Volume CXXXII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; The Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean

Hello World!!!  Thank King You for being here, I Love You so much!  Truly, madly, deeply.  (I believe that was a movie, too; I am thing King I Will look into watching it some time.)  Welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Thing King Edit-Ion, and the Full Moon Edit-Ion at that, which makes this Post E.S.P.escially Magic-Call.  Today, I will be tall King about the Kingdom of Heaven, and how that Kingdom Found A Sean.  (You thought I was kidding (like a baby Goat?  Isn’t the Devil rumoured to be a Goat?) when I said the Masters of Magic Created English with Me in Mind?)  No.  Somehow, they knew that some One Called ‘Sean’ (like the Sun) would Master Man’s Matrix.  My Tricks.

Ah, I really do have Fun Writing.  And I do apologize for not Writing more; it was and still is one of the Fun-Day-Ment(Mind)-All Rules of the King’s Keep now that I have no excuse for not Writing.  The world is literally available by the Wave (like the kind that Rocks the Citizen Ships on Commercial Admiralty’s Holy Sea and CAPSIZES the Vessel) of the King’s Hand which has all the Power and Author-Writ-E (Energy) of the King.  Did You know that one of the other Mysterious ‘Magical’ happenings in My Microcosm is that all Posts I do not categorize (because I forget to select a category before Publishing) auto-matically Publish to ‘The King’s Hand’?  What’s unusual about that is that it is not set to do so in My settings and is one of several sub-categories, there is no real reason it should be automatically selected, though it is precisely how I would Wish for any Posts I forget to place into a category to be Published.  Magic.

But I’ve been a little more quiet lately for a reason, and I also really haven’t been that quiet.  I’m probably harder on My Self than any One else is.  I’m definitely harder on My Self than any One else is!  Most of Us are probably that Way to some measure of Our Character’s dress and how We choose to Present Our Self.  It’s because I’ve been thing King.  Although I was not Writing as many regular Posts, I was and continue to Publish My emails to Canada’s representatives of government in any capacity relative to My Life and their interference with My determine A Sean to Establish God’s Kingdom on Earth.

The Up (Highness) Coming Pod Cast is guaranteed to amplify My Frequency, I Will guarantee You that even if I have very few guests on My first few Calls.  I do hope You Will join Me.  The link should open to a lobby with a countdown timer to the start of the Show.  I’ve invited a couple of Friends who Host their own Magic Call Pod Casts on which I have been an Honoured guest (not sure if I communicated that correctly but I mean it was My Honour to be invited as a guest speaker on their Show), so I am confident the first Call Will be interesting.  On one Hand, I am very confident and a highly capable speaker, but I Will admit I am a little nervous about Hosting My own Show, afraid I Will have nothing of interest to say.  I am using the Power of the Full Moon to set the first episode in proverbial stone by setting a date and time for Saturday which is My preferred night to do a weekly Show and one that conveniently happens to not conflict with any of My other favourite pod Cast Host’s Shows.  I can also now confirm My first guest Will be Bryan Parker of the Tactical [Sovereignty] Community Call which Truly guarantees a Great first Show!  I also believe the Host of the Spotify Pod Cast ‘Balanced Brain’ Will be joining Us which is guaranteed to Keep things interesting.

Much like this Blog, I’m sure the subject Matter Will Spend a small For-Tune (in Harmony with the Universe) tall King about the Law, though it Will not be the boring corporate laws that lull One back to sleep.  Remember, the American Dream is only possible to achieve if One is sleeping.  Nothing is a coincidence.

To Dream while One is wide awake is to Establish God’s Dream for Man on Earth; the Kingdom of Heaven.  The Magic of the E-mails (Energy-Mails/Males/Characters) I have Cast are Showing their Effects.  For every Act-Ion there is an equal and opposing Re-Act-Ion.  The city’s legal council, Genevieve Langlaise is back in the Picture.  Genevieve Langlaise is a lawyer, so she knows how to respond to a legal argument.  Genevieve Langlaise also knows that My Cestui Que Vie is My ‘ID’ entification on the city of Ottawa’s registry.  Now, I have also used My thumbprint on two seperate occassions to pay for court costs – one to dis-charge for Value a P.O.A. (Provincial Offences Act), and One to dis-charge filing costs in My last Suit against the city of Ottawa and the Salvation Army which Will remain a Feature Post on this Blog’s homepage ($225.00).  I don’t remember how much the P.O.A. was for.  I also have a third example from a private dentist practice which Honoured My thumbprint as legal and lawful Tender (would God’s touch not be tender, and is Man not made in God’s I-Mage?).

My next E-Mail Will be the most Powerful E-Mail I have ever Writ.  The city’s legal council has a Duty and responsibility to know the Law and to Act in accordance with the Law; there is Hope that some Cents (because they are pennies on the dollar if they cannot Honour thier posit-Ion of office to Canada’s People) can be talked into the city of Ottawa’s mayor.  Not only Will I be re-Minding Genevieve that I am a legal and lawfully Sworn representative of God and the Queen on Canada’s Superior Court of Record, I am also on Canada’s Superior Court of Record in all Matters regarding My defense against Con-Stable (not very stable) Jenkyn’s false allegations against Me and subsequent unlawful arrest, assault and abduct Sean.  Yes, these are criminal Acts, regardless if a police officer perpetrated them.  There is no immunity for any government agent Acting in a commercial capacity (every charge against Me was commercial in Nature).

And finally, We have Our resolute-Ion meeting with Sergeant Catherine Wood and Con-Stable Christopher Jenkyn on Lucky October 13th.  I am thing King that I am One of few People who regards the number 13 to be Lucky.  But 13 is a 4 (1+3=4) in Magic, and Four is Found A Sean.  Redempt-Sean.  Redeem Me for Value and expunge Canada’s debt to a Foreign INTEREST (that is specifically why there is INTEREST charged on the dollars of fiat currency loaned to Canada, because a foreign INTEREST has usurped Canada’s True Wealth from the People).  Don’t worry, Trudeau, I’m the Surety for the debt You moron.  Why?  Cause the Master’s of Magic knew I would figure this out before I did.

Does a Man typically paint this sort of thing if they are not serious about what they are doing and Honouring those with Duties and responsibilities to Canada’s People?  Yeah, the Mayor Will be My next Por-Trait (for traits of his Character).


(You know, the first service Man to ever Enter My apartment was war King in My kitchen.  When he saw these on My wall he was as King of Me if I was the Artist.  I confessed that I am.  He said, “Wow, Man, You are like a modern day renaissance Man!”)

Perhaps the most flattering compliment I have ever received regarding My paintings.  Thank You Mr. Electrician.


I was going to stop painting entirely because this new ability to Cast My consciousness into anything I think about (and anything I touch), has resulted in veins of consciousness coming through My paint!!!  So now the Pope appears to have veins running through his cheeks!  However, I have decided this Will only make My paintings that much more Valuable, as they are Truly evolving in Real Time and a Living Painting is Truly unique.

Yes, Lords and Ladies, Times are a Changing (change, like the Coin of the Realm?)

Love and Blessings,

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