Volume CXXXII: The City of Ottawa’s Legal Council (Finally) Responds To My Email

So, I finally received a reply from the city of Ottawa on behalf of Sana from Ottawa’s Home for Good subsidy program.

Good afternoon,

I hope this email finds you well.  I am writing to you regarding the below correspondence.

I’m unclear as to why you want to provide funds to the City in relation to your rental unit.  Any rent payments that you owe for your rental unit should be provided to your landlord.   From speaking to staff, they have confirmed that so long as you remain eligible for the home for good program, the City will continue to provide the housing benefit until the review next June.  As such, no amount should be paid to the City in relation to your rent and they have indicated to me that the document was mailed back to you.

Geneviève Langlais

Legal Counsel – Conseillère juridique

City of Ottawa, Innovative Client Services Dept.

110 Laurier Avenue West, 3rd floor

Ottawa K1P 1J1 (mail code 01-83)

tel. (613) 580-2424, ext. 22408

And My reply:

Good day, Genevieve,

I also hope this email finds you well.  You are correct in all statements made in Your previous email, so allow Me to explain why I Wish to pay My own Way. 

Please, do correct if I am wrong, but the Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms was ratified by Canada in 1976, and My understanding is that the ratification makes the Covenant a legally binding contractual obligation of all corporations and organizations registered to do business in Canada.  As You know from Our previous discussions, I do not consider My Self the incorporated person (business title created by the state), and it is My determination to be removed of all association with the incorporated character which is bound (by Way of the citizen-Ship contract) to Canada’s debt to a foreign corporation to Canada (world bank), as I believe the Act to Treasonous against Canada’s People – a Sovereign People have the right to print their own national currency free from foreign interests.  I do not believe I may be compelled to aid and abet the crimes of the Canadian government.

As per the legal rights afforded to Me in Canada by the Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms, Part 1, Article 1, Sections 1 and 2:

“All People have the right of self determination.  By Virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.” Part 1, Article 1, Section 1.

In accordance with this right, I am exercising My right of Self determination in My Sovereign, United State (Mind, Body and Soul) of being.  I declare that I am the Supreme authority over My Sovereign, United State, and by Virtue of that right Wish to exercise My right to freely dispose of My natural wealth to foreign obligations so I am not dependent on the city of Ottawa for My subsistence.  I am only reliant on Home for Good for Housing subsidy UNDER DURESS because My right to freely dispose of My natural wealth is not being Honoured by Home for Good and the city of Ottawa, who(by Way of their negligence to these obligations) are suggesting that I am an indentured servant and bonded slave to Canada’s debt with no natural wealth of My own to dispose of, contrary to the Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms, Part 1, Article 1, Section 2 which states:

“All People may, for their own ends, freely dispose of their natural wealth and resources without prejudice to any foreign obligations arising out of international economic cooperation, based on the principle of mutual benefit, and international Law.  Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES may a People be deprived of its own means of subsistence.

So, unless the city of Ottawa is Willfully trespassing upon My right of self determination and My right to freely dispose of My natural wealth and resources without prejudice to foreign obligations with the intent to cause Me harm and Keep Me in a position of subservience to Home for Good and their ‘application’ for subsidy.  I am not applying for subsidy and do not Wish to EVER be required to fill out any form that requires Me to provide personal, private information in Order to continue receiving the subsidy I was promised was Good for as long as I choose to Live in the city of Ottawa.

So, rather than be SUBJECT to these ridiculous renewal forms, I would prefer if the city would acknowledge their legal obligations to Me so that I may freely dispose of My natural wealth and resources by Way of My thumbprint Seal as is My right as the Coin of My Realm/Kingdom (United State of Mind, Body and Soul).

Furthermore, the same philosophy applies to Ontario Works, who presumes that I am the incorporated person created by the state and not a Sovereign People in God’s Kingdom with no obligation to Canada’s debt to a foreign corporation (world bank).  I would very much like for God’s Kingdom and My natural rights to be acknowledged in the city of Ottawa as trespassing upon My rights IS a form of harm, and I Trust You know this as a lawyer.

I am also curious to know why no politician can respond to claims that Canada’s obligation to a foreign entity (banking Act) is an Act of Treason against Canada’s Sovereign People.  It is a breach of public Trust to not Voice My concerns in the House of Commons or Honour My legal rights within the city of Ottawa.

Thank You, I look forward to Your reply,

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.

Love and Blessings,

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