. Do You not think it is very Lucky to be here at the Dawn of a New Millennium? Does that alone not suggest a major (like in Music) transit-Ion in the Universal Harmony? It is also a ‘News Corporation Company’, the very same Entertainment Network known as Fox News. You really think it’s news? It’s a corporation promoting their product, capitalism determines that it must be Prophet-Able in Order to be successful. Corporations are the false Prophets You were warned about.

Also produced by Regency. I decided to look that one up, too, just to Give You an Idea how many subconscious messages are being delivered in every moment.

Regency: (noun) The office or period of governance by a regent.

(adjective) relating to or denoting British architecture, clothing, and furniture of the Regency or, more widely, of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Regency style was contemporary with the Empire style and shares many of its features: elaborate and ornate, it is generally neoclassical, with a generous borrowing of Greek and Egyptian motifs.

‘A generous borrowing of Greek and Egyptian motifs’. That’s interesting, isn’t it? We are being foretold of what to expect in the following Present A Sean. The Cons-Tell-A-Sean tells Us how to interpret the Universe (One Song). One of the reasons I Love doing these Spiritual Interpret-A-Sean’s is because I had an OAC (Ontario Academic Credit) English Fantasy teacher suggest to all the students at the beginning of the semester that all Good stories have a Hero, and the Hero is always Christ. This was the thesis that We were to prove or disprove after reading each of the twelve novels that were part of the curriculum’s required reading material. I was not able to disprove My teacher’s thesis and Writ some of My best essays for that course. Needless to say, the Idea stuck with Me, and I’m sharing this thesis with You now.

A network of brain neurons roll behind the opening credits of the film, giving Us early in-Sight to the Nature of the main Character’s greatest opponent, the weakness or hurdle the main Character Will have to overcome to Win the day. It is also important to point out that all Great stories End where they begin. The brain neurons transform into roadways that lead to the barrel of a gun in the mouth of Our Hero.

Ground Zero

“People are always as King of Me if I know Tyler Durden”.

Opening line, Fight Club

The film is narrated by Our Hero, which should be comforting considering he has a gun in his mouth in the opening Scene. He mentions that he forgets all about Tyler’s controlled demolition for a moment as he contemplates how sanitary the gun barrel might be, the irony of worrying about bacteria when One is facing One’s demise surely not lost on the viewer.

We don’t know the name of Our Hero yet. He tells Us that the familiar expression ‘We always hurt the ones We Love’, also works in reverse. He tells Us about an elaborate Plan already in place that Will level buildings in a twelve block radius of where he now sits. He tells Us that he knows this because Tyler knows this; another clue to the plight of Our Hero. Our Hero goes on to tell Us that his relationship with Tyler and everything else that has transpired leading to this fated moment is centered around a woman named Marla Singer. Then, We flashback to the beginning so the Hero can tell Us how he came to know Marla.

The next Scene Shows Our Hero in a support group for men with testicular cancer. We go back another six months so We can learn how the Hero came to be in the support group… He couldn’t sleep.

Our Hero tells Us about the effects of sleep deprivation, everything seeming distant, surreal, a ‘copy of a copy’. If We watch closely, We see Tyler appear like an apparition between the frames as the Hero recalls the effects of his insomnia. Randomly, seemingly out of place, he talks about how when deep space exploration develops, it Will be the corporations that name everything. This film was released in 1999, Elon Musk is making True of this prophecy as the CEO of the first independent corporation to launch satellites into space, now launching rockets to mars and contributing to the development of a corporate space station.

As the narration continues in the same hazy, distant sentiment of the insomniac, We get a sense that the Hero is bored with his job and only half listening to his boss. Responses to his most recent assignment seem reflex and robotic, despite using sophisticated language specific to his profession which We sense is something somewhat sophisticated.

Like so many others, I had become a slave to the Ikea nesting instinct.

Fight Club

Well, I’m at 997 Words after that last quote, so that’s where We Will leave it for today as I feel that is an appropriate opening to Our film. We have already learnt everything We need to know to understand the main theme and why I chose to analyze this film next; Our Hero is in a state of delirium, has a suggested contempt for corporations, and is a ‘slave’ to materialism (in his own Words).

Thank all of You for Your continued support, I Love You all, I really do.

Love and Blessings,

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